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BNS Samudra Joy is one of the largest frigates of the Bangladesh navy

The Bangladesh Navy currently operates eighty-nine surface ships and crafts, including four guided missile frigates, two patrol frigate, four Corvettes, forty-four minor surface combatants of various types (including offshore patrol vessels, coastal patrol boats, missile boats, and minesweepers), and twenty-seven auxiliaries and amphibious landing crafts. In addition, six shore establishments are maintained.

Bangladesh vessels use the prefix "BNS", standing for "Bangladesh Navy Ship".

Submarine fleet[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Type 035G (Ming-class) Submarine Romeo class SS.svg Submarine BNS
1 830
Bangladesh finalized an agreement with Chinese govt. for transfer of two Type 035G (Ming-class) submarines in Dec 2013.[1] High-placed government officials said that, the two submarines are expected to reach Bangladesh by 2015.[2][3]

Surface fleet[edit]


Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (7)
Ulsan(Mod) Class Bangladesh Navy Ship Bangabandhu (F-25).jpg Guided Missile Frigate BNS Bangabandhu (F25)
2 370
Ex-BNS Khalid Bin Walid. Recommissioned on 13 July 2007.
Type 053H1 (Jianghu-II) Class BNS OSMAN (F-18).JPEG Guided Missile Frigate BNS Osman (F18)
1 702
Ex-PLAN Xiangtan, sold to Bangladesh in 1989.
Type 053H2 (Jianghu-III) Class BNS OSMAN (F-18).JPEG Guided Missile Frigate BNS Abu Bakar (F15)
BNS Ali Haider (F17)
2 393
Launched 1985 and 1986.The ships were handed over to BN on 9 January 2014 and left China for Bangladesh.
Hamilton-Class Bangladesh navy frigate Somudro Joy (F-28) at Pearl Harbor in 2013.JPG Patrol Frigate BNS Somudra Joy (F28)
BNS Somudra Avijan (F29)
3 248
Transferred to Bangladesh Navy as a gift. Somudra Joy was transferred on 22 May 2013[4] while Somudra Avijan was transferred on 6 May 2015.[5] Bangladesh will pay $12 million for refits and training for F28.[6] The Third Cutter was officially offered to Navy in July 2015.
Salisbury-class frigate

HMS Lincoln. 1972.jpg

Patrol Frigate BNS Umar Farooq (F16)
2 408
The ship participated in the search for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370 in the Bay of Bengal in March 2014. Currently placed in reserve.


Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (2)
Castle Class Guided Missile Corvette BNS Dhaleshwari (F36)
BNS Bijoy (F35)
1 550
Armed with 4x C-704 AShM, 1 x 76mm gun (automatic), 2 x Oerlikon 20 mm auto cannons. The ships are equipped with flight deck.
Upcoming [7](4)
Type 056 corvette Type 056 corvette in ShangHai.jpg Guided Missile Corvette BNS Shadhinota (F111)
BNS Prottoy (F112)
Shadhinota launched on 30 November 2014[8] and Prottoy launched on 30 December 2014.[9] Two more such corvettes were ordered on 21 July 2015 to China. Bangladesh Navy has a plan to acquire a total of 8 such ships.

Large patrol craft[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (4) On order (2)
Durjoy Class BNS Nirmul.jpg Guided Missile LPC BNS Durjoy (P811)
BNS Nirmul (P813)
Two more ships under constraction at Khulna Shipyard which will have dedicated ASW capabilities. Keel laying was done on 6 September,2015.[10] Six units will be built in Bangladesh's Khulna Shipyard (KSY).
Meghna Class LPC BNS Meghna (P211)
BNS Jamuna (P212)
Built by Vosper Pty., Tanjong Rhu, Singapore. Launched 19 January 1984 (Meghna) and 19 March 1984 (Jamuna). 46.5m length. 1 x 57mm 70-cal Bofors DP gun; 1 x 40mm 70-cal Bofors AA gun; 2 x 7.62mm MG

