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This category is for ships built in France.


ARA Drummond (P-31)

ARA Granville (P-33)

ARA Guerrico (P-32)

Abondance (1780)

Admiral Barrington (ship)

Adolphe (ship)

Albemarle (1776)

Alma-class ironclad

Amiral Charner-class cruiser


Atlantic Star (cruise ship)


Batillus-class supertankers

Belem (ship)

Belgian minehunter Aster (M915)

Belgian minehunter Bellis (M916)

Belgian minehunter Crocus (M917)

Belgian minehunter Lobelia (M921)

Belgian minehunter Myosotis (M922)

Belgian minehunter Narcis (M923)


Belle Poule (A 650)

Ben Asdale

Bonne Citoyenne-class corvette

Bouvines-class coast defense ship

Bugaled Breizh

Bulgarian torpedo boat Drazki

Chilean battleship Capitán Prat

Costa neoRiviera

Drummond-class corvette

Duc du Maine (slave ship)

Duke of Portland (1790)

Dévastation-class ironclad

Edgar Quinet-class cruiser

Egyptian frigate Ibrahim

Etna (1795)

Eugénie (1793 ship)


French aircraft carrier Béarn

French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R91)

French aircraft carrier Clemenceau (R98)

French aircraft carrier Foch (R99)

French aircraft carrier Joffre

French aviso Bougainville

French aviso D'Entrecasteaux

French aviso D'Iberville

French aviso Dumont d'Urville

French aviso La Grandière

French aviso Latouche-Tréville

French battleship Bouvet

French battleship Brennus

French battleship Bretagne

French battleship Carnot

French battleship Charles Martel

French battleship Condorcet

French battleship Danton

French battleship Diderot

French battleship Démocratie

French battleship Henri IV

French battleship Iéna

French battleship Jean Bart (1940)

French battleship Justice

French battleship Liberté

French battleship Lorraine

French battleship Masséna

French battleship Mirabeau

French brick-aviso Goéland (1787)

French brig Albanaise (1790)

French brig Alerte (1787)

French brig Argus (1802)

French brig Endymion (1824)

French brig Furet (1801)

French brig Hazard (1787)

French brig Iéna (1810)

French brig Ligurienne (1798)

French brig Mercure (1806)

French corvette Aréthuse (1798)

French corvette Aurore (1799)

French corvette Aventurier (1793)

French corvette Bacchante (1795)

French corvette Bayonnaise (1794)

French corvette Berceau (1794)

French corvette Brune (1781)

French corvette Créole (1829)

French corvette Cérès (1795)

French corvette Diligente (1801)

French corvette Dromadaire (1810)

French corvette Dupleix (1861)

French corvette Faune (1804)

French corvette Géographe

French corvette Hussard (1799)

French corvette Iris (1806)

French corvette Lynx (1804)

French corvette Mignonne (1795)

French corvette Mutine (1799)

French corvette Naturaliste

French corvette Étonnante (1796)

French cruiser Algérie

French cruiser Amiral Charner

French cruiser Amiral Cécille

French cruiser Bruix

French cruiser Chanzy

French cruiser Colbert (1928)

French cruiser Colbert (C611)

French cruiser D'Entrecasteaux

French cruiser De Grasse

French cruiser Destrées

French cruiser Duguay-Trouin

French cruiser Dupleix

French cruiser Dupleix (1900)

French cruiser Dupuy de Lôme

French cruiser Duquesne

French cruiser Edgar Quinet

French cruiser Ernest Renan

French cruiser Foch

French cruiser Georges Leygues

French cruiser Gloire (1935)

French cruiser Gueydon

French cruiser Guichen

French cruiser Jean Bart

French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc (1899)

French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc (1930)

French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc (R97)

French cruiser Jules Ferry

French cruiser Jules Michelet

French cruiser Jurien de la Gravière

French cruiser La Motte-Picquet

French cruiser Lapérouse

French cruiser Latouche-Tréville

French cruiser Lavoisier

French cruiser Léon Gambetta

French cruiser Marseillaise (1935)

French cruiser Montcalm

French cutter Espion (1781)

French destroyer Aconit (F65)

French destroyer Chacal

French destroyer Enseigne Gabolde

French destroyer Espingole

French destroyer Foudroyant (1929)

French destroyer Indomptable

French destroyer Jauréguiberry (D637)

French destroyer Léopard

French destroyer Maillé-Brézé (D627)

French destroyer Mameluck (1909)

French destroyer Mogador

French fluyt Étoile (1767)

French frigate Aconit (F 713)

French frigate Adrienne (1809)

French frigate Africaine (1798)

French frigate Aglaé (1788)

French frigate Aigle (1782)

French frigate Alceste (1780)

French frigate Alcmène (1811)

French frigate Amphitrite (1808)

French frigate Amélie (1808)

French frigate Andromaque (1778)

French frigate Andromaque (1811)

French frigate Ariane (1811)

French frigate Armide (1804)

French frigate Artémise (1794)

French frigate Aréthuse (1792)

French frigate Aréthuse (1805)

French frigate Aréthuse (1812)

French frigate Atalante (1802)

French frigate Audacieuse (1856)

French frigate Belle Poule (1765)

French frigate Bellone (1779)

French frigate Bellone (1807)

French frigate Boudeuse (1766)

French frigate Brune (1756)

French frigate Capricieuse (1787)

French frigate Caroline (1806)

French frigate Cassard (D 614)

French frigate Chevalier Paul (D621)

French frigate Clorinde (1808)

French frigate Comète (1796)

French frigate Concorde (1793