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Bangladesh navy AW109 helicopter

The Bangladesh Navy currently operates eighty nine surface ships, including Five guided missile frigates, two patrol frigates, one training frigate, six Corvettes, sixty minor surface combatants of various types (including patrol vessels, missile boats, and minehunters), and twenty four auxiliaries. In addition, six shore establishments are maintained.

Bangladesh vessels use the prefix "BNS", standing for "Bangladesh Navy Ship".

Submarines Fleet (On order)[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Type 035G Submarine Romeo clsss submarine.JPG Submarine BNS
1400-2300 Bangladesh finalised an ageement with Chinese govt. for transfer of two Type 035G (Romeo/Ming-class) submarines in Dec 2013.[1]

Surface fleet[edit]


Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (6)
Ulsan(Mod) Class Bangladesh Navy Ship Bangabandhu (F-25).jpg Guided Missile Frigate BNS Bangabandhu 2,370 Ex-BNS Khalid Bin Walid. Decommissioned in 2002 and reduced to the reserve until 2007. Recommissioned on 13 July 2007. Changed to current name in 2009. Heavily modified Ulsan class frigate with ASW helicopter on board.
Type 053H1 (Jianghu-II) Class BNS Osman.jpg Guided Missile Frigate BNS Osman 1,702 Ex-PLAN Xiangtan, sold to Bangladesh in 1989. The ship has undergone heavy modification and has been armed with guided Anti-ship, Anti-air, Anti-Submarine systems and mine laying equipment.
Hamilton-Class Frigate BNS-Somudra-Joy.jpg Guided Missile Frigate BNS Somudro Joy[2] 3,300[3] Ex-USCGC Jarvis, transferred to Bangladesh Navy as a "gift" on 22 May 2013 by US Navy. The ship will be armed with modern C-802A anti-ship-missiles, FM-90N SAM and torpedoes with helicopter on board.
Type 053H2 (Jianghu-III) Class BNS Ali Haider.jpg Guided Missile Frigate BNS Abu Bakar
BNS Ali Haider
2,393 Armed with 1 x 1 x PJ26 76 mm dual purpose gun, 2x Type 730B CIWS, 2x4 C-802A SSM launchers, 2x3 torpedo launchers, 2x ASW rocket launchers (6 tube).[4][5]
Type 61 Salisbury class[6] HMS Jaguar F37.jpg Patrol Frigate BNS Umar Farooq 2,408 Used for patrol duties and S&R operations.


Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (4)
Castle Class BNS Dhaleshwari.jpg Guided Missile Corvette BNS Dhaleshwari
BNS Bijoy
1,550 Armed with 4x C-704 AShM, 1 x 76mm gun (automatic), 2 x Oerlikon 20 mm auto cannons. The ships are equipped with flight deck.
Durjoy Class BNS Durjoy.jpg Guided Missile Corvette BNS Durjoy
BNS Nirmul
648 Source indicates that six additional units will be built in Bangladesh country KSY. Information received on 17 September 2012 indicated that the BN increased 64-Meter corvette program from four hulls to eight. The first unit of the additional four hulls is expected to be ordered by the end of 2013.[7]
Up coming [8](2)
Type 056 corvette Type 056 corvette in ShangHai.jpg Guided Missile Corvette 1500 Designed to be armed with 4x C-803 AShM, 1× FL-3000N SAM launcher, 1× AK-176 main gun, 2 x 30mm remote weapon systems, 1 x Type 730 CIWS, 2 x 6-tube Type 3200 ASW rocket launchers & ASW Harbin Z-9E on board. It is also to be said that the navy will be extending its body more ten meters to give a hanger for the helicopter.Source indicates that Wuchan Shipyard in China began construction on the first two units on 8 January 2013. Additional units (at least two) will be built a Bangladesh's Khulna Shipyard (KSY).[9]

Offshore Patrol Vessels[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (11)
Island Class Bangladesh Navy Ship Sangu (P-713).jpg OPV BNS Sangu
BNS Turag
BNS Kapatakhaya
BNS Karatoa
BNS Gomati
1,280 Acquired in 2004.
Sea Dragon Class PCC-783.jpg OPV BNS Madhumati 635 Acquired in 1997.
Padma Class[10][11] BNS Padma.jpg OPV BNS Padma
BNS Surma
BNS Aparajeya
BNS Adamya
BNS Atandra
350 .On 15 December 2013 last three ships were handed over to Bangladesh Navy.[12] AMI estimates that 24 additional units of the Padma class patrol vessel will be built at KSY in the Bangladesh and they will be upgraded with C-704 ASM, through the end of the decade.[13]

Fast Attack Craft[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Missile (9)
Type 024 class missile boat Project 205-ER missile boat.jpg Missile boat BNS Durbar
BNS Duranta
BNS Durvedya
BNS Durdam
BNS Uttal
79 To be replaced soon.
Type 021 class missile boat Osa-I class Project205 DN-SN-84-01770.jpg Missile boat BNS Durdharsha
BNS Durdanta
BNS Dordanda
BNS Anirban
205 To be upgraded to carry 4x C-704AShM as mid-life upgrade.
ASW (4)
Kraljevica class patrol boat ASW BNS Karnafuli
BNS Tista
245 Acquired from former Yugoslavia.
Type 062-I class gunboat Larkana (PB 157)-090309-N-4774B-055.jpg ASW BNS Barkat 190
Type 037 class submarine chaser DengXiaoPingNanXunJunJian.jpg ASW BNS Nirbhoy 400
Gun (9)
Type 062 class gunboat DengXiaoPingNanXunJunJian.jpg Gunboat BNS Shaheed Daulat
BNS Shaheed Farid
BNS Shahhed Mohibullah
BNS Shaheed Akhtaruddin
Type 021 class missile boat Osa-I class Project205 DN-SN-84-01770.jpg Gunboat BNS Salam 205 Damaged Type 021 class missile boat has been converted into Fast Attack Craft (Gun) by Bangladesh Navy.
Chamsuri-class patrol boat BRP Salvador Abcede (PG-114) 20120708.jpg Gunboat BNS Titash
BNS Kusiyara
BNS Chitra
BNS Dhansiri
170 The first two (P1011 and P1012) were transferred from South Korea in 2000. Another two (P1013 & P1014) entered service in 2004.
Torpedo (4)
Type 025 class torpedo boat Romanian naval ships in 1992.jpg Torpedo Boat BNS TB 35
45 Standard: 2 x 533 mm torpedo tubes and 4 x 14.5 mm heavy machine guns (2x2), 2 mines and additional machine guns

