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Gujar Khan
Map Gujar Khan1.png
Coordinates: 33°15′11″N 73°18′14″E / 33.253°N 73.304°E / 33.253; 73.304Coordinates: 33°15′11″N 73°18′14″E / 33.253°N 73.304°E / 33.253; 73.304
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Rawalpindi
 • Total 1,466 km2 (566 sq mi)
Elevation 461 m (1,512 ft)
Population (1998[1])
 • Total 57,152
 • Estimate (2007[1]) 72,957
 • Density 49.7/km2 (129/sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 0513
Number of Union councils 33[2]

Gujar Khan (Punjabi/Urdu: گوجرخان‎) is a city in Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is the headquarters of Gujar Khan Tehsil, the largest tehsil of Punjab.[3] It is approximately 55 kilometres southeast of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan and 220 km to the north west of Lahore, capital of Punjab. Gujar Khan is bounded on the north by Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Attock, on the south by Jhelum, Lahore and Gujrat, on the east by Azad Kashmir and Kahuta and on the west by Chakwal and Khushab. The city has a population of approximately 73,000.[1] Gujar Khan lies at the heart of the Pothohar cultural region. The area has considerable natural resources in the form of petroleum and natural gas.


The place was named after the Gujar.[4]

In 997 CE, Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, took over the Ghaznavid dynasty empire established by his father, Sultan Sebuktegin, In 1005 he conquered the Shahis in Kabul in 1005, and followed it by the conquests of northern Punjab region. The Delhi Sultanate and later Mughal Empire ruled the region. The Punjab region became predominantly Muslim due to missionary Sufi saints whose dargahs dot the landscape of Punjab region.


Local language is Punjabi (in Potwari,Gujari and Majhi dialects). Urdu being National language is also used. English is the official language.


Gujar Khan is situated on the Islamabad-Lahore National Highway. Travel within Gujar Khan is limited primarily to auto-rickshaws and buses & sazoki.

Gujar Khan Railway Station is on the main line of Pakistan Railways. Trains operate to Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and Rawalpindi. Islamabad International Airport is situated approximately 45 kilometres from Gujar Khan.


Administrative subdivisions of Rawalpindi District

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf Ex Prime minister was elected from Gujarkhan`s national assembly seat. Gujar Khan is administratively subdivided into 33 Union Councils; whereas City Gujar Khan is sub-divided into 3 union councils:[5]

According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, the city had a population of 57,099.[6]

Potwari, dialects of Punjabi is the main language of Gujar Khan. Pahari,Urdu and Pashto are also spoken.

Natural resources[edit]

Large reserves of oil and gas were discovered in February 2002 at Tobra, about ten kilometres from Gujar Khan. The field is being developed by the Oil and Gas Development Company. The field could produce 1,600 barrels of crude oil daily.[7] The Ahdi oil and gas field (Mastala) is about 30 km from Gujar Khan, situated near Daultala town and is being operated by Pakistan Petroleum. According to the Oil and Gas Development Company, huge oil and gas reserves have been discovered at Missa oil and gas field, 5 kilometres from Gujar Khan. The sources said that the drilling at well no. 3 of the Missa Kaswal oil and gas field at Tobra led to the discovery. The field could produce 1,600 barrels of crude daily.Now OGDCL is finding more natural resources in other areas of Gujar Khan.l

Gujar Khan is 2 kilometres from the Dohngi Dam and about 35 kilometres from the much larger Mangla Dam.

Notable sites[edit]

Sangni Fort

Sangni Fort is a fort built by Maha Raja of Punjab on the borders of Gujar Khan and Kashmir. It is on the road to Bewal through Daryala, on a high rock with only one approach. It is near Barra dari, a housing scheme with two ancient place.[citation needed] Dhandgali Bridge is an old bridge made up of wood and ropes. It is an important visiting place. Moreover,Lakhtala is a rocky area having graves of pious people.[citation needed]

2008 election results[edit]

On 18 February 2008, parliamentary elections were held, the results in Gujar Khan are as follows:[8]

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf NA-51 Pakistan Peoples Party 80,221 39%
Raja Tariq Kiani PP-3 Pakistan Peoples Party 33,757 34%
Raja Shoukat Aziz Bhatti PP-4 Pakistan Muslim League (Q) 38,437 36%

Major towns[edit]

