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Deinopis subrufa.jpg
Deinopis subrufa
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Suborder: Araneomorphae
Superfamily: Uloboroidea
Family: Deinopidae
C. L. Koch, 1850
4 genera, 57 species

The spider family Deinopidae consists of stick-like elongate spiders that build unusual webs that they suspend between the front legs. When prey approaches, the spider will stretch the net to two or three times its relaxed size and propel itself onto the prey, entangling it in the web. Because of this, they are also called net-casting spiders. Their excellent night-vision adapted posterior median eyes allow them to cast this net over potential prey items. These eyes are so large in comparison to the other six eyes that the spider seems to have only two eyes.

The genus Deinopis is the best known in this family. Spiders in this genus are also called ogre-faced spiders, due to the imagined similarity between their appearance and that of the mythological creature, the ogre. It is distributed nearly worldwide in the tropics, from Australia to Africa and the Americas. In Florida, Deinopis often hangs upside-down from a silk line under palmetto fronds during the day. It emerges at night to practice its unusual prey capture method on invertebrate prey.

The genus Menneus is also known as "humped-back spider", and Avellopsis as "camel-backed spider".

The entire family is cribellate.[1]


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  1. ^ Coddington, J.A. & Levi, H.W. (1991). Systematics and Evolution of Spiders (Araneae). Annu. Rev. Ecol. Syst. 22:565-592

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I nattemørket i jungelen i Itatiaia nasjonalpark fikk vi øye på en edderkopp med en fantastisk måte å fange maten sin på. Arter tilhørende familien Deinopidae ...

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Net-casting spider, Deinopis sp. catching a meatfly. One of the coolest spiders on this planet! I was lucky to have this one as long as it lived. This is an adult ...

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Im quite in love with this species and had to share this special girl x.

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Author: Peter Kuttner License: Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Description: [taxonomy:binomial= Deinopis ...

Net-casting Spider

Author: Peter Kuttner License: Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Link: https://vimeo.com/95631723 Title: ...

Net-casting Spider

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Tue, 02 Dec 2014 19:47:14 -0800

Of the discoveries, Sudhikumar said, “A net-casting spider of Deinopis genus of family Deinopidae is the most interesting. This twig-like spider is well-camouflaged, and spins its web amid the first four legs, waiting patiently for the prey. When the ...

Harvard Gazette

Harvard Gazette
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 11:06:09 -0700

A cribellate orb-weaver of the family Deinopidae, also known as a net-casting spider, in its foraging position. These spiders build a web that is suspended between their front legs. The belief in a common origin behind orb-weaver spiders came largely ...
Daily Mail
Tue, 21 Jan 2014 11:43:05 -0800

According to findings reported in the journal Naturwissenschaften, Monogolarachne closely resemble modern-day ogre-faced spiders, of the Deinopidae family. The spider was dug up at a site called Daohugou in Inner Mongolia that is filled with fossilised ...
Taipei Times
Sun, 24 Jul 2011 09:01:01 -0700

The Deinopidae family consists of stick-like elongated spiders that weave unusual webs they suspend between their front legs. They then stretch the web to two or three times its initial length and cast it onto their prey, entangling it in their web ...
Tue, 07 Feb 2012 07:52:08 -0800

鬼面蜘蛛科(Deinopidae)的成員全世界有57種,廣泛分布於熱帶地區。所有的種類,都會在夜間利用這種「蓋布袋」的方式捕捉獵物。和大多的結網蜘蛛不同,牠們的後中眼非常發達,有絕佳的視覺。也因為這樣的長相,和歐洲傳說中的怪物「食人魔」(orge,或者「半 ...


Tue, 03 Sep 2013 05:06:55 -0700

Nicky Bay/Science Photo Library Laba-laba berwajah raksasa. Laba-laba berwajah raksasa masuk dalam famili Deinopidae. Laba-laba ini menghasilkan jaring-jaring yang ditahan dengan empat kaki depannya, berguna untuk memerangkap mangsa.
Tue, 27 Aug 2013 20:24:50 -0700

一只鬼面蛛科(学名:Deinopidae)的种类。鬼面蛛又被称为“撒网蜘蛛”,能将自己的蛛网挂在步足上,当猎物靠近时它们会伸长步足,最终将猎物缠入蛛网。如果只看鬼面蛛修长的身体,或许显得平常无奇,但它们的“脸”才是真正吓 ...


Tue, 20 Aug 2013 18:53:11 -0700

它那细长的身体看起来像手杖可能容易被忽视,但是那令人害怕的脸部真不辜负它在妖面蛛科(Deinopidae)家族占有一席之地。幸运的是,这种生物给人类带来的唯一威胁可能就是噩梦,实际上,当你意识到它们看起来像乐队ZZ ...

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