Offshore patrol vessels[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (11)
Island Class Bangladesh Navy Ship Sangu (P-713).jpg OPV BNS Sangu (P713)
BNS Turag (P714)
BNS Kapatakhaya (P912)
BNS Karatoa (P913)
BNS Gomati (P914)
1 280
Ex-RN Island-class OPVs. Karotoa delivered 29 July 2002 and Kapatakhya 31 October 2002. Gomati transferred July 2003 and Sangu and Turag during 2004. Shaheed Ruhul Amin operated as a training ship, was delivered December 1993. Sister ship Orkney (P299) was offered in May 1999, but was not acquired. 61m length. Built for deep sea operations, the ships have fin stabilizers and can maintain 12-15kt in Force 8 gale. 1 x 40mm gun + other smaller caliber guns. The ships received new radars and electronics package over the years.
Sea Dragon Class PCC-783.jpg OPV BNS Madhumati (P911)
Built by Hyundai Shipyard, South Korea. Originally ordered for Coast Guard in July 1995, delivered in October 1997. Commissioned 18 February 1998. Very similar to the South Korean Coast Guard vessels, but with improved fire equipment and Vosper stabilizers. Classified as an OPV. Total of six required but no further order projected. The ship joined UN peacekeeping duties off the coast of Lebanon in May 2010. She is back to home in 11 August 2014. 61m length. 1 x 57mm 70-cal Bofors DP Mk1 DP gun; 1 x 40mm 70-cal Bofors AA; 2 x 20mm 70-cal Oerlikon AA; 2 x 7.62mm mg.
Padma Class[11][12] OPV BNS Padma (P312)
BNS Surma (P313)
BNS Aparajeya (P261)
BNS Adamya (P262)
BNS Atandra (P263)
.On 15 December 2013 last three ships were handed over to Bangladesh Navy.[13] AMI estimates that 24 additional units of the Padma class patrol vessel will be built at KSY in the Bangladesh and they will be upgraded with C-704 ASM, through the end of the decade.[14]

Fast attack craft[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Missile (9)
Type 024 class missile boat Missile boat BNS Durbar (P8111)
BNS Duranta (P8112)
BNS Durvedya (P8113)
BNS Durdam (P8114)
BNS Uttal (P8141)
Built in China, 1st pair commissioned in BN on 6 April 1983, second pair on 10 November 1983. Two badly damaged in 1991 cyclone, but were repaired. Uttal (P8141) was delivered as a replacement for one of the two badly damaged during 1991 cyclone, and commissioned 1 August 1992. Uttal and Durbar fired their SY-1 missiles during Exercise Sea Thunder 2014.[15]
Type 021 class missile boat Osa-I class Project205 DN-SN-84-01770.jpg Missile boat BNS Durdharsha (P8125)
BNS Durdanto (P8126)
BNS Durdondo (P8128)
BNS Anirban (P8131)
Built by Jiangnan Shipyard, Shanghai. First three commissioned 10 November 1988. Two sank in 1991 cyclone and two others were damaged; all were salvaged/repaired. Anirban (P8131) commissioned 1 June 1992. After 2009, the old SY-1 missiles were replaced by 4x C-704AShM as mid-life upgrade.[16]
ASW (4)
Kraljevica class patrol boat Malta 248.jpg ASW BNS Karnafuli (P314)
BNS Tista (P315)
Tista was built as PBR 505, a Type 501 Kraljevica-class patrol boat for the Yugoslav Navy in 1956. She, along with her sister ship was transferred to BN on 6 June 1975.[17][18]

Karnaphuli was reduced to reserve in 1988 but was re-engined in 1995 and reactivated. The Tista was re-engined in 1998. 2 x 40mm 60-cal Bofors AA; 1 x quad 20mm Oerlikon; 2 x US Mark 6 depth charge mortars; 2 x depth charge racks.[19]

Haizhui-class submarine chaser Larkana (PB 157)-090309-N-4774B-055.jpg ASW BNS Barkat (P711)
A larger version of Shanghai-II-class. Built by Guijian Shipyard. Commissioned 9 April 1996. 41m length. 2 x twin 37mm 63-cal Type 76 AA guns; 2 x twin 14.5mm Type 69 HMG; 1 x RBU-1200 ASW rocket launcher; 2 x ASW mortars with 8 depth charges.[20][21]
Type 037 class submarine chaser ASW BNS Nirbhoy (P812)
Two ships commissioned on 1 December 1985. Sister ship BNS Durjoy (P811) damaged beyond repair in 1995. 59m length. 2 x twin 57mm 70-cal Type 76 DP guns; 2 x twin 25mm 60cal Type 61 guns; 4 x RBU-1200 (Type 81) (5-barrel) ASW rockets; 2 x BMB-2 ASW mortars; 2 x depth charge rails with 20+ depth charges.[22]
Gun (9)
Type 062 class gunboat Type 062-class gunboat, October 2014-2.jpg Gunboat BNS Shaheed Daulat (P411)
BNS Shaheed Farid (P412)
BNS Shahhed Mohibullah (P413)
BNS Shaheed Akhtaruddin (P414)
Eight ships delivered May 1982. Four transferred to Coast Guard (1 in 1996 and 3 in 2005). 39m length. 2 x twin 37mm DP guns; 2 x twin 25mm 60cal Type 61 guns (270-300rpm, 2.3 km range); 2 depth charge throwers + 8 depth charges; can carry mines.
Type 021 class missile boat Gunboat BNS Salam (P712)
Type 021 missile boat of Chinese origin. Originally commissioned as BNS Durnibar (P8127) 10 November 1988. Sank in River Kamaphuli during cyclone of 1991. Recovered, renovated and recommissioned in 2002. 38.75m length. 1 x 40mm AA gun; 1 x twin 30mm AA guns.
Chamsuri-class patrol boat BRP Salvador Abcede (PG-114) 20120708.jpg Gunboat BNS Titash (P1011)
BNS Kusiyara (P1012)
BNS Chitra (P1013)
BNS Dhansiri (P1014)
The first two (P1011 and P1012) were transferred from South Korea in 2000. Another two (P1013 & P1014) entered service in 2004. 33m length. 1 x 40mm 60-cal Bofors Mk3, 1 x twin 30mm 75-cal Emerlec EX30, 2 x 20mm 70-cal Oerlikon

Research and survey ship[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (2)
Roebuck Class HMS Roebuck (H130).jpg Hydro-graphic Survey Ship BNS Anushandhan (H584)
1 477
Transferred to Bangladesh in 2010. Commissioned 31 December 2010. Shallow-water multibeam echo-sounder fitted in October 2011. 65m length.[23][24]
Agradoot class Survey Ship Hydro-graphic Survey Ship BNS Agradoot (H583) Coastal survey ship. Acquired in 1996 from commercial service; refitted for commissioning in 1998. 45m length. Sophisticated EA400 Single-beam Echo Sounders installed in 2010.[25][26]

Mine countermeasure vessels[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (5)
Type 010 class minesweeper ORP Dzik projektu 254M.jpg Minesweeper BNS Sagar (M91)
Mostly used as a patrol craft. Custom-built for Bangladesh. There was supposed to be an order for M92-94, which were to be delivered one per year from 1996-1998. The order was apparently not consummated. The Canadian Celsius Tech CMAS36/29 mine detection sonar was delivered Fall 1997 as a replacement for the obsolete Tamir-11 set.
River class minesweeper HMS Orwell (M2011) Bay of Biscay 1990.jpg Minesweeper BNS Shapla (M95)
BNS Shaikat (M96)
BNS Surovi (M97)
BNS Shaibal (M98)
Ex-RN River-class minesweepers. Mostly used as offshore patrol crafts. All four commissioned at Chittagong on 27 April 1995. In March 1997, M98 Shaibal was equipped to serve as a survey vessel, although MCM capability was retained.

Rapid response boat[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (16)
Response Boat US Navy 110920-N-RI884-270 Members of a Bangladesh navy rigid-hull inflatable boat team train with U.S. Navy Sailors, right, from Riverine Squadron.jpg Response Boat RRB-1
2 × M240B Machine Gun.[27]

Training ship[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (1)
Island Class Bangladesh Navy Ship Sangu (P-713).jpg OPV BNS Shaheed Ruhul Amin (A511)
1 280
Launched 18 March 1976. Decommissioned from RN 16-12-1993. Re-commissioned 29 January 1994 in BN. Replaced another ship of the same name and pennant number. The earlier ship was a former Canadian coastal passenger-cargo vessel Anticosti. Another 5 ships of the class were purchased March 2002 and used as OPVs. 61.1m length.[28]

Amphibious warfare[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
In Service (15)
LCU Landing Craft Utility BNS Shah Amanat (L 900) 366 (full load) Danish-built LCU. Former commercial landing craft caught by BN during illegal trading; entered service in 1990. Its sister ship is still in commercial service. Resembles US LCU1466-class utility landing craft, but has shorter vehicle cargo deck and longer poop with more extensive superstructure. 47m length. Can carry 150t cargo.
LCU 1646 LCU1627.jpg Landing Craft Utility BNS Shah Paran (L 901)
BNS Shah Makhdum (L 902)
381(full load) Ex-US Army LCU 1466. Transferred during 1991 and commissioned on 16 May 1992 after refit. 35m length. Can carry 150t cargo.
LCU Landing Craft Utility BNS Hatiya
BNS Swandwip
Landing Craft Utility (LCU) built by KSY.Keel laid on 1 September 2013.[29] 42m length. Would be able to carry 415t cargo. Commissioned on 6 September 2015.
LCT Landing Craft, Tank BNS LCT 103 (A586)
BNS LCT 105 (A588)
Two Landing Craft Tank (LCT) built by DEW Narayanganj.[30] 25.6m x 5.4m x 1.5m (draft) x 3.4m (depth)
Yuch'in Class US Navy 090615-N-6676S-456 Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM) 14, assigned to Assault Craft Unit (ACU) 2, transports Sailors, Soldiers and Marines during operations supporting Joint Logistics Over-The-Shore (JLOTS) exercises.jpg Landing Craft Mechanized BNS Darshak (A 581)
BNS Tallashi (A 582)
BNS LCT 101 (A 584)
BNS LCT 102 (A 585)
BNS LCT 104 (A 586)
85 (full load) Chinese made. Two received 4 May 1986, two received 1 July 1986; two badly damaged during April 1991 cyclone, but repaired and put into service; A586 retired in 2005. Darshak and Tallashi were converted into coastal survey vessels in 1983 with the addition of survey equipment. Darshak (H581) was placed in Sudan in UN mission in 2005 as part of BN Force Rivirine Unit (BANFRU) until late 2012. 25m length. 2 x twin 14.5mm guns.
LCVP Landing Craft Vehicle & Personnel BNS L1011
BNS L1012
BNS L1013
83 (full load) LCVP-011 and 012 Made at KSY; LCVP-013 made at DEW Narayanganj. Mostly used as patrol crafts now. 21.3m length.


Name Pennant Number Class Type Origin Notes
BNS Sahayak A 512 Shahayak Fleet Replenishment Ship  Bangladesh Former river passenger ship; purchased, re-engined and refitted at KSY and commissioned as a tender/repair ship in 1978. 45m, 477t, 1 x 20mm 70-cal Oerlikon gun.
BNS Shah Jalal A 513 Shah Jalal Fleet Diving & Salvage Tender  Bangladesh Ex-Thai fishing trawler Gold 4confiscated and put into service as a patrol craft on 15 January 1987; later in 1995-1996 converted into a diving salvage vessel. 40.2m, 600t, 2 x 20mm Oerlikon AA guns. Re-engined in 2012-2013.
BNS Khan Jahan Ali A 515 Khan Jahan Ali Fleet Tanker  Bangladesh The ship was made by Ananda Shipyard and handed to Bangladesh Navy on 6 November 2014.[31] The 80-metre-long tanker can carry 2,400ton diesel and 120ton aviation fuel. It can go 24.5 km per hour with full load and can refuel two war ships simultaneously. The ship was commissioned on 6 September 2015.
BNS Imam Ghazzali A 516 Imam Ghazzali Fleet Tanker  Bangladesh Commercial tanker converted for BN use (entered service in 1996). Classified as harbor fuelling lighter. 45m, 650t, Can carry 350t fuel oil.
BNFD Sundarban A 711 Floating Drydock Built by Tito Shipyard, Trogir, Yugoslavia. Acquired from Yougoslavia on 15 August 1980. Lift capacity: 3,500t, 117m x 27.6m.
BNT Khadem A 721 Dinghai Fleet Ocean Tug  China Chinese Dinghai-class ocean-going tug. Built by Wuhu Shipyard, China for BN. Commissioned 6 May 1984. 60m, 1,472t full load.
BNT Sebak A 722 Fleet Coastal Tug  Bangladesh Large harbor tug. Ordered in 1995; built by DEW Narayanganj. Commissioned 23 December 1993. Around 400t full load.
BNT Rupsha A 723 Damen Stan Tug 3008 Fleet Coastal Tug  Bangladesh Dutch Damen Stan 3008 medium harbor tug. Ordered from KSY in 1999. Both Rupsha and Shibsha commissioned 3 October 2004. They incorporate equipment and materials of South Korean origin and were built with Dutch assistance.
BNT Shibsha A 724 Damen Stan Tug 3008 Fleet Coastal Tug  Bangladesh
BNFC Balaban A 731 Floating Crane  Bangladesh Self-propelled floating crane. Built by KSY in 1987,[32] in service since 18 May 1988. Lift Capacity: 70t.
BNS MFV 55 MFV 55 Fleet Tender
BNS MFV 66 MFV 66 Fleet Tender
BNS Shanket Shanket Harbour Tender  Bangladesh

Decommissioned ships[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Decommissioned Ships(21)
Type 41 Leopard class HMS Jaguar F37.jpg Frigate BNS Abu Bakar
BNS Ali Haider
2,520 Ex-HMS Lynx and Ex-HMS Jaguar. Decommissioned on 22 January 2014. To be replaced with two Type 053H2 Jianghu-III Class Guided Missile Frigates, Huangshi and Wuhu[33]
Bishkhali Class LPC BNS Bishkhali 143 Ex-PNS Jessore. Decommissioned on 20 May 2014.[34]
Ajay Class OPV BNS Padma
BNS Surma
150 Ex-INS Aksay and Ex-INS Ajay, gifted by Indian Navy in 1973 and 1974.[35]
Type 037 class submarine chaser ASW BNS Durjoy 392 Damaged beyond repair in 1995.
Type 025 class torpedo boat Romanian naval ships in 1992.jpg Torpedo Boat BNS TB 35
45 Standard: 2 x 533 mm torpedo tubes and 4 x 14.5 mm heavy machine guns (2x2), 2 mines and additional machine guns. Decommissioned on 18 June, 2015.[36]
Oil Tanker Auxiliaries BNS Khan Jahan Ali 665 Ex-SOHO MARU. Commissioned on 14 July 1987, after 28 years, Decommissioned on 05 Sept 2015.
Pabna Class Riverine Patrol Craft BNS Pabna (P 111)
BNS Noakhali (P 112)
BNS Patuakhali (P 113)
BNS Rangamati (P 114)
BNS Bogra (P 115)
BNS Atrai (P 116)
69 Transferred to Bangladesh Coast Guard in 1995.
Shanghai II Type 062-class gunboat, October 2014-1.jpg Fast Attack Craft (Gun) BNS Tawfique (P 611)
BNS Tawheed (P 612)
BNS Tamjeed (P 613)
BNS Tanveer (P 614)
Transferred to Bangladesh Coast Guard.

Bangladesh Naval Aviation[edit]

Aircraft Picture Origin Role Series Quantity Note
Fixed-wing Aircraft (2)
Dornier 228 NG RUAG Aviation Do 228 NG D-CNEU 1.jpg  Germany MPA NG 2[37] Delivered on 3 June 2013.[38]
Helicopter (2)
AgustaWestland AW109 Philippine Navy Agusta A-109E Power.jpg  UK
KN 2 [39] Delivered on 14 July 2011.[40]
Helicopters on order (3)
Harbin Z-9 Chinese Helicopter Lands on HMS Cornwall MOD 45150752.jpg  China ASW
C 3 On order.[41]


  1. BNS Shaheed Moazzem
  2. BNS Titumir
  3. BNS Haji Mohshin
  4. BNS Ulka
  5. BNS Isa Khan
  6. BNS Vatiary

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