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This article is about the Roman senator and praetor. For his son the praetor, see Marcus Annius Verus (praetor). For his grandson the emperor, see Marcus Aurelius.

Marcus Annius Verus (c. 50 – 138 AD) was a Roman man who lived in the 1st and 2nd centuries. He was the son of an elder Marcus Annius Verus, who gained the rank of senator and praetor. His family originated from Uccibi (modern Espejo) near Corduba (modern Córdoba) in the Roman province of Hispania Baetica. The family came to prominence and became wealthy through olive oil production in Spain. He was close friends with the emperor Hadrian.

He was prefect of Rome and was enrolled as a patrician when Vespasian and Titus were censors. Verus was three times consul. The first under the Emperor Domitian, then in 121 and finally in 126.

Verus married Rupilia Faustina, a daughter of the niece of Trajan, Matidia, and had three children:

After his son Marcus Annius Verus died in 124, the elder Verus adopted and, together with their mother Domitia, raised Marcus Aurelius and his sister Annia Cornificia Faustina. Marcus Annius Verus died in 138, nearly aged ninety. In his elder years, he had a mistress. Marcus Aurelius says in his "Meditations": "From my grandfather Verus, [I learned] a kindly disposition and sweetness of temper"[1] but expresses gratitude that "I wasn’t raised by my grandfather's mistress for longer than I was".[2]

Nerva–Antonine family tree[edit]

  • (1) = 1st spouse
  • (2) = 2nd spouse
  • (3) = 3rd spouse
  • Darker purple indicates Emperor of the Nerva-Antonine dynasty; lighter purple indicates designated imperial heir of said dynasty who never reigned
  • dashed lines indicate adoption; dotted lines indicate love affairs/unmarried relationships
  • small caps = posthumously deified (Augusti, Augustae, or other)

Q. Marcius Barea Soranus Q. Marcius Barea Sura Antonia Furnilla M. Cocceius Nerva Sergia Plautilla P. Aelius Hadrianus
(r. 79-81)
Marcia Furnilla Marcia Trajanus Pater Nerva
(r. 96–98)
Ulpia Aelius Hadrianus Marullinus
Julia Flavia Marciana C. Salonius Matidius Trajan
(r. 98–117)
Plotina P. Acilius Attianus P. Aelius Afer Paulina Major L. Julius Ursus Servianus
Lucius Mindius
Libo Rupilius Frugi
Matidia L. Vibius Sabinus
Antinous Hadrian (r. 117–138) Paulina
Matidia Minor Suetonius Sabina
Annius Verus
C. Fuscus Salinator I Julia Serviana Paulina
Rupilia Faustina Boionia Procilla Cn. Arrius Antoninus
L. Caesennius Paetus L. Ceionius Commodus Appia Severa C. Fuscus Salinator II
Arria Antonia Arria Fadilla T. Aurelius Fulvus
L. Caesennius Antoninus Lucius
Fundania Plautia Ignota Plautia C. Avidius
Antoninus Pius
(r. 138–161)
M. Annius Verus Domitia Lucilla Fundania M. Annius Libo FAUSTINA Lucius Aelius
Avidia Plautia
(r. 161–180)
FAUSTINA Minor C. Avidius Cassius Aurelia Fadilla LUCIUS VERUS
(r. 161–169)
Ceionia Fabia Plautius Quintillus Q. Servilius Pudens Ceionia Plautia
Cornificia Minor M. Petronius Sura COMMODUS
(r. 177–192)
Fadilla M. Annius Verus Caesar Ti. Claudius Pompeianus (2) Lucilla M. Plautius Quintillus Junius Licinius Balbus Servilia Ceionia
Petronius Antoninus L. Aurelius Agaclytus
Aurelia Sabina L. Antistius Burrus
Plautius Quintillus Plautia Servilla C. Furius Sabinus Timesitheus Antonia Gordiana Junius Licinius Balbus
Furia Sabina Tranquillina GORDIAN III
(r. 238-244)


  1. ^ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, i. 1
  2. ^ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, i. 17
Political offices
Preceded by
Lucius Catilius Severus Julianus Claudius Reginus and Antoninus Pius
Consul of the Roman Empire with Cnaeus Arrius Augur
Succeeded by
Marcus Acilius Aviola and Lucius Corellius Neratius Pansa
Preceded by
Marcus Lollius Paulinus Decimus Valerius Asiaticus Saturninus and Lucius Epidius Titius Aquilinus
Consul of the Roman Empire with Gaius Eggius Ambibulus
Succeeded by
Titus Atilius Rufus Titianus and Marcus Gavius Squilla Gallicanus

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