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The country of Trinidad and Tobago has a high literacy rate, thanks in part to public education being free and compulsory from the ages of six to twelve. In addition to public education, there are many faith-based schools and other educational institutions that are either partially funded and thus charge some tuition, or are fully tuition-based.

This List of schools in Trinidad and Tobago includes government, assisted and private schools that provide nationally recognized primary and secondary programs.

Primary schools[edit]

Assisted schools[edit]

Run by the Anglican Board[edit]

  • Anstey Memorial Girls' Anglican School, San Fernando
  • Arouca Anglican Primary School, Arouca
  • Barataria Anglican Primary School, Barataria
  • Cedros Anglican Primary School, Cedros
  • Coffee Boys' Anglican School, San Fernando
  • Claxton Bay Anglican School, Claxton Bay
  • Couva Anglican School, Couva,
  • Cumana Anglican School, Cumana Village, Toco
  • Eckel Village Anglican School
  • Forest Reserve Anglican School, Forest Fyzabad
  • Good Shepard Anglican Primary School, Tunapuna
  • Grande Riviere Anglican School, Grande Riviere Village, via Toco
  • Lambeau Anglican School, Lambeau
  • Marabella Boys' Anglican School, Marabella
  • Melville Memorial Girls' Anglican School, Belmont
  • Morvant Anglican School
  • Pembroke Anglican School, Port of Spain
  • Point Fortin Anglican School Point Fortin
  • Richmond Street Boys' Anglican School (Christus Rex), Port-of-Spain
  • San Fernando Girls' Anglican School, San Fernando
  • Southern Central Anglican School, Cedros
  • St. Christopher's Anglican School, Siparia
  • St Michael's Anglican School, Princes Town
  • St John's Anglican Primary School, Cipero Road, San Fernando
  • St. Nicholas Private Primary, Tobago
  • St. Margaret's Boys' School, Belmont
  • St. Patrick's Anglican, Mt. Pleasant Tobago
  • Sisters Road Anglican School
  • St. Paul's Anglican School, San Fernando
  • St. Paul's Anglican School, Roxborough, Tobago
  • St. Stephen's Anglican School, Princes Town
  • St. Ursula's Girls Anglican School, st vincen st
  • St. Stephen's College, Princes Town
  • St. Agnes Anglican School, St. James
  • St. Mary's Anglican School, Tacarigua
  • St. Catherine Girls' Anglican School
  • Toco Anglican, Toco Village, Toco

Run by the Muslim Board[edit]

  • ASJA Girls' College, San Fernando
  • ASJA Boys' College, San Fernando
  • ASJA Pre-school, San Fernando
  • ASJA Primary School, Rio Claro
  • ASJA Girls' College, Tunapuna
  • Point Fortin ASJA Primary School, Point Fortin
  • ASJA Girls' College, Charlieville

Run by the Presbyterian Board[edit]

  • Arima Presbyterian School, Arima
  • Balmain Presbyterian School, Couva
  • Bamboo Grove Presbyterian School
  • Brothers Presbyterian School, Williamsville
  • Bonne Aventure Presbyterian School, Gasparillo
  • Canaan Presbyterian School, Duncan Village, San Fernando
  • Charlieville Presbyterian School
  • Curepe Presbyterian School, Curepe
  • Erin Road Presbyterian School
  • Exchange Presbyterian School, Couva
  • Freeport Presbyterian School
  • Fyzabad Presbyterian School
  • Grant Memorial Presybterian School, San Fernando
  • Guaico Presbyterian School, Guaico
  • Inverness Presbyterian School
  • Jordan Hill Presbyterian School
  • Kanhai Presbyterian School
  • Lengua Pesbyterian School
  • McBean Presbyterian School
  • Navet Presbyterian School
  • Penal Presbyterian School, Penal
  • Reform Presbyterian School
  • Rousillac Presbyterian School
  • Rio Claro Presbyterian School, Rio Claro
  • Saint Julian Presbyterian School
  • San Juan Presbyterian School, San Juan
  • Santa Cruz Presbyterian School
  • Siparia Road Presbyterian School
  • Siparia Union Presbyterian School
  • Tabaquite Presbyterian School, Tabaquite
  • Union Presbyterian School
  • Upper Carapichaima Presbyterian School
  • Princes Town Presbyterian no#1 School
  • Princes Town Presbyterian no#2 School
  • Warrenville Presbyterian School
  • Woodbrook Presbyterian School
  • Vistabella Presbyterian School, Vistabella
  • San Francique Presbyterian School

