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Native to India, Bangladesh
Ethnicity Pnar people
Native speakers
250,000 (2001)[1]
Official status
Official language in
Language codes
ISO 639-3 pbv
Glottolog pnar1238[2]
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Pnar (also known as Jaintia or Synteng[3]) is an Austroasiatic language spoken in India and Bangladesh.

"Pnar" is not an official language of Meghalaya State. It is one of the Khasi varieties such as Khynriam, Bhoi, War, Maram, Lyngngam, etc. The Pnars are parts of the Hynñiewtrep people culturally, and the language used in education is "Khasi". So, in Meghalaya State, the only indigenous official languages are: Khasi and Garo.


Pnar has 28 phonemes: 7 vowels and 21 consonants. Other sounds listed below are phonetic realizations.[4]


Front Near Central Near Back
Close /i/ [ɨ] /u/
Near-close [ɪ] [ʊ]
Close-Mid /e/ /o/
Mid [ə]
Open-Mid /ɛ/ [ʌ] /ɔ/
Open /ɑ/


Consonants Labial Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Unaspirated Stop /p/
/k/ /ʔ/
Aspirated Stop /pʰ/
Fricative /s/ /h/
Nasal /m/ /n/ /ɲ/ /ŋ/
Lateral /l/
Trill /r/
Approximant /w/ /j/

Syllable structure[edit]

Syllables in Pnar can consist of a single nucleic vowel. Maximally, they can include a complex onset of two consonants, a diphthong nucleus, and a coda consonant. A second type of syllable contains a syllabic nasal/trill/lateral immediately following the onset consonant. This syllabic consonant behaves as the rhyme. (Ring, 2012: 141-2)


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thenortheasttoday.com (press release)
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The deliberation was initiated by Dr Hiram Ring, a research scholar on Pnar language from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Even as his area of work was undertaken in the Pnar region, he has endeavour to collect the different dialect from ...

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