Large Patrol Craft[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (3)
Meghna Class 20080702-Faliron-HS Aittitos P-268.jpg LPC[disambiguation needed] BNS Meghna
BNS Jamuna
410 Acquired in from Singapore.
Bishkhali Class LPC BNS Bishkhali 143 PNS Jessore, which was sunk during the 1971 war, was salvaged and extensively repaired at Khulna shipyard and commissioned as BNS Bishkhali.

Research & Survey Ship[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (2)
Roebuck Class HMS Roebuck (H130).jpg Hydro-graphic Survey Ship BNS Anushandhan 1,477 .
Agradoot class Survey Ship NOAAS Ronald H Brown.jpg Hydro-graphic Survey Ship BNS Agradoot Made locally.

Mine countermeasure vessels[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (5)
Type 010 class minesweeper ORP Dzik projektu 254M.jpg Minesweeper BNS Sagar 599 .
River class minesweeper HMS Orwell (M2011) Bay of Biscay 1990.jpg Minesweeper BNS Shapla
BNS Shaikat
BNS Surovi
BNS Shaibal
904 Acquired from Royal Navy in 2004.

Rapid Response Boat[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (16)
Response Boat US Navy 110920-N-RI884-270 Members of a Bangladesh navy rigid-hull inflatable boat team train with U.S. Navy Sailors, right, from Riverine Squadron.jpg Response Boat RRB-1
2.7 2 × M240B Machine Gun.

Training Ship[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Active (1)
Island Class AlternateTextHere OPV BNS Shaheed Ruhul Amin 1,280 Used as training ship.

Amphibious Warfare[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
In Service (11)
Yuch'in Class US Navy 090615-N-6676S-456 Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM) 14, assigned to Assault Craft Unit (ACU) 2, transports Sailors, Soldiers and Marines during operations supporting Joint Logistics Over-The-Shore (JLOTS) exercises.jpg Landing Craft Mechanized BNS Darshak, A 581
BNS Tallashi, A 582
BNS LCT 101, A 584
BNS LCT 102, A 585
BNS LCT 104, A 586
58  China
Landing Craft Logistics BNS Shah Amanat, L 900 250
LCU 1646 LCU1627.jpg Landing Craft Utility BNS Shah Paran, L 901
BNS Shah Makhdum, L 902
381  United States
LCVP Landing Craft Vehicle & Personnel BNS L1011
BNS L1012
BNS L1013
8.2  Bangladesh


Name Pennant Number Class Type Origin Notes
BNS Sahayak A 512 Shahayak Fleet Replenishment Ship  Bangladesh
BNS Shah Jalal A 513 Shah Jalal Fleet Diving & Salvage Tender  Bangladesh
BNS Khan Jahan Ali A 515 Khan Jahan Ali Fleet Tanker  Japan
BNS Imam Ghazzali A 516 Imam Ghazzali Fleet Tanker  Bangladesh
BNS Sundarban A 711 Floating Drydock
BNS Khadem A 721 Dinghai Fleet Ocean Tug  China
BNS Sebak A 722 Fleet Coastal Tug
BNS Rupsha A 723 Damen Stan Tug 3008 Fleet Coastal Tug  Bangladesh
BNS Shibsha A 724 Damen Stan Tug 3008 Fleet Coastal Tug  Bangladesh 9 more on service.
BNS Balaban A 731 Floating Crane
BNS MFV 55 MFV 55 Fleet Tender
BNS MFV 66 MFV 66 Fleet Tender
BNS Shanket Shanket Harbour Tender  Bangladesh

Decommissioned Ships[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note
Decommissioned Ships(2)
Type 41 Leopard class HMS Jaguar F37.jpg Frigate BNS Abu Bakar
BNS Ali Haider
2,520 Ex-HMS Lynx and Ex-HMS Jaguar. Decommissioned on 22 January 2014. To be replaced with two Type 053H2 Jianghu-III Class Guided Missile Frigates, Huangshi and Wuhu[14]

Bangladesh Naval Aviation[edit]

Aircraft Picture Origin Role Series Quantity Note
Fixed-wing Aircraft (2)
Dornier 228 NG RUAG Aviation Do 228 NG D-CNEU 1.jpg  Germany MPA NG 2 Delivered on 3 June 2013.
Helicopter (2)
AgustaWestland AW109 Philippine Navy Agusta A-109E Power.jpg  UK
KN 2 Delivered on 14 July 2011.
Helicopters on order (3)
Harbin Z-9 Chinese Helicopter Lands on HMS Cornwall MOD 45150752.jpg  China ASW
C 3 On order.


  1. BNS Shaheed Moazzem
  2. BNS Titumir
  3. BNS Haji Mohshin
  4. BNS Ulka
  5. BNS Isa Khan
  6. BNS Vatiary


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