Run by the Roman Catholic Board[edit]

  • Arima Boys' RC School
  • Arima Girls' RC School
  • Arouca RC SChool, Arouca
  • Belmont Boys' RC School
  • Belmont Girls' RC School
  • Biche RC School, New Lands Village, Biche
  • Boissiere R.C. School
  • Bourg Mulatresse RC School, Santa Cruz
  • Carenage Boys R.C
  • Chaguanas RC School
  • Carapichaima R.C. School
  • Cunapo (St. Francis)RC School, Sangre Grande
  • Cumana RC School, Cumana Village, Toco
  • Delaford R.C.School (Tobago)
  • Erin RC School
  • Granville RC School, Cedros
  • Guayaguayare RC School, Guayaguare
  • Holy Faith Convent, Couva
  • La Brea RC School
  • La Fillette RC School
  • Lochmaben RC School, Cedros
  • Malick Girls' RC School
  • Maraval RC School
  • La Lune RC School
  • Maria Regina Grade School
  • Matelot RC School, Matelot Village, via Toco
  • Mayaro (St. Thomas) RC School, Radix Village, Mayaro
  • Mon Repo RC School
  • Mount Russia
  • Mucurapo Boys' RC School
  • St.Mary's Mucurapo Girls' RC School
  • Nelson Street Girls' RC School, Port of Spain
  • Nelson Street Boys' RC School, Port of Spain
  • Newtown Boys' RC School
  • Newtown Girls' RC School
  • Ortoire RC School, Ortoire Village, Mayaro
  • Paramin RC School
  • Petit Valley Boys' R.C School
  • Petit Valley Girls' R.C School
  • Point Fortin RC School
  • Poole RC School, Rio Claro
  • Providence Girls' Catholic School
  • Princes Town RC School
  • Rosary Boys' RC School
  • Rampanalgas RC School, Rampanalgas Village, Balandra
  • Rock River RC School
  • Scarborough R.C. School (Tobago)
  • St. Dominic's RC School
  • South Oropouche RC School
  • St. Joseph Boys' RC School
  • St. Joseph Girls' RC School
  • St. Finbar Girls' RC School
  • St. Gabriel’s Girls' RC School
  • St. Pius Boys' RC School
  • St. Rose's Girls' RC School
  • St Therese RC School, Rio Claro
  • Sacred Heart Girls' RC School
  • San Fernando Boys' RC School
  • The Siparia Boys' R.C. School, Siparia
  • Tabaquite RC School
  • Toco RC School, Mission Village, Toco
  • Tunapuna Boys' RC School
  • Tunapuna Girls' RC School
  • San Juan Boys' RC School
  • San Juan Girls RC School
  • San Souci RC School, San Souci Village, via Toco
  • St. Brigid's Girls R.C School
  • Success R.C.School, Laventile
  • Vance River RC School

Run by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Hindu Board[edit]

  • Aranguez Hindu School
  • El Socorro Hindu School
  • El Dorado North Hindu School
  • El Dorado South Hindu School
  • Orange Field Hindu School
  • Rio Claro Hindu School, Rio Claro
  • McBean Hindu School, [McBean Village, Couva Trinidad and Tobago]
  • Riverside Hindu School
  • Robert Village Hindu School
  • Tunapuna Hindu School
  • Freeport Hindu School
  • Felicity Hindu school
  • Munroe Road Hindu School
  • Don Miguel Hindu School
  • Lendore Hindu School
  • Reform Hindu School
  • Delhi Road Hindu School
  • Tulsa Trace Hindu School
  • Tamana Hindu Primary School
  • Durham Village Hindu School
  • Caroni Hindu School
  • St Helena Hindu School
  • Five Rivers Hindu School
  • Clarke Road Hindu school
  • Rock Road Hindu school
  • San Francique Hindu School

