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Aeronautical Museum-Belgrade
Музеј ваздухопловства-Београд
(Muzej vazduhoplovstva-Beograd)
Established 1957
Location Surčin, Belgrade, Serbia, adjacent to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
Type Aviation museum
Curator Zoran Radojević
Website www.aeronauticalmuseum.com

The Museum of Aviation (formerly the Yugoslav Aeronautical Museum) was founded in 1957 in Surčin, Belgrade. The museum is located adjacent to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. The current facility was opened to the public on 21 May 21 1989.


The museum owns over 200 aircraft previously operated by the Yugoslav Air Force, Serbian Air Force, and others, as well as aircraft previously flown by several civil airliners and private flying clubs. It also owns the only known surviving example of the Fiat G.50.[1] The most valuable collections are housed in geodesic glass building, with additional aircraft displayed on the surrounding grounds.

The museum also displays wreckage of a downed USAF F-117 Nighthawk and F-16 Fighting Falcon, both shot down during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. In addition, the collection consists of more than 130 aviation engines, more radars, rockets, various aeronautical equipment, over 20,000 reference books and technical documentation as well as more than 200,000 photographs.


New 'Rocket and Radar' museum exhibition will be constructed.

Existing missiles and radars in museum:


Aircraft Registration Serial number Note
D.F.S./30 Kranich YU-5014 161
D.F.S./66 Grunau Baby III YU-2113 151
D.F.S./68 Weihe YU-4073 443
D.F.S./68 Weihe YU-4089 492
D.F.S./68 Weihe YU-4093 491
D.F.S./70 Olimpya Meise YU-4106 33
20.Maj Čavka YU-2227
20.Maj Ilindenka 1T YU-4108 3005
20.Maj Ilindenka 1T YU-4109 3006
FAJ Jasteb Košava 2 1
FAJ Jastreb (VTC-76) Vuk-T YU-4422 346
Ikarus Košava 60 YU-5022 1
Ikarus/Letov Orao Iic YU-4096 185
Ikarus Meteor 60 YU-4103 Prototype
ILZS Jastreb 54 YU-3056 251
VTRZ Jastreb Roda YU-5210 24
Letov Jastreb 54 YU-3029 195
Letov KB-5 Jadran YU-6001 104
LIBIS 17 YU-5069 319
SVC Čavka YU-2127
SVC Mačka YU-4107 3
SVC Vrabac A
VTC Cirus HS-64D YU-5341 118
VTC Delfin II YU-4138 45
VTC Trener YU-4169 79


Aircraft Origin Registration Serial number Note
Hiller UH-12A  United States YU-HAB 143 under restoration
Kamov Ka-25PL  Soviet Union 11323 4912519
Kamov Ka-28PL  Soviet Union 11401 5235003720222
Kamov Ka-28PL  Soviet Union 11402 5235003720223
Mil (PZL) Mi-2  Soviet Union/ Poland 12506 511103059
Mil (PZL) Mi-2  Soviet Union/ Poland 12512 511110059
Mil (PLZ) Mi-2  Soviet Union/ Poland 12513 541307129
Mil (PZL) Mi-2  Soviet Union/ Poland 12514 541327129
Mil (PZL) Mi-2  Soviet Union/ Poland 12515 541309129
Mil Mi-4A  Soviet Union 12013 6103
Mil Mi-8T  Soviet Union 12208 0915
Sikorsky/Westland WS-51 Mk.IB  United Kingdom 11503 WA/H/97
Sikorsky (SOKO) S-55-5  United States 11714 WA9-10-2319

Piston-engine aircraft[edit]

