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Rudauli is located in Uttar Pradesh
Location in Uttar Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 26°45′N 81°45′E / 26.75°N 81.75°E / 26.75; 81.75Coordinates: 26°45′N 81°45′E / 26.75°N 81.75°E / 26.75; 81.75
Country  India
State Uttar Pradesh
District Faizabad
Elevation 105 m (344 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 36,804
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Rudauli (Hindi: रुदौली, Urdu: رُدولی), popularly known as Rudauli Shareef (Hindi: रुदौली शरीफ़, Urdu: رُدولی شریف), is a city and a municipal board in Faizabad district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


Rudauli is located at 26°45′N 81°45′E / 26.75°N 81.75°E / 26.75; 81.75.[1] It has an average elevation of 105 metres (344 feet).


Rudauli is well connected by road and railway line. Almost all the trains going towards Lucknow or Delhi or going towards Bihar and Howrah stop here.The large high-tech highway project Lucknow-Ahyodhya highway has been completed and Unfortunately there is no bus service available from Rudauli to capital city even since long. The distance from Lucknow is 90 km; about 2 hours by railway and 3 hours by state transport. One has to step down at Bhelsar (भेलसर بھیلسر)(Coordinates: 26°46'51"N 81°45'11"E) to reach Rudauli by a 3 km internal road from Bhelsar.


As of 2001 India census,[2] Rudauli had a population of 36,804. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Rudauli has an average literacy rate of 47%, lower than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 53%, and female literacy is 40%. In Rudauli, 17% of the population is under 6 years of age.


Rudauli has a large gold and silver ornaments market. There is a fruit and vegetable mandi, grain market and wholesale market.


Rudauli has modern banking facilities. Many Banks such as State Bank of India, Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda,Bank Of Maharashtra,Union Bank Of India,Allahabad Bank and Gramin Banks are situated in the main market area.Apart from that major private sector bank HDFC Bank Ltd,ICICI Bank. also has branch in Rudauli. Automatic teller machines can also be found here for the convenience of those also who have their account in private banks.

Suitable Movie Shooting Places[edit]

In ruduali many blockbuster movie has been shooted like Gadar-Ek Prem Katha(15 June 2001) ,LOC Kargil(26 December 2003) and many more.


Husainiya Irshadia (Imambara)
Masjid Irshad Hussain
Interior of Husainiya Imambara
Fahad Mohammad (second from right in white (with glasses) running in the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay)

Rudauli, situated on Lucknow-Faizabad highway, is one of the most revered towns of the region of erstwhile Awadh.

Even after Zamindari's abolition and decline of Taluqdarana system, it remained a center of Awadhi tahzeeb[clarification needed] with a touch of ‘Rudaulviyat’ and helped nourish the cultural supremacy that it acquired over the last couple of centuries. It has also been the favored designation of some of the famous Sufi saints of India. For that reason, it is popularly known as “Rudauli Sharif”. Urdu, which was at the heart of old tahzeeb of Awadh, also got its share of Rudauli in almost every genre of Urdu literature.


RUDAULI Pargana — Tahsil Ram Sanehi Ghat — District Bara Banki. — This pargana is bounded on the north by the Gogra, on the east by the Mangalsi pargana, of the Fyzabad district, on the west by Basorhi and Daryabad, and on the south by Mawai Maholara. It is 17 miles from east to west, and 16 from north to south. Its area is 173 square miles or 111,102 acres, divided into 196 villages. The cultivated land amounts to 73,316 and the uncultivated to 32,786 acres.

The fair at Rahimganj, which is held on the 27th Safar (February), and lasts for three days, is held in honour of one Molvi Amir Ali of Atoethi, who led a crescentade against Ajodhya in 1856. He started from Amethi and passed through Daryabad, where the chakladar endeavoured to persuade him to stop. Finding his efforts of no avail, he despatched Captain Boileau of the king's army in pursuit, who overtook him at Rahlmganj. Raja Sher Bahiidur Singh was at the same time advancing from Kamyar to arrest the progress of the Molvi, who was caught between the two forces, defeated, and killed. His head was sent to Lucknow by Captain Boileau. His body was interred here, and since annexation the fair has been held, but it is now declining in popularity.

The Zohra fair is held in honour of Zohra Bibi, the daughter of Sayyad Rani of Rudauli, on the 1st Sunday in Jeth. Zohra is said to have been cured of blindness by Sayyad Salar, of Bahraich, whom she afterwards married. She was buried at Bahraich, but a brick of her tomb was brought by her votaries, and a tomb erected to her at Rudauli where this fair is held. The head sweeper presents a bed as his offerings to the shrine, and the lower classes go through an imitation of the marriage ceremonies.

