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Oresama Teacher
Oresama Teacher.jpg
Cover of the first Japanese volume, featuring Mafuyu Kurosaki
(Ore-sama Tīchā)
Genre Action, Comedy, Romance
Written by Izumi Tsubaki
Published by Hakusensha
English publisher Viz Media
Demographic Shoujo manga
Magazine Hana to Yume
Original run July 2007 – ongoing
Volumes 18
Portal icon Anime and Manga portal

Oresama Teacher (俺様ティーチャー Ore-sama Tīchā?) is a Japanese manga serialized in shōjo manga magazine Hana to Yume since 2007, written and illustrated by Izumi Tsubaki. As of the end of 2012, 15 bound volumes have been released under the "Hana to Yume Comics" label. The manga is published in English by Viz Media and Madman Entertainment, and in French by Delcourt.


Mafuyu Kurosaki is a high school student who used to be a delinquent and the leader of a gang. Due to some circumstances, Mafuyu got arrested. And because of that, she was expelled from school. Now, she has transferred to a new school, far away from her hometown. She wants to become a girly girl, have a normal high school life, and graduate without getting into trouble. However, things didn't seem to be that easy when she learns that her homeroom teacher, Saeki Takaomi, is an old friend from her past, who was particularly the reason why Mafuyu became a delinquent.


Disciplinary Club[edit]

Mafuyu Kurosaki (黒崎 真冬 Kurosaki Mafuyu?)

The main protagonist of the story. Before coming to Midorigaoka Academy, she was banchou in her previous school, Higashi High. During a celebration her followers threw to congratulate her for all the fighting she has done, Mafuyu was caught by the police and was expelled from school. Her mother then found out and made her transfer schools along with the threat that she'd be disowned if she ever got into another fight again. After transferring, she was determined to transform from a delinquent to a proper lady and become an ultra-shiny, girly-girl high school student. To her great dismay, Midorigaoka Academy is full of delinquents, good-for-nothings, and troublesome students. Also, she found out that Saeki Takaomi, her homeroom teacher, was her next-door neighbor years before. Now, Saeki Takaomi enforced her to join the Disciplinary Club together with Hayasaka. To avoid getting caught fighting again, Mafuyu disguises herself as "Usa-chan Man" (ウサちゃんマン?) and sometimes cross-dresses as "Natsuo" (夏男?), both admired by Hayasaka. Usa-chan Man is Mafuyu dressed in the school's girls uniform wearing a smiling pink bunny mask who is extremely energetic. Natsuo is when Mafuyu dresses in an old school boy uniform, keeps her eyes half closed, wears a wig and shoes designed to make her appear taller. She usually uses the Natsuo identity when shes patrolling around and expecting trouble or going to fight in public. She is also constantly exchanging letters with 'Ichigo Love' (Okegawa) using the name 'Snow' by means of a pigeon which she saved from drowning. However, both Mafuyu and Okegawa are clueless about each other's real identities. She seems to have 'forgotten' something which Takaomi wants her to remember from her childhood, which has been hinted throughout the series several times.

Kaori Hayasaka (早坂 香 Hayasaka Kaori ?)

Mafuyu's first real friend in her new school. He is in the same year as Mafuyu. Hayasaka's first impression of her when Mafuyu sat beside him in class was that she had a deadly aura and had a huge killing intent, but Mafuyu's peculiar actions made him think otherwise. He is also a member of the Disciplinary Club. He is surprisingly chivalrous, purposely taking all enemy attacks head on, stating that he feels like he's running away when he dodges. He is talented in fighting- especially one-on-one fights, but he is too hot-headed and mindlessly charges into battle. He is also notably good at embroidery. Hayasaka's past is still unknown as of chapter 51, but it has been implied that he has trouble speaking with his parents, and avoids the topic about siblings. It's also hinted that he may come from a rich family, when he mentions an incident with a 'maid' at his house, when he was talking to Usa-Chan Man on Christmas. Although at times he seems indifferent to Mafuyu (due to her overly affectionate way of showing friendship), he does care for her. He is often worried for her safety and is often trying to keep the fights away from her (as he is unaware that most often then not, she is the one who solves the fighting). This is proved when he believed she had been kidnapped by the Bodyguard Club in chapter 20, rushing to her rescue when he received a ransom note. He has a deep respect for both Usa-Chan Man and Natsuo, unaware that both are the same person (Mafuyu). He had suspected that Mafuyu was Usa-Chan Man when he found the rabbit mask in Mafuyu's bag and started to look at Mafuyu with awe, causing her to become uneasy. Mafuyu, however, convinces him as Usa-Chan Man that she gave herself the mask as a sign of being a 'nakama' of the Disciplinary Club. He does, however, learn from Takaomi about the bet (at least, the general idea of it) and decides to help. He, along with Okegawa, have met Maizono (a member of Mafuyu's old gang) and has helped him on more than one occasions (though unwillingly the second time around). He unconsciously beat Yui when he was spying on them but after a while became close friends. His memories of Mafuyu and the rest of the disciplinary club faded some time in the recent chapters of the manga (106-107) after Momochi's doing. Momochi reveals to Takaoomi that Hayasaka is a mistress's child while it was revealed to Mafuyu by one of the servants of the Hayasakas. His first name is first mentioned in chapter 107 of the manga.