Aircraft Origin Registration Serial number Note
AAK BS-1 Student  Yugoslavia YU-CKK Prototype
ATZ CA-51  Yugoslavia YU-CMH
ATZ CA-51  Yugoslavia YU-CMK
ATZ V-55  Yugoslavia YU-CMR prototype
Boeing (Stearman) A.75N-1  United States YU-BAD 75-7614 ex-USN N2S-3 BuAer 37993, ex-N5115N
Boeing (Stearman) PT-17-75  United States YU-BAI 75-3047 ex-USAAF PT-17 s/n 41-25540, ex-N5536O???
Bücker Bü 133D-1 Jungmeister  Nazi Germany 9102 1069 ex-NDH 7706
de Havilland (Morris) D.H.82A "Tiger Moth"  United Kingdom NM-150 86-470 ex YU-CHX/0902
de Havilland D.H.104 Dove 2B  United Kingdom 72201 04432 ex YU-ABN/9751
de Havilland of Canada DHC-2 Beaver Mk.I  Canada 70101 587 ex 0672/672
Douglas Commercial DC-3C (C-47A-25-DK Skytrain)  United States YU-ABB 13713 ex 42-93765
Douglas Commercial DC-3C (C-47A-30-DK Skytrain)  United States YU-ABG 14035/25480 ex 43-48219, ex KG8030,exG-AHLX
Douglas C-47A-35-DK Skytrain  United States 71214 16472/33220 ex 44-76888, ex KN586, ex 7323
Fiat G.50 Freccia  Italy 8 249 ex-MM6197, ex-NDH 3505, awaiting restoration
Fieseler Fi-156C (Mraz K-65A Čap) "Storch"  Nazi Germany 9393 / YU-COE 91
Focke-Wulf Fw-190F-8/R1  Nazi Germany 3 930838
Grumman-Schweitzer G.164A/400  United States YU-BEU 498 ex N984X
Hawker Hurricane Mk.IVRP  United Kingdom LD975/O 41H/368368,20-925 ex 9593
Ikarus Aero-2BE  Kingdom of Yugoslavia 875 YU-CVB
Ikarus Kurir  Yugoslavia 50157 / YU-CCB 57
Ikarus Kurir-L  Yugoslavia 50200 / YU-CBD 100 with Lycoming engine
Ikarus S-49A  Yugoslavia 2319 301118
Ikarus S-49C  Yugoslavia 2400 50
Ikarus 214-P  Yugoslavia 61019/YU-ABP 019
Ilyushin IL-2m3  Soviet Union 4154 308331
Ilyushin Il-14P  Soviet Union 71301 146001121 ex 7401
Yakovlev Yak-3  Soviet Union 2252 8545
Yakovlev Yak-9P  Soviet Union 2826 04-36
Junkers Ju-52/3m (Nord AAC.1Touqan)  Germany 7208 222 ex F-BBYB
Junkers Ju-87B-2  Germany 9801 0406 awaiting restoration
Letov Ljubljana KB-6 Matajur  Yugoslavia YU-CFD 177
Lisunov Li-3  Soviet Union 7011 18422308 Li-2 with C-47A engine
Lockheed P-38L-5-LO "Lightning"  United States 9751 422-6790 ex 44-25786, awaiting restoration
Messerschmitt Me-109G-2  Germany 9663 14792 ex Bulgarian Air Force
North American N.A.168 T-6G  United States FT152 168-503 ex50-1289
North American N.A.109 P-51D-5-NA  United States HL-L 109-26911 ex 44-13278, awaiting restoration
Nieuport N.XI C1  France 12 27 ex F-WZBC, replica
Petlyakov Pe-2FT  Soviet Union 6054 18-426
Polikarpov Po-2  Soviet Union 0089 / YU-CNT 01021
Polikarpov Po-2V  Poland 0105 / YU-CNP 01096
Republic F-47D-40-RE "Thunderbolt"  United States 13056 5609 ex44-90464
Rogozarski R-100  Kingdom of Yugoslavia 9251 23 uncompleted
Sarić No I  Austria-Hungary I Replica of an aircraft built in 1909
Short SA.6 Sealand I  United Kingdom 0662 SH.1567 ex G-AKLS, ex YU-CFK
Soko 522  Yugoslavia 60132 32
Soko 522  Yugoslavia 60157 57
Soko 522  Yugoslavia 60204 04
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30002 Prototype
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30101 001
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30103 003
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30104 004
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30106 006
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30107 007
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30108 008
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30109 009
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30114 014
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30135 019
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30144 028
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30145 029
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30147 031
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30148 032
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30152 036
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30155 039
Soko J-20 Kraguj  Yugoslavia 30157 041
UTVA Aero 3  Yugoslavia P Prototype
UTVA Aero 3  Yugoslavia 40186 / YU-CZA 86
UTVA 65S  Yugoslavia YU-BKI 736
UTVA 66  Yugoslavia 51001 Prototype
UTVA 66  Yugoslavia 51002 Prototype
UTVA 66  Yugoslavia 51145 0854
UTVA 66  Yugoslavia 51221 0866
UTVA 66H  Yugoslavia 52101 0822
UTVA 66H  Yugoslavia 52102 0823
UTVA 66H  Yugoslavia 52104 0831
UTVA 213-3  Yugoslavia 1352 92
UTVA Lasta  Yugoslavia 54153 0 series
Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk.Vc trop  United Kingdom JK808/B CBAF-4690,17-545 ex VF-H,ex 9489, RAF serial JK448
WSK-PZL M-18 Dromader  Poland YU-BMX 1Z-010-01 Incomplete
Zlin Z.XII  Czechoslovakia F-AQII 194
Zlin Z-526M  Czechoslovakia 41104 / YU-DIO 102
Zlin(LET) Z-37A  Czechoslovakia YU-BGL 819
Zmaj F.N  Kingdom of Yugoslavia V 9 exYU-CAY/9009
Zmaj F.P.2  Kingdom of Yugoslavia 15 ex9308, incomplete
RQ-1 Predator  United States wreckage

