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Cynology /sɨˈnɒləi/ is the study of matters related to canines or domestic dogs.

In English it may be a term sometimes used to denote serious zoological approach to the study of dogs[1] as well as by writers on canine subjects, dog breeders and trainers[2][3] and enthusiasts who informally study the dog,.[4][5]


Cynology is a classical compound word (from Greek κύων, kyōn, genitive κυνός, kynos, "dog"; and -λογία, -logia) referring to the study of dogs. The word is not found in major English dictionaries and it is not a recognized scientific discipline in English-speaking countries. Similar words are found in other languages, such German and Dutch kynologie, and the Russian кинология, from the Proto-Indo-European *ḱwon-, which is the source of hound.

κυν is also the source of the English word cynic, and is directly related to canine and hound.

Usage in English[edit]

The suffix '-logy' in English words refers to a study, or an academic discipline, or field of scientific study. English Classical compound words of this type may confer an impression of scientific rigor on a non-scientific occupation or profession.

Usage in English of the word cynology is rare, and occasionally found in the names of dog training academies, with cynologist sometimes being used as a title by some dog trainers or handlers. People who informally study the dog may refer to themselves as 'cynologists' to imply serious study or scientific work.

The study of dogs[edit]

Studies of dogs, and dog related matters, are carried out and published: in general, by those who have mastered the relevant literature or aspects of it, and the formal structure of the subject (National and International Kennel Club breeding, health, and show regulations etc.); in specific, by biologists, geneticists, zoologists, behaviourists, and others scientists, historians, veterinarians and breed specialists.

Informally, dogs may be studied by those with no specific scientific training, such as publicists and authors, breeders, trainers, police dog handlers, animal communicators and others, through literature, history,and personal experience. Many useful books and videotapes for the public have been produced through informal study of the dog. Those who, very rarely, refer to themselves as "cynologists", may formally or informally study such things as veterinary science, dog breeding, breed development, dog behavior and training, and the literature and history of dogs.

Usage in other languages[edit]

Cynology, may have other connotations or use in languages other than English, see German de:Kynologie, Dutch nl:Kynologie and Czech cs:Sportovní kynologie.

The very rare term cynologist in English, is generally found to refer to "canine specialists" such as; certified care professionals, certified show judges, breeders, breed enthusiasts, certified dog-trainers and professional dog-handlers.

  • A similar word is used to refer to dog handlers and dog trainers in Russia.[6][7]
  • A veterinary clinic in Armenia offers a 'cynologist' to assist with dog training.[8]
  • A magazine in the Baltic states described as 'dedicated to the development of cynology in the Baltic countries' covers dog training, dog shows, and veterinary advice (a hobbyist magazine, not a scientific journal.)[9]

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Exi z Hückelovy vily - trial in police cynology - Prague

Exi z Hückelovy vily - trial in police cynology - Prague Exi z Hückelovy vily - o pohár MP Praha.

Tarptautinė kinologijos stovykla 2013/cynology camp

Išsamesnė informacija :http://goo.gl/AO2JW Stovykloje laukiamas kiekvienas norintis. vietų skaičius ribotas. Registracija internetu : martynas@biatlon.lt ; Info@biatlon.lt Telefonu : 868644828;...

Dreamer Lararony - PRT - first steps in sport cynology

Parson Russell Terier and his steps in sport cynology. More: www.andrea-kynologie.com.

Seminar of service cynology 3/2014 Slovakia. Maly Lapas

Working dogo argentino Ch. "Criollo Del Cavdillo". Protection work.

ПОКАТУШКИ НА ХАСЮШКАХ 26.01.2014. Kyiv Cynology Development Club

ПОКАТУШКИ НА ХАСЮШКАХ 26.01.2014. Организатор "Секция Северных Собак Кинологического Клуба Kyiv Cynology Development Club"

www.doglove.eu - School for dogs & Online Information Center of Cynology "MAGI-BAGIRA"


Sport cynology presents

Cynology School Project

This is a caricature for the study of dogs/cynology. This is a speed art of my Dog/Scientist. Haha! Enjoy! Pictures from: Cartoon Scientist: http://www.how-to-draw-funny-cartoons.com/cartoon-scie...

How to Pronounce Cynology

This video shows you how to pronounce Cynology.

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International Business Times
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Puppies sit in kennel at a frontier guards' cynology center near Minsk, Belarus, in 2013. Reuters. “Petting, scratching and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.” -- Dean ...


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Baltimore Sun (blog)

Baltimore Sun (blog)
Thu, 25 Jul 2013 14:07:03 -0700

A Belarussian military instructor trains a labrador puppy at a frontier guards' cynology centre near the town of Smorgon, northwest of Minsk, May 29, 2013. The centre prepares instructors and trains dogs for guarding the Belarussian border throughout ...
Salt Lake Tribune
Fri, 11 Jan 2013 18:34:01 -0800

But the Utah Police Academy takes a different tact: get inside the dog's head. It's a strategy known as "cynology," first developed in Europe, that applies concepts centered on dog psychology to train the animals, one the academy's applied for the past ...
Baltimore Sun
Fri, 11 Jan 2013 14:05:13 -0800

Kate and Will think her new official portrait is beautiful but critics disagree, the Circus of Horrors rehearses in London, the Harbin International Ice and Snow World festival draws a crowd in China, the Hungarian 'Golden Power' acrobats rehearse for ...

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