Takaomi Saeki (佐伯 鷹臣 Saeki Takaomi?)

The 22 year old scary,arrogant and free spirited teacher at Midorigaoka Academy. He is also the founder of Disciplinary Club. He was once a strong and notorious high school delinquent who lived next door to Mafuyu. He is also the cause of Mafuyu's delinquent habits, where in the past, he had taught Mafuyu how to fight and defend, all to his amusement. His name used to be Gojou Takaomi, but when he moved away his mother remarried and his name was changed to Saeki Takaomi. He is now the homeroom teacher of Mafuyu and Hayasaka as well as once again being the next door neighbor to Mafuyu in the campus dorms. He more or less still behaves like a delinquent. (He's just more crafty about not being caught.) Nonetheless, his behavior and methods are often questioned by many. His superior strength and fighting skills alone has people questioning whether or not he is even human. It's heavily implied that he sleeps around with a lot of beautiful women, and he himself even admits to being a 'pervert' and claims that Mafuyu will become a pervert just like him. He's also a terrible cook. (He's so bad he can't even make popcorn.) Prior to Mafuyu's arrival, he had made a bet with the chairman of the school to double the current student body population. If Takaomi wins, he can claim the title as chairman, which he will give to his grandfather. If he loses, he will work for 5 years without a salary. He calls Mafuyu by her first name, but not in front of other students. He enjoys teasing and picking on her at any chance he can. They have an odd relationship with one another. Sometimes they act like friends, student and mentor, girlfriend and boyfriend (rarely), or sister and brother. However, it is shown that he has a weak spot for Mafuyu since she was a child and despite his cold or aggressive behavior towards her, he will still take care of her in his own way. After revealing the truth behind the reason for the 'Disciplinary Club' and the contents of the bet to Mafuyu, he stated to her that he fancies her and thus could not decide whether to drag her into his problems or to simply allow her to live a normal life as he did not want to drag her into it any further. He also later on admits that she was the only thing that scared him, due to her overly stubborn but friendly behavior towards him as a child, not to mention she kept getting up with a smile and moving forward no matter how beat up she got. He has not yet told Mafuyu all of her forgotten past memories between the two of them, one in particular about an accident she was involved in right before he moved which was the reason she lost some of her memories about him in the first place.

Shinobu Yui (由井 忍 Yui Shinobu?)

A first year, now second year student as of chapter 67 and a self-proclaimed ninja (though he is often comically seen being discovered despite his efforts at stealth). He is completely loyal to Student Council President and was once a member of the Student Council. After the failed attempt with the Bodyguard Club in eradicating the Disciplinary Club, Shinobu comes up with the idea of infiltrating the Disciplinary Club and taking them down from the inside, thus joining Mafuyu and Hayasaka. Only he and the Student Council President are aware of this fact, however. Despite his appearances, he proves to be just as much of a goof and idiot as the other two with his love for ninjas. He often scolds the other two for not being properly trained and often tries to teach them ninja tactics. He reveals to both Hayasaka and Mafuyu that he did not have good relations to the rest of the Student Council and was indifferent to them save for the President. His views are 'an ally is an ally and an enemy is an enemy', and is perplexed when Mafuyu confronts him on this. He has, however, learned to go against that belief and even went so far as to secretly help Houjou Wakana from the shadows when she served as Supervisor for the clubs and was therefore an 'enemy' at the time. He planned to betray the Disciplinary Club after finding out their weaknesses and eventually betrayed the Disciplinary Club from chapter 90, but he has shown to be warming up to Mafuyu and Hayasaka little by little due to their genuine kindness and openly accepting his quirks. Their genuine concern over his well being as well as praising him on things often seen as foolish (such as his love for ninjas and tactics) both puzzles him on the fact that they treat him as a 'friend' and he eventually learns to open up to them slightly. So much so that he's helped the club instead of doing something to destroy it when several opportunities came up. Such as helping the club get approval from Wakana to continue existing instead of rejected and disbanded and after he betrayed them at chapter 93 he started feel guilty about it. It is stated in chapter 94 that Yui know about Mafuyu's identity, that she is Usa-Chan man and Natsuo and also her past that she was Banchou in Higashi High. Yui apparently also knows about Hayasaka's first name.