Government schools[edit]

  • Arima girls Government School, Arima
  • Cedros Government Primary School, Cedros
  • Chatham Government Primary School, Cedros
  • Clarke Rochard Government Penal
  • Crystal Stream Government
  • D'Abadie Government Primary School, D'Abadie
  • Diamond Vale Government Primary, Diego Martin
  • Diego Martin Government Primary School
  • Dinsley Trincity Government Primary School
  • Guaico Government Primary, Guaico Village, Sangre Grande
  • Egypt Village Government Primary School, Point Fortin
  • El Socorro North Government Primary School
  • Fanny Village Government Primary School, Point Fortin
  • Icacos Government Primary School, Cedros
  • La Horquetta North Government Primary School
  • La Horquetta South Government Primary School
  • Macaulay Government Primary School, Macaulay, Claxton Bay
  • Mafeking Government Primary School, Mafeking Village, Mayaro
  • Matura Government Primary School, Matura Village
  • Mayaro Government Primary School, Mayaro
  • Mongomery Government
  • Monkey Town Government Primary School, Barrackpore
  • Monte Video Government Primary, Monte Video Village, via Toco
  • Mount Pleasant Government School, Solidad Rd, Claxton Bay
  • Munroe Road Government Primary School, Cunupia
  • New Grant Government Primary School, New Grant
  • North Trace Government Primary School, North Trace Village
  • North Trace Government Primary School, New Grant
  • Penal Quinam Government Primary School, Mendez Village, Siparia
  • Queen's Royal College, Port of Spain
  • Sangre Grande Government Primary School, Sangre Grande
  • Salybia Government Primary, Salybia Village
  • San Fernando Boys' Government Primary School
  • San Fernando Girls' Government Primary School
  • San Juan Boys' Government, San Juan
  • San Juan Girls' Government, San Juan
  • San Juan Seventh-Day Adventist Primary School
  • Signal Hill Government Primary
  • St. Hildas' Government Primary School
  • St. Margaret's Government Primary School
  • Tortuga Government Primary School
  • Tranquility Government Primary School

Private schools[edit]

Ambassador College Private School

  • Atwell's Educational Institute
  • Personal Tutoring Institute, Arima
  • Precious Little Angels, Port of Spain
  • Bishop Anstey Junior, Port of Spain
  • Blackman's Private School, Maraval, Port of Spain
  • Briggs Preparatory School
  • Bryn Mawr Private School, Petite Valley
  • Cedar Grove Private Primary School, Palmiste, San Fernando
  • Eniath's Montessori's and Preparatory, Lange Park, Chaguanas
  • Savonetta Private School, Savonetta
  • Holy Rosary Preparatory, St. James
  • Holy Faith Preparatory, Port of Spain
  • Holy Name Preparatory, Port of Spain
  • St. Peter's Private Primary School, Pointe-à-Pierre
  • Sangre Grande Government School
  • St. Martin's Girls High School, Belmont
  • International School of Port of Spain
  • SuJo's Private School, Woodbrook
  • Specialist Learning Center
  • Christian Primary Academy, Trinidad
  • Giuseppe Preparatory School, Arima
  • St. Andrew's Private School, Maraval
  • St. Xavier's Private School, St. Joseph
  • St. Catherine's Private School, Woodbrook
  • The Renaissance Preparatory School For Boys and Girls, Vistabella San Fernando
  • The University School, St. Augustine
  • Waterman's Preparatory School, La Romain
  • Maria Regina Grade School
  • Dunross Preparatory School
  • Open Bible High School, San Fernando
  • Lucia's Private School, St Augustine

Secondary schools[edit]

Assisted schools[edit]

Run by the Anglican Board[edit]

Run by the Baptist Board[edit]

Run by the Anjuman Sunnat-ul-Jamaat Association Board[edit]

Run by the Presbyterian Board[edit]

Run by the Roman Catholic Board[edit]

Run by the Seventh-day Adventist Board[edit]