Other fairs held in the pargana are those at Kaithi held on Puranmashi of Pus for bathing Sangam, at Kalwa or Surajkund held on Kartiki Puranmashi in honour of the sun, and at Rudauli Khas on 13th, 15th Jamadi-us-Sani in honour of Abdul Haq or Shah Ahmad, a local saint.

The pargana was formed in Akbar's time, and it takes its name from the chief town, whose foundation is ascribed to Rudr Mai Bhar. There was a fort and a tahsildari at Rudauli during the Nawab Era. The only event of note was the fight which occurred in 845 A. H. between Muhammad Saleh, the ancestor of the present taluqdars, and Hasan Raza of the Salar Muhalla of Rudauli; the governor of the place at that time was Tatar Khan, who lived at Sarkatia near Rudauli. He was a disciple of Muhammad Saleh, took part with him, and their combined forces gained victory. The tombs of those who fell, still exist in the Salar Muhalla.

The chief landholders are Chaudhris Ihsan Rasul of Amirpur, Raza Husain of Narauli, Sayyad Husen of Purai, heirs of Mahraja Man Singh of Abhar, Chaudhri Mahbub-ur-Rahman, etc.


Rudauli has some architectural monuments that still draw people from all over the country. Chief among these are Husainiya Irshadia (Imambara) and Masjid Irshad Hussain, constructed by Chaudhary Irshad Husain in the Irshad Manzil complex. The present Muttawalli of both the waqfs is Choudhary Syed Mohammad Husain Irshad Zaidi (Makki Mian). Masjid Khalil-ur-Rehman was constructed by Chaudhry Khalil-ur -Rehman( who was the brother of then Taluqdar Chaudhry Maboob-ur-Rehman and had an eye for Beauty).The historic Bada Imambada was built by Meer Ziaullah, a notable jagirdar in the court of Shuja-ud-Daula, the Nawab of Awadh, in 1754 A.D. Mohammad Taqi Shabbar, a scion of Meer Ziaullah is the mutawalli of the monument.

Notable people[edit]


  • Dr. Syeda Kainat Rudaulvi,She is a Principal at L.S.D.P. Public School Rudauli, Write Five Books Tazkiratul Aarefeen, Aag Ke Pankh, Reasion of Creation, Tarjumein Ki Duniya and Urdi Shairi kr Tarjumon ka Tanqeedi Jaiza. many book in her research period three books are most popular in the world first is, Tazkiraul Aarefeen' Sawane Hayat of Hazrat Shaikh Makhdoom Ahmad Abdul Haque Rudaulivi. THE REASON OF CREATION,Majuma of NAAT-E-PAK in English and Urdu and Second book is on APJ Abhul Kalam Former President and Scientist Autobiography The Wings of Fire translated in Urdu AAG KE PANKH.
  • Ateeq Siddqui was a famous Urdu writer and politician.
  • Khaliq Siddiqui, whao was a well known Urdu Writer, wrote the Tarana of Jamia Millia Islamia,
  • Parwana Rudaulvi, real name Syed Meesam Tammar authored many books on religion, fiction and many other topics. Also the Anthem of Crescent Public School, Delhi was written by Parwana Rudaulvi
  • Khan azmi Rudaulvi Authored and edited many books.
  • Rudauli has the distinction of Poets from Rudauli writing the anthem of the two big universities of India, Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia and Crescent School Delhi.
  • Shah Moinuddin Ahmad Nadvi joined Daarul Musannifin, Azamgarh and became Editor and Publisher of Maarif and authored many books including Tareekh-e-Islam, Seerat-e-Sahaba, Islam Aur Arabi Tamaddun.
  • Baqar Mahdi and Dr. Sharib Rudaulvi
  • Maulana Mohammad Shabbar was an eminent Shia cleric and Persian scholar who founded the Nasiriya School in Jaunpur.
  • Mohammad Taqi Shabbar,an Urdu poet whose work Ahang-i-Majaz was published in various Urdu journals and weeklies.His articles have been published in the Urdu newspapers Naya Daur,Qaumi Awaz and the Jamat-i-Islami magazine Daawat. Being an educationist,he served as the principal of National Montessori School. He is the mutawalli of the Bada Imambara and the direct descendent of Muhammad Saleh and Meer Ziaullah whose names are mentioned above.
  • Chaudhary Mohammad Ali Rudaulvi, whose literary oeuvre is full of many different type of books, was a writer.
  • Jafar Mahdi Razm, poet.
  • Mohammad Haleem Ansari's work was published in Arabic journal Al-Hial published from Egypt. He translated many Arabic books including Al Attaqan Fi Uloomil Quran.
  • Shah Shams Tabrez Ahmad Farooqui Urf Shammoo Miyan has written a book Zikre Haque and murattab by Shah Khalil Ahmad.
  • Arif Mahmood, an Urdu writer known for his book ' Mein bhi hazir tha wahan" ' was born here.