Aki Shibuya (渋谷 亜希 Shibuya Aki?) a.k.a Akkī (アッキー Akkī?)

A new first year student, Shibuya is originally from Higashi Middle School and had come to Midorigaoka Academy to seek Mafuyu. He knows that Mafuyu was the Former Higashi High's Banchou and sought her out hoping to become her subordinate. His philosophy was that if there was a strong person that he could stick to that it would solve all problems. Initially, Mafuyu denies her former Banchou status stating herself to be a figurehead thus causing Shibuya to turn to see Yui and Hayasaka as the strong ones to stick to. According to Kangawa, Shibuya needs to be protected from himself due to his relationships with women and that he is not a yankee, but rather a normal person. Otherwise due to being nice to girls their angry boyfriends would come after him and get told that any greviences have to go through his 'protector' first. Which led to Mafuyu getting into a lot of trouble when he first arrived. Shibuya is shown to be a very popular with women because he innocently compliments them and makes them feel special. This is shown to have caused complications because the girls would subsequently break up with their boyfriends (most shown to be selfish, inconsiderate jerks) causing them to become angry. He is also shown to be protective of girls. Shibuya discovers that Mafuyu's true strength when she had to rescue him from three men after he allowed the two women that they had lured into karaoke to escape. In addition, he also knows that Mafuyu is Natsuo and Usa-Chan Man after noting the similarities from just their pictures. Shibuya is also known to be skilled in applying makeup as shown when he helped Mafuyu dress up (before finding out about her aliases) as a boy saying that not even he could tell that it was Mafuyu, but the end result was almost a perfect match for Natsuo's appearance. Shibuya is also skilled in recognizing people's heights and telling their measurements even in picture form. This was shown when he recognizes that the pictures of Usa-Chan Man and Natsuo were both female and have similar sizes to Mafuyu. This thereby resulted in his being filled into Mafuyu's and Saeki's secrets and his forced swearing into complete secrecy by Mafuyu and Saeki in fear of Shibuya leaking out information without knowing it. This helped them out as his slender build allowed him to pretend to be Usa-Chan Man when Nonoguchi wanted to meet her and Natsuo at the same time.

Kyōtarō Okegawa (桶川 恭太郎 Okegawa Kyōtarō?)

He is a third year student and banchou of Midorigaoka Academy. He was once beaten up by Natsuo (Mafuyu in men's clothing), losing his title as Banchou, but he regained his position during the Midorigaoka festival when he purposely beat Natsuo after finding out that Natsuo is Mafuyu with her admitting to him that he is the true banchou that Midorigaoka needs. Aside from a selected few, he is the only one who knows about Mafuyu disguising as Natsuo. Surprisingly, Mafuyu discovers that he is a romantic at heart, adores cute things such as the fictional show 'Nekomata' and anything regarding it and is described by Mafuyu as a 'pure boy' (to which he instantly denies). He values Mafuyu's friendship and seeks her advice when he finds something troubling him. It is hinted that he has become to be slightly smitten with Mafuyu, instantly recognizing her the moment he touches her that Natsuo was her the second time they meet as well as becoming violently jealous of a misunderstanding between Mafuyu and Ayabe Reito. He is the owner of the pigeon that Mafuyu saved a year ago and is revealed to be 'Ichigo Love', Mafuyu's pen pal (despite neither of them knowing it). As of Chapter 66, Okegawa failed his college entrance exams (due in fault to his own subordinates and the 'Disciplinary Club'.) and now has to repeat his third year over, while still remaining the school's banchou. In Chapter 75, he joins the 'Disciplinary Club'. Shinobu call him with nickname "Kyon-kyon" (きょんきょん Kyon kyon?).

