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Block diagram of the Platform Controller Hub–based chipset architecture

The Platform Controller Hub (PCH) is a family of Intel microchips, introduced circa 2008. It is the successor to the previous Intel Hub Architecture, which used a northbridge and southbridge instead, and first appeared in the Intel 5 Series.

The PCH controls certain data paths and support functions used in conjunction with Intel CPUs. These include clocking (the system clock), Flexible Display Interface (FDI) and Direct Media Interface (DMI), although FDI is only used when the chipset is required to support a processor with integrated graphics. As such, I/O Functions are reassigned between this new central hub and the CPU compared to the previous architecture: some northbridge functions, the memory controller and PCI-e lanes, were integrated into the CPU while the PCH took over the remaining functions in addition to the traditional roles of the southbridge.


The PCH architecture supersedes Intel's previous Hub Architecture based architecture, and is designed to address the eventual problem of a bottleneck between the processor and the motherboard. The speed of CPU kept increasing, but the bandwidth of the front-side bus (FSB) (connection between the CPU and the motherboard) did not, thus a bottleneck would occur.

Under the hub architecture, a motherboard would have a two piece chipset consisting of a northbridge chip and a southbridge chip. As a solution to the bottleneck, several functions belonging to the traditional northbridge and southbridge chipsets were rearranged. The northbridge is now eliminated completely and its functions, the integrated memory controller (IMC) and graphics lanes, are now incorporated into the CPU die or package.

The PCH then incorporates a few of the remaining northbridge functions (e.g. clocking) in addition to all of the southbridge's functions. The system clock was previously a connection and is now fused in with the PCH. Two different connections exist between the PCH and the CPU: Flexible Display Interface (FDI) and Direct Media Interface (DMI). The FDI is only used when the chipset requires supporting a processor with integrated graphics. The Intel Management Engine was also moved to the PCH starting with the Nehalem processors and 5-Series chipsets.

With the northbridge functions integrated to the CPU, much of the bandwidth needed for chipsets is now relieved.

Ibex Peak[edit]

The Intel 5 Series chipsets were the first to introduce a PCH. This first PCH is codenamed Ibex Peak.

This has the following variations:


  • Bogus USB ports will be detected at desktop PCH equipped with 6 USB ports (3420, H55) on the first EHCI controller. This can happen when AC power is removed after entering ACPI S4. Adding AC power back and resuming from S4 may result in non detected or even non functioning USB device (erratum 12)
  • Bogus USB ports will be detected at mobile PCH equipped with 6 USB ports (HM55) on the first EHCI controller. This can happen when AC power and battery are removed after entering ACPI S4. Adding AC power or battery back and resuming from S4 may result in non detected or even non functioning USB device (erratum 13)
  • Reading the HPET comparator timer immediately after a write, returns the old value (erratum 14)
  • SATA 6Gbit/s devices may not be detected at cold boot or after ACPI S3, S4 resume (erratum 21)


Langwell is the codename of a PCH in the Moorestown MID/smartphone platform.[1][2] for Atom Lincroft microprocessors.

This has the following variations:

  • AF82MP20 (PCH MP20)
  • AF82MP30 (PCH MP30)

Tiger Point[edit]

Tiger Point is the codename of a PCH in the Pine Trail netbook platform chipset for Atom Pineview microprocessors.

This has the following variations:


Topcliff is the codename of a PCH in the Queens Bay embedded platform chipset for Atom Tunnel Creek microprocessors.

It connects to the processor via PCI-E (vs. DMI as other PCHs do).

This has the following variations:

Cougar Point[edit]

Cougar Point is the codename of a PCH in Intel 6 Series chipsets for mobile, desktop, and workstation / server platforms. It is most closely associated with Sandy Bridge processors.