Late Shakil Ur Rehman of Mohalla Poora Khan Rudauli, whose Paternal House is still known as 'Haveli' in Rudauli hails from a literary and a known family . Shakil ur Rehman who has been the News Editor of Qaumi Aawaz the leading Urdu daily of the country . He served for 18 years win this daily newspaper. He had also served Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad, and then finally shifted to New Delhi where he started working as a free lance journalist. He wrote many articles in the leading news magazines of India mainly in India Today, Times Of India, Pratap Daily, and SPAN, a magazine published by American Center, New Delhi India.

  • M Q Syed alias Syed M Quaim, son of Late Syed Mohammad Kumail Sadique Rudaulvi ( Brother of Parwana Rudaulvi) is editor of Trade Fair Times, the English monthly is published from Mumbai. Trade Fair Times is India's only magazine on TradeShow Sector ( www.tradefairtimes.com) and most read in Asia on trade fair sector, Syed' company EXHICON is mentioned in Guinness Book for creating world's largest live temporary stage in record time ( Lay Tarang,Nagpur)
  • Owais Qarni was a prominent freedom fighter.A member of the Indian National Congress, he actively participated in the Quit India Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi in 1942.A street connecting the traditional marketplace of Nawab Bazar with Salar Mohalla is named after him.Owais Qarni Public School, an educational institution was established in 1996 in his memory.

Sufis Makhdoom Shaeikh Ahmad Abdul Haque Tosha Rudaulvi[edit]

Rudauli is the seat of famous Re-generator (Mujaddid) of Silsila-e-Sabiriya-Chishtiya Hadhrat Makhdoom Shaikh-ul-Aalam Shaikh Ahmad Abdul Haque Sahib-e-Tosha Rudaulwi Quddisa Sirrohu, whose parental lineage connects through a few lines of communication, with Sayyiduna Hadhrat Farooque-e-Aazam (RadiAllahu Ta’la Anh) and spiritual lineage with Huzoor Sultan-ul-Hind Hadhrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz (Rahimahullah Ta’la) by only five chains of communication. ( The one and only Successor, Main janasheen of Huzoor Shaikhul Alam is Hazrat Shah Shams Tabrez Ahamd Farooqui Urf Shammu Miyan Sahib Qibla.Residence Kashan-e-Shaikhul Aalam Makhdoom Zada Rudauli Sharief District Faizabad. U.P. Urs Pak will be Starting from 2nd April 2015 to 5th April 2015. Please see the following Book. [3] [4]

For more information and any kind of query please visit www.haqfoundation.org


Fahad Mohammad son of Azaz Mohammad and Sabiha Azaz, who lives in London, UK with his family was one of the very few students who carried the Olympic Torch during the London 2012 Olympic Games Torch Relay. The family currently reside in Greenford, West London and are originally from Rudauli.[5]

Makki Mian[edit]

The family of Makki Mian is the most respected and educated family in the city of Rudauli. It consist of freedom fighters,doctors, engineers, army men and sailors. The most prominent among them are Dr. Zahirul Hasan Zaidi, who was the personal doctor of the Sabah Royal Family of Kuwait.He also worked in the maternity hospital Kuwait from 1972 to 1996. DR.Ali Mohd Zaidi who was ranked among the 50 best IITans from India.


Though it is not so much known a fact today but women of Rudauli were also ahead of their times and there were some highly educated women who should be remembered for their contributions. In this context, Hima (Daughter of Chaudhary Muhammad Ali) and his grand daughter Sarwat Zehra Rizvi,popularly known as Holo, (wife of Syed Mohd. Naqi Rizvi) who was the only one left behind in India, was a great source of information about Radauli, Safia Akhter and Hamida Salim(sisters of Majaz and Ansar Harwani), Safia Akhtar (mother of famous poet-activist of the day Javed Akhtar) and Safia Naumani (Mother of one of the finest English poet of his time Agha Shahid Ali) and Nayyara Hasan (Mother in law of jurist Tahir Mahmood) can be mentioned.

The other prominent citizen are from Dalmia family and the Mahdi family, who are associated with many businesses and known for their social harmony. Late Kashi Nath Dalmia was one of those persons who earned the repo of all through his humble and honest outlook towards the society.

Malik Ashraf Ali of notable Malik family founded the public school Awadh Montessori School. A portion of his ancestral home is now housing the school building.

The most famous and popular actor Naseeruddin Shah recently informed that he was born in Rudauli. He visited his birthplace along with his mother.


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