Student Council[edit]

Miyabi Hanabusa (華房 雅 Hanabusa Miyabi?)

The Student Council President and is the son of the School Chairman. He is aware of the true history of Midorigaoka and of the bet that Saeki proposes. Despite his feminine looks, he can be quite cunning and is capable of 'enslaving' people with only a stare (effectively working on both Mafuyu and Hayasaka). Often seen smiling, it is hard to tell what goes on in his mind. It is unknown whether he truly cares for the rest of the student council members (often helping them and giving them advice) and whether he truly takes the bet seriously. Especially considering he has the Student Council members try to destroy the Disciplinary Club one at a time rather than simultaneously or working together as a group. It appears as if he's counting on the Disciplinary Club, Mafuyu in particular, to help the Student Council members overcome their personal issues or weaknesses that he couldn't do himself, such as Mafuyu getting Ayabi to finally return home and talk to his siblings after an extended absence or Nonoguchi's hatred of men. Although extremely weak physically, (he broke both his arms fighting bullies which caused Yui to decide to be his bodyguard) he is more cunning and intelligent than he lets on, such as knowing Yui was the one who protected Wakana during the last day of club assessments.

Shuntarō Kōsaka (高坂 俊太郎 Kōsaka Shuntarō?)

A first year now second year (class 3) and a member of the Student Council. Serious to a fault, his plans are described as 'only good on paper' and will panic when presented with an unanticipated problem within his plans. He was the one responsible for the plan to ruin the school festival by leading a gang war within the school (which was stopped by the efforts of Okegawa and Mafuyu as Natsuo). He eventually loosens up after the president tells him to hit Mafuyu in the face with a cream pie causing him to snap and finally succeed simply by charging her while throwing pies with no plan whatsoever (his various other 'pranks' failed.) Essentially 'became a fool' towards the end and learned, somewhat, to not overplan or expect things to always go according to plan.

Wakana Hōjō (北条 若菜 Hōjō Wakana?)

A first year now second year (class 2) and a member of the Student Council. She, along with Yui, seems to be the closest to the President and has been with them for a long time. Initially she guarded President Miyabi at a request from her father who is an underling for Miyabi's mother, but now does it because she wants to and is planning on studying to become a (most likely his) secretary. She wears her hair up in a high pony tail and is often seen carrying a bamboo sword. She is a tough fighter, serious and strong-willed. She is, at first, unwilling to believe that Yui had betrayed the President (unaware that it was planned) and views him as a traitor because of it. It's hinted (and noticed by Mafuyu and the President) that she harbors a crush on Yui despite her harsh words and was most likely hurt by his indifference towards her and apparent betrayal. She has proved, however, to be an honest person and when she was appointed the supervisor for the clubs, she eventually decides to stamp the Disciplinary Club's papers (despite her objective to end them) out of both obligation towards 'Usa-chan Man' for drawing attacks away from her during the final day of club inspections (she was getting overwhelmed since all her guards were sick from being slipped laxatives from a rejected club.) Also, Hayasaka accidentally dropped in front of her a fully completed sheet regarding the club's activities, members, and achievements which eliminated any grounds for her to reject the club. She's under the mistaken impression that the protection Yui provided from the shadows during the final hours of the inspection was from the President.

Reito Ayabe (綾部 麗人 Ayabe Reito?) a.k.a Ayaben (あやべん Ayaben?)