  • Arima SDA Primary (Pinehaven S.D.A.)
  • Cumana SDA Primary
  • Maracas SDA Primary
  • Sangre Grande SDA
  • San Fernando SDA
  • Rio Claro SDA
  • Erin SDA
  • San Juan SDA
  • North Regional SDA Primary school (Tobago)
  • Charlotteville SDA Primary School (Tobago)
  • Scarborough SDA Primary School (Tobago)
  • Harmon School of SDA Secondary school (Tobago)
  • John Roberts Memorial (Glamorgan SDA Primary School) (Tobago)
  • Point Fortin SDA Primary *Westport SDA Primary (Diego Martin)
  • Port of Spain Primary School (Trinidad)
  • Southern Academy of SDA (San Fernando )
  • Siparia SDA Primary School

Run by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Hindu Board[edit]

  • Lakshmi Girls' Hindu School
  • Swaha Hindu College, (Sangre Grande)
  • Shiva Boys' Hindu College
  • Vishnu Boys Hindu College
  • Saraswati Girls Hindu College
  • Parvati Girls' Hindu College

Other assisted[edit]

  • Johnson's Finishing School
  • Miracle Ministries Pentecostal High School, Mc Bean, Couva
  • Pentecostal Light and Life Foundation High School.

Government schools[edit]

  • Arima Central Secondary
  • Arima North Secondary
  • Barataria North Secondary School (formerly Barataria Junior Secondary School)
  • Barataria South Secondary School
  • Belmont Secondary School
  • Biche Secondary School
  • Cedros Secondary School (formerly Cedros Composite Secondary School), Cedros
  • Couva East Secondary School
  • Debe High School
  • El Dorado West Secondary School (formerly El Dorado Secondary School)
  • El Dorado East Secondary School (formerly El Dorado Senior Comprehensive School)
  • Five Rivers Government Secondary School
  • Goodwood Secondary School (Tobago)
  • Guaico Secondary School
  • Guayaguayare Secondary (formerly Guayaguayare High) School
  • Malick Secondary
  • Marabella Junior Secondary School, Union Village, Marabella
  • Mason Hall Secondary School(Tobago)
  • Mayaro Secondary (formerly Mayaro Composite) School
  • Morvant laventille secondary school
  • Northeastern College
  • Palo Seco Government Secondary School
  • Pleasentville Senior Comprehensive School, San Fernando
  • Point Fortin Senior Secondary School
  • Preysal Secondary School
  • Rio Claro College
  • Rio Claro High School
  • Roxborough Secondary School(Tobago)
  • San Fernando Central Secondary School
  • San Fernando East Secondary School
  • San Fernando West Secondary School
  • Sangre Grande Secondary School (formerly Sangre Grande Junior Secondary)
  • San Juan North Secondary School (formerly San Juan Senior Comprehensive School otherwise known as San Juan Secondary Comprehensive School)
  • San Juan South Secondary School (formerly San Juan Government Secondary School)
  • Scarborough Secondary School (Tobago)
  • Signal Hill Secondary School (Tobago)
  • South East Port-of-Spain Secondary School
  • Speyside High School (Tobago)
  • St. Augustine Secondary School
  • St. Francois Girls College (Belmont)
  • St. George's College, Barataria
  • Toco Secondary (formerly Toco Composite) School
  • Tranquility Government Secondary School
  • Tunapuna Secondary School
  • Vessigny [Antilles] Government Secondary School, La Brea
  • Waterloo Secondary School
  • Woodbrook Government Secondary school
  • San Fernando Girl's Government School
  • San Fernando Boy's Government School

Private schools[edit]

  • Personal Tutoring Institute, Arima + Online
  • Bryn Mawr School, Petite Valley.
  • rockly vale SDA school, Rockly Vale, Scarborough, Tobago.
  • International School of Port of Spain
  • St. Martin's Girls High School
  • Trillium International School, Chaguanas (based on the Canadian curriculum)
  • Maple Leaf International School (based on the Canadian curriculum)
  • Saint Augustine Community College
  • The British Academy of Port of Spain(CIE registered)
  • Bishop's Centenary College
  • NorthGate College, St. Augustine
  • Caribbean Union College Secondary
  • Bates Memorial High School of Seventh Day Adventists, Sangre Grande

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