This has the following variations:


In the first month of Cougar Point's release, January 2011, Intel posted a press release stating a design error had been discovered. Specifically, a transistor in the 3 Gbit/s PLL clocking tree was receiving too high voltage. The projected result was a 5–15% failure rate within three years of 3 Gbit/s SATA ports, commonly used for storage devices such as hard drives and DVD drives. Through OEMs, Intel plans to repair or replace all affected products at a cost of $700 million.[3][4]

Whitney Point[edit]

Whitney Point is the codename of a PCH in the Oak Trail tablet platform for Atom Lincroft microprocessors.

This has the following variations:

Panther Point[edit]

Panther Point is the codename of a PCH in Intel 7 Series chipsets for mobile and desktop. It is most closely associated with Ivy Bridge processors. These chipsets have integrated USB 3.0.[5]

This has the following variations:

Cave Creek[edit]

Cave Creek is the codename of the PCH most closely associated with Crystal Forest platforms and Gladden[6] or Sandy Bridge-EP/EN[7] processors.

  • DH8900 (PCH 8900) Communications
  • DH8903 (PCH 8903) Communications
  • DH8910 (PCH 8910) Communications
  • DH8920 (PCH 8920) Communications


Patsburg is the codename of a PCH in Intel 7 Series chipsets for server and workstation using the LGA 2011 socket. It was initially launched in 2011 as part of Intel X79 for the desktop enthusiast Sandy Bridge-E processors in Waimea Bay platforms.[8][dead link] Patsburg was then used for the Sandy Bridge-EP server platform (the platform was codenamed Romley and the CPUs codenamed Jaketown, and finally branded as Xeon E5-2600 series) launched in early 2012.[9]

Launched in the fall of 2013, the Ivy Bridge-E/EP processors (the latter branded as Xeon E5-2600 v2 series) also work with Patsburg, typically with a BIOS update.[10][11]

Patsburg has the following variations:

Lynx Point[edit]

Lynx Point is the codename of a PCH in Intel 8 Series chipsets, most closely associated with Haswell processors with LGA 1150 socket.[12] The Lynx Point chipset connects to the processor primarily over the Direct Media Interface (DMI) interface.[13]

The following variants are available:[14]


A design flaw causes devices connected to the Lynx Point's integrated USB 3.0 controller to be disconnected when the system wakes up from the S3 state (Suspend to RAM), forcing the USB devices to be reconnected although no data is lost.[15][16] This issue is corrected in C2 stepping level of the Lynx Point chipset.[17]


Due to launch in 2014, Wellsburg is the codename for the C610 series PCH, planned for the Haswell-EP (Xeon E5-2600 v3) and Broadwell-EP (Xeon E5-2600 v4) processors. Generally similar to Patsburg, Wellsburg is supposed to consume only 7 W, fully loaded.[18]

See also[edit]


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The most powerful MSC C6B-8S module is based on the IntelR 8-Series platform controller hub (PCH) QM87 and the Intel Core i7-4700EQ quad-core processor with 6MB L3 cache. The processor is clocked with 2.4GHz or 3.4GHz in the turbo boost mode.

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La prima è che Alpine Ridge comunicherà direttamente con la CPU attraverso PCIe 3.0 2x o 4x e non più col PCH, Platform Controller Hub; tradotto in pratica il nuovo controller potrà contare su una maggiore bandwidth. Arriviamo quindi alla seconda ...

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MSI Zxx Gaming 9 AC (2) [Quelle: Siehe Bildergalerie] In den vergangenen Wochen hat MSI bereits zahlreiche Informationshappen zu seinen Mainboards mit Z97- respektive H97-PCH (Platform Controller Hub) gegeben. Auf der diesjährigen Cebit hat der ...

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Elektronik Informationen
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der MSC C6B-8S-Familie ist mit dem Intel® 8-Series Platform Controller Hub (PCH) QM87 und dem Quad-Core Prozessor Intel® Core™ i7-4700EQ mit 6 MB L3 Cache bestückt. Der Prozessor kann mit 2,4 GHz, im Turbo Boost-Modus mit bis zu 3,4 GHz ...

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