A first year (class 2) now second year and the only unwilling member of the Student Council. He often carries a guitar case strapped onto his back. Mysteriously becomes stronger in the old school building and manages to completely overwhelm Mafuyu after calling her out with a challenge letter. It turns out is that he has a strong disliking towards anything dirty. Because of this anger towards the uncleanliness, he is able to become physically stronger while cleaning. That is also why he carries a broom, which he has named Fujishima-san, in a guitar case around. So while he'd be weak and defenseless in a clean room, in an extremely dirty room he'd be able to take out a group while cleaning the room. In chapter 71, he senses through his broom that Natsuo is Mafuyu when he cleaned the cloths she was wearing (which Shibuya got from him) and knowing that Mafuya is 'strong' from fighting her as herself. It is also revealed that he is the oldest of two sisters and three brothers. Used to (obsessively) clean his house and take care of his siblings as their parents were rarely home due to the father working as a truck driver and the mother as a nurse. Due to issues with his siblings he left home to stay in a dormitory at the school, and never contacted them until Mafuyu intervened. She is the only person other than the Student Council President who knows about his "cleaning attacks" which compel him to clean an extremely dirty room. The President saw him during one the attacks and used the information to blackmail him into joining the Student Council while Mafuyu is willing to stay quiet but has him make bentos for the Disciplinary Club since he insists on paying some form of "hush money" to ensure she stays silent. For some reason the presence of his broom, Fujishima-san, acts as a tranquilizer allowing him to suppress the attacks somewhat. Ayabe is also the Dorm Manager for Shibuya's dorm which is a position he would have rejected prior to meeting Mafuyu. It's unknown whether or not he's still with the Student Council after he lost to Mafuyu, but he's remaining neutral and hasn't told any of the other council members about the phantom members really being Mafuyu in disguise or that she's a capable fighter.

Kanon Nonoguchi (野々口 歌音 Nonoguchi Kanon?)

A first year now second year (class 4) and a member of the Student Council. She doesn't seem to like men as when Kosaka attempted to touch her, she viciously slapped his hand away and threatened him to not touch her. She wears her hair up into two pigtails. It is revealed that she used to quite the girly girl when she was a child and believed that one day her prince will come to rescue her, this was all due to her treasured picture book which she kept with her at all times. Of which she was also mercilessly teased by all the boys in class, especially by the leader of the boys Kento of whom apparently had feelings for her. As things progressed his teasing got worse which got him finally beaten by her. The boys watching this thought he was getting bullied and tried to help Kento so they started gang up one her tearing her favorite book in front of her. This makes her snap and she proceeds to brutally beat the boys culminating with her tearing up the book her self, saying that "Boys are weak." Since then she snaps at the mere mention of princes as "her prince" failed to show up and save her along with a severely low opinion of males in general. The only exception was the Student Council President for some reason which is why she willing serves him on the Student Council. In an attempt to draw Natsuo and Usa-chan man out she spreads a rumor that the Year 2 Class 5 girls were being accosted by delinquents from Kiyama. This backfires when delinquents from Kiyama actually start harassing the girls on Kiyama's Banchou's orders to draw her out. However, she gets some of her innocence and belief in princes again after Natsuo rescues her over and over, despite her repeated attacks, and apologizes to her for being 'late' during the last rescue. How she'll react once she finds out that Natsuo is really Mafuyu crossdressing is unknown.

Runa Momochi (百地 瑠奈 Momochi Runa?)

A second year now third year (class 3) and a member of the Student Council. She is a fairly attractive girl with wavy, light hair.

Komari Yukioka (雪岡 小鞠 Yukioka Komari?)

A first year now second year (class 3) and a member of the Student Council. A cute-quiet girl, she is the smallest out of the Student Councils and is often fed sweets by the President. Her cutesy charm infatuates anyone to the point of enslaving them. This occasionally causes trouble for her as she gets swarmed by fans or is given more candy than she can carry. Although she can talk she somehow compels people into doing things for her while remaining mute. She recently has taken an interest in Shibuya (because he is the only guy who doesn't get infatuated by her charm and saw through her plan to get him to be a mole for the Student Council) as he's her 'type'. When she speaks, it does not match her cute doll like appearance, thus remaining silent in order to maintain her charm. Currently, only Shibuya and the President know of her quiet facade however, she is beginning to regain normal speech functions. Appears to be somewhat of a pervert, commenting on other male student's bodies and wanted to touch the President's butt.

Midorigaoka Students[edit]

Tomohiro Kawauchi (河内 智広 Kawauchi Tomohiro?)

A loyal follower of Okegawa and considered the number 2 within his gang. He triggered the fight between Midorigaoka and Kiyama High during the cultural festival in order to challenge Okegawa. He felt disappointed in Okegawa, stating that he "misses" the glory of Midorigaoka's Okegawa banchou. After that incident, Kawauchi made up with Okegawa. In later chapter, Okegawa became his classmate because the latter had to repeat one year. Now in third year class 4.