Jet aircraft[edit]

Aircraft Origin Registration Serial number Note
Lockheed T-33A-1-LO  United States 10024 580-8189 ex 52-9958
Republic F-84G-31-RE "Thunderjet"  United States 10501 ex52-2936
Republic F-84G-31-RE "Thunderjet"  United States 10530 ex 52-8435
Republic F-84G-31-RE "Thunderjet"  United States 10525 ex 52-2939 (recon)
North American N.A.172 F-86E-15 (Canadair CL-13 Mk.IV) Sabre  United States/ Canada 11025 756 ex 53-19856, ex XB955
North American N.A.172 F-86E-15 (Canadair CL-13 Mk.IV) Sabre  United States/ Canada 11054 439 ex 52-19539, ex XB636
North American N.A.172 F-86E-15 (Canadair CL-13 Mk.IV) Sabre  United States/ Canada 11088 638 ex 53-19738, ex XB875
North American N.A.190 F-86D-50-NA "Dog Sabre"  United States 14102 190-748 ex 52-10023A
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F-13  Soviet Union 22532 741702
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21U  Soviet Union 22909 3416
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21PFM  Soviet Union 22735 8407
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21US  Soviet Union 22953 03685149
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21R  Soviet Union 26103 1707
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21R  Soviet Union 26105 1709
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21M  Soviet Union 22805 3007
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21M  Soviet Union 22818 3115
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM  Soviet Union 16152 516979071
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM  Soviet Union 16158 516995091
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21bis  Soviet Union 17402 N75095222
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21bis  Soviet Union 17405 75095251
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21bis  Soviet Union 17409 75095293
MiG-23MLD  Soviet Union 23269 Sent from Iraq for upgrades, never returned. Moved to unknown location on 14 August 2009.[2]
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24001 Prototype
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24115 015
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24122 024
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24126 028
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24128 030
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24130 032
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24142 044
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24145 047
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24155 061
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24156 062
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24159 065
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24208 074
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24210 076
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24213 079
Soko J-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24214 080
Soko IJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24401 001
Soko IJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24404 004
Soko IJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24405 005
Soko IJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24410 010
Soko IJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24415 015
Soko IJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24418 018
Soko IJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24421 021
Soko IJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24454 034
Soko IJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24456 036
Soko IJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 24457 037
Soko NJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 23502 005
Soko NJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 23505 008
Soko NJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 23506 009
Soko NJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 23507 010
Soko NJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 23511 012
Soko NJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 23512 014
Soko INJ-21 Jastreb  Yugoslavia 23513 015
Soko J-22 Orao  Yugoslavia 25001 Prototype
Soko J-22 Orao  Yugoslavia 25107 007
Soko J-22 Orao  Yugoslavia 25120 045
Soko IJ-22 Orao  Yugoslavia 25719 019
Soko IJ-22 Orao  Yugoslavia 25721 021
Soko IJ-22 Orao  Yugoslavia 25723 023
Soko IJ-22 Orao  Yugoslavia 25724 024
Soko INJ-22 Orao  Yugoslavia 25606 006
Soko NJ-22 Orao  Yugoslavia 25505 014
Soko NJ-22 Orao  Yugoslavia 25506 015
Soko NJ-22 Orao  Yugoslavia 25509 018
Soko NJ-22 Orao  Yugoslavia 25511 020
Soko G-2 Galeb  Yugoslavia 23001 Prototype
Soko G-2A Galeb  Yugoslavia 23108 108
Soko G-2A Galeb  Yugoslavia 23154 154
Soko G-2A Galeb  Yugoslavia 23156 156
Soko G-4 Super Galeb  Yugoslavia 23629 009
Soko G-4 Super Galeb  Yugoslavia 23636 016
Soko G-4 Super Galeb  Yugoslavia 23733 065 Aircraft tail section
Folland (Fo.141) Gnat F Mk.1  United Kingdom 11601 FL-14(G-39-8)
Ikarus 451  Yugoslavia 2 (prototype)
Ikarus 451M  Yugoslavia prototype
Ikarus Š 451-MM Matica  Yugoslavia 20001 Prototype
Ikarus T 451-MM Stršljen II  Yugoslavia 21002 Prototype
Sud-Aviation SE 210 Caravelle  France YU-AHB (JAT) 135 ex F-WJAK
Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon  United States 88-550 Wreckage. Shot down on 2 May 1999
Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk  United States 82-806 Wreckage. Shot down on 27 March 1999
BGM-109 Tomahawk  United States Wreckage
Boeing 727-2H9/Adv  United States YU-AKF (JAT) 21038 Currently stored at Jat Tehnika, waiting for restoration for display in Museum

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Coordinates: 44°49′8″N 20°17′7″E / 44.81889°N 20.28528°E / 44.81889; 20.28528

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