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Skeletal formula of decane
Skeletal formula of decane with all implicit carbons shown, and all explicit hydrogens added
Ball-and-stick model of the decane molecule
IUPAC name
124-18-5 YesY
ChEBI CHEBI:41808 YesY
ChEMBL ChEMBL134537 YesY
ChemSpider 14840 YesY
DrugBank DB02826 YesY
EC Number 204-686-4
Jmol 3D model Interactive image
MeSH decane
PubChem 15600
RTECS number HD6550000
UN number 2247
Molar mass 142.29 g·mol−1
Appearance Colorless liquid
Odor Gasoline-like
Density 0.730 g mL−1
Melting point −30.5 to −29.2 °C; −22.8 to −20.6 °F; 242.7 to 243.9 K
Boiling point 173.8 to 174.4 °C; 344.7 to 345.8 °F; 446.9 to 447.5 K
log P 5.802
Vapor pressure 195 Pa[2]
2.1 nmol Pa−1 kg−1
Viscosity 920 μPa s (at 20 °C)
315.46 J K−1 mol−1
425.89 J K−1 mol−1
−302.1–−299.9 kJ mol−1
−6779.21–−6777.45 kJ mol−1
Safety data sheet hazard.com
GHS pictograms The flame pictogram in the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) The health hazard pictogram in the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)
GHS signal word DANGER
H226, H304
P301+310, P331
Harmful Xn
R-phrases R10, R65
NFPA 704
Flammability code 2: Must be moderately heated or exposed to relatively high ambient temperature before ignition can occur. Flash point between 38 and 93 °C (100 and 200 °F). E.g., diesel fuel Health code 1: Exposure would cause irritation but only minor residual injury. E.g., turpentine Reactivity code 0: Normally stable, even under fire exposure conditions, and is not reactive with water. E.g., liquid nitrogen Special hazards (white): no codeNFPA 704 four-colored diamond
Flash point 46.0 °C (114.8 °F; 319.1 K)
210.0 °C (410.0 °F; 483.1 K)
Explosive limits 0.8–2.6%
Lethal dose or concentration (LD, LC):
  • >2 g kg−1 (dermal, rabbit)
  • >5 g kg−1 (oral, rat)
Related compounds
Related alkanes
Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).
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Decane is an alkane hydrocarbon with the chemical formula C10H22. Although, 75 structural isomers are possible for decane, the term usually refers to the normal-decane ("n-decane"), with the formula CH3(CH2)8CH3. All isomers, however, exhibit similar properties and little attention is paid to the composition.[3] These isomers are flammable liquids. Decane is a component of gasoline (petrol) and kerosene.[4] Like other alkanes, it is nonpolar solvent, does not dissolve in water, and is readily combustable. Although it is a component of fuels, it is of little importance as a chemical feedstock, unlike a handful of other alkanes.[5]


Decane undergoes combustion, just like other alkanes. In the presence of sufficient oxygen, it burns to form water and carbon dioxide.

2 C10H22 + 31 O2 → 20 CO2 + 22 H2O

With insufficient oxygen, carbon monoxide is also formed.


It has a surface tension of 0.0238 N·m−1.[6]

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