Jand Mehlu Sharif

Mohra Mari Rajgan

  • Nothia Gulbaz
  • Kauntrila
  • Jatli
  • Islampurra jabbar
  • Thekrian Gujran
  • Kallaryala Sharif
  • Syed Kasran
  • Bhair Kalyal
  • Pind Thekrian
  • Mandra
  • Daultala
  • Noor Dolal
  • Narali
  • Sukho
  • Gulyana
  • Dhoke Qureshian/Lamian
  • Dhoke Habib Kanyal
  • Dhoke Rajputan Matuwa
  • Dhumman Shareef
  • Barki Chohan
  • Chak Bahadur
  • Davi
  • Pakhral Rajgan
  • Dhoke Chohan
  • Mohra bajnial
  • Jairo Ratial
  • Jhangh Khokharan
  • Dora Budhaal
  • Manakrai (Mankray)
  • Dhok khokhran
  • Cheena
  • bhagwala khokhran
  • Sasraal

Chakrajgan{Chak Shian}

  • Sarja
  • Bardiana
  • Thakra
  • Kauntreela
  • Ghick Budhal
  • Chehari Pharwal Dolal
  • Dhong
  • Adhi
  • Mastala
  • Bhair kalyal
  • Bajrana
  • Jatli
  • Syed Kasraan
  • Kallaryala Sharif
  • Punjgraan
  • koont
  • Kanyaal
  • Tarkwal
  • Qazian
  • Rama
  • Gorsian
  • Phambray
  • Qutbal
  • kot Raja Ameer Ali
  • Hosang
  • Mina Mora
  • Bhangali Sharif
  • Miana Sehtal
  • Mora Nori
  • Manghot
  • Jajja
  • Usman Zada Adra
  • Kahali Khengher
  • Sehal Khinger
  • Mohra Bhatti
  • Changa Bangyal
  • Pharwal Bangyal
  • Chehari Dolal
  • Sohawa Mirzian
  • Jand Najar
  • Darkala
  • Partali kalan
  • Partali khurd
  • Bhata Rajpoot
  • Mohri Khatreel
  • Aara Rajgan
  • Kuri Hazaro
  • Jarmote kalan
  • Jrmote khurd
  • changa maria
  • Kambili Mirza
  • Kabail
  • Mastala
  • Nagail
  • Repa
  • Kamager
  • Mohra Aheer
  • Daryala Segon

tay gujar khan

List of banks[edit]

Gujar Khan has branches of all the major banks, including:

Housing Schemes[edit]

  • Tariq Gardens Housing Scheme
  • Zamaan Villas
  • Sky Gardens


Construction of the Azmat Welfare Foundation Hospital- January 2012.

Tehsil Headquarters HospitaL, Saleem Akhtar Memorial Welfare Hospital "MR Sajid Mahmood Bhatti" is Trustee of this Hospital, Government Rural Health centers are also working in Mandra, Doultala, Qutbal & Qazian. Other hospitals are Hamid Hospital,Children Hospital, Mubarak Hospital, Ali And Zeeshan Hospital, Zahid Hospital, Trama Centre, and Abu-Bakar Dental Hospital A new hospital is being built in the area of Sukho in Gujar Khan by the Azmat Welfare Foundation,[9][10] a British Charity, set up in 2010, to provide free healthcare for the poor and needy, in the area. The Azmat hospital should be ready to start seeing patients as early as December 2012.[11]

Gujar khan lovers Welfare Organization

Welfare organizations[edit]

  • Edhi Foundation Gujar Khan
  • Gujar Khan Lovers Welfare Organization
  • Al-Khidmat Foundation
  • Minhaj Al Quran Welfare Organization
  • Dawn Welfare Organization
  • Hajee Zain Welfare Organization
  • National Role support Program
  • Mother Welfare Foundation
  • Rise Welfare Foundation
  • Shama Welfare Society

Political and student federations[edit]

  • Insaf student federation (ISF)
  • People student federation
  • Muslim student federation (Nawaz)
  • Muslim student federation (Q)
  • Haider student federation
  • Mustafi student movement (MSM)
  • Gujarkhan youth organization


  • Saleem Akhtar Memorial Welfare Trust Library. Mr. Tariq Sharif Bhatti is the trustee of the library.
  • Al Mehria Library


The PTCL provides the main network of landline telephones. PTCL's one Main Switching Unit(MSU) of 10,000 land lines in main city of Gujer Khan is working along with its many remote exchanges at Mandra, Noordolal, Doultala, Kalyam Awan,Thekrian Gujran and Bewal.