Daikichi Gotō (後藤 大吉 Gotō Daikichi?)

The number 3 within Okegawa's gang. Have a great admiration towards Okegawa. President of the Reward-winning Research Club. Often seen with his classmate Kawauchi. He somehow could not read the situation happened around him.

Higashi High[edit]

Kōhei Kangawa (寒川 航平 Kangawa Kōhei?)

A Higashi High first year as of chapter 67,(he was in his third year of middle school in the beginning,east high middle and high school are next to each other), he is a member of Mafuyu's old gang and while she was Banchou he served as number 2, with Maizono as number 3. After she left, he became Banchou. It is revealed that in the past, he had come to challenge Mafuyu and was defeated, subsequently deciding to join Higashi High after his defeat. He is an out-going, openly affectionate person and is a bit of a goof (like many of the cast). Although he is often seen messing around and in a good mood, he is considerate of Mafuyu's circumstances and tried to prevent her from getting involved in the 'war' between Higashi High and Nishi High. Eventually, he and the rest of the gang reassured her that they all still consider her their comrade and to come visit them again. When she does come visit again during the summer, she spends the first day with Sakurada, believing the gang members would be unhappy to see her. He is shocked and deeply hurt by this and ignores her the days after only to be confronted by Mafuyu herself. He eventually challenges her to an ice shaving contest which ends with him having a heat stroke and revealing that he was simply hurt because he had wanted to be the first person Mafuyu went to when she came back. It is unknown whether this was simply possessiveness as a friend and/or former subordinate to a leader to whom he greatly admired or whether he meant this in a more intimate manner.

Yūto Maizono (舞苑 誘人 Maizono Yūto?)

A Higashi High second year now third year and number 3 within Mafuyu's old gang (when she was Banchou), now number 2. A self-proclaimed M (masochist), he often tries to get Mafuyu to take her anger out on him (or others, for that matter). He meets Hayasaka and Okegawa one day while trying to visit Mafuyu and deliver some cookies made by Yamashita. He, like the rest of Mafuyu's old gang, deeply respects and admires Mafuyu despite her no longer being the Banchou and has told Hayasaka that it had been difficult for him to adjust to life without her.

Kotobuki Ōkubo (大久保 寿 Ōkubo Kotobuki?)

A kind boy with extremely bad luck. A third year in Higashi High. He has a good relationship with Kangawa Minato, Kouhei's younger sister. He once went camping with Maizono Yuuto and got caught in a rainstorm. In recent chapters, It seems that he has gain better luck.

Takumi Yamashita (山下 匠 Yamashita Takumi?)

A cooking genius. He is one of the loyal followers of Mafuyu's past gang. Once made character-cookies supposedly be delivered by Maizono to Mafuyu but ended up received by Hayasaka and Okegawa.

Nishi High[edit]

Asahi Sakurada (桜田 旭 Sakurada Asahi?)

The 'Banchou' of Nishi High, a rival school to Mafuyu's old school (Higashi High). He is known to be very clumsy despite being banchou (Mafuyu's only memory of him were his heart pattern boxers the day he challenged her and fell). He tricked her by cross-dressing and pretending to be attacked before kidnapping her. This plan, however, fails in the end. Despite being a klutz, his gang members understand him well and love him despite this, often surrounding him in fights and protecting him from attacks. He has, however, shown that when pushed to the edge he will show great leadership skills and bravery.



No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 March 2011 ISBN 978-1421538631
Chapters 1-5
Chapters 6-10

Drama CD[edit]

The first limited Drama CD was released on February 2009 bundled with third and fourth issues of Hana to Yume.


A furoku mini Drama CD, which was released in 2012 along with the 19th issue of Hana to Yume, featured the same cast as the first drama cd and some new casts were added:

Second limited Drama CD was released on February 2013, featuring more additional cast:


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The series, based on the manga by Izumi Tsubaki (creator of Oresama Teacher), is animated by Dogakobo. The series is directed by Mitsue Yamazaki based on scripts and composition by Yoshiko Nakamura and character designs by Junichiro Taniguchi.
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The series, based on the manga by Izumi Tsubaki (creator of Oresama Teacher), is animated by Dogakobo. The series will be directed by Mitsue Yamazaki based on scripts and composition by Yoshiko Nakamura and character designs by Junichiro Taniguchi ...

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