  • Pakistan Secondary School Gujar Khan
  • Al-noor Academy mankiala
  • Govt high school for girl mankiala
  • Fauji Foundation Model School
  • The Educators
  • Al Hijra Islamic Model School
  • Comsats Institute of Information Technology (CIIT)
Government colleges
  • City College Islampurra Jabbar
  • Govt. Institute of Information Technology (GIIT)
  • Sarwar Shaheed College
  • Govt. Commerce College
  • Govt. Degree College for Woman
Private colleges
  • Gujar Khan College of Commerce (GCC)
  • College Of Advance Studies Gujar Khan & Doultala)
  • Punjab College
  • Cadet College Jajja
  • Iqra College of Commerce & Computer Sciences
High Schools
  • Government Boys High School Sasral
  • Government boys high school Dora Budhal
  • Government High School for Boys Thekrian Gujran
  • Government High School for Boys Mandra
  • Government High School for Boys Mohra Noori
  • Government High School for Boys Harnal
  • Government High School Sahang for Boys
  • Government High School Sahang for Girls
  • Government High School Jatli for Boys
  • Government Boys Qadria Secondary School
  • Government Boys High School Daryala segon
  • Government boys High School Sukho
  • Government Girls High School Manghot
  • Government Girls High School Sukho
  • Government Boys High School Narali
Private Schools
  • Misbah public high school
  • Yousaf Public High School Sukho
  • Al-Amir Foundation Public School System Sukho
  • Al-Amir Foundation Public School System Daultala
  • Al-Noor Girls School and College Jajja
  • Dil Model School Darkala
  • Fauji Foundation model school Daultala
  • Zahoor-ul-Islam High School

And The school which has a great number of students is

  • PAKISTAN SECONDRY SCHOOL GUJAR KHAN which principle name is Rizwan Majeed

Major industries[edit]

Gujar Khan industrial estate was established in 1979 and sits on the main Grand Trunk Road just outside the main city. The total area of industrial estate is 17.44 acres (70,600 m2).


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Sun, 12 Apr 2015 18:18:45 -0700

ISLAMABAD: A 25-year-old woman on Sunday complained to the capital police that she was raped by three men in Gujar Khan. A police official said the woman told the police that she used to work with a non-governmental organisation (NGO) till last month.


Fri, 27 Mar 2015 23:58:48 -0700

RAWALPINDI: The father of supermodel Ayyan, who is currently detained in Adiala jail in a money-laundering case, was shot and injured by unknown motorcyclists near Gujar Khan area on the outskirts of Rawalpindi Saturday. Ayyan's father Muhammad ...
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Daily Times

Daily Times
Wed, 15 Apr 2015 15:07:30 -0700

Election-related malpractices came to light in constituencies of NA-56 Gujar Khan, NA-139 Kasur, NA-64, NA-98 and others. Rigging was committed in terms of Form No 14 at 177 polling stations, Form No 13 at 178 polling stations. Electoral lists were not ...
The News International
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GUJAR KHAN: Lord Nazir Ahmad has said that people and armed forces of Pakistan will defend Saudi Arabia, Makkah Makkarma and Madina Sharif in case of any danger but the present situation there is not such that Pakistani army should be sent there.
The Express Tribune
Sun, 12 Apr 2015 15:52:30 -0700

CAA spokesperson Mubarak Shah said that a passenger, Muhammad Mahmood, a resident of Gujar Khan, who arrived from Dubai on Friday evening via a private airline, left his bag in a trolley in the car park area. While retrieving baggage trollies from the ...

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The Nation
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A young boy Aitsham Ali, son of Mazhar Hussain, who sustained multiple bone fractures in a road accident in Gujar Khan, was kept on steel-made stretcher at BBH emergency department by the doctors. Babar, the attendant of patient, said that doctors were ...

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The Express Tribune
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Gujar Khan police arrested owners identified as Zaheer Ahmed and Zaheer Akhtar. Sadiqbad police nabbed Mahmood and Suleman on violation of the renting rules. Meanwhile, Saddar Wah police filed cases against Hassan Mujtaba on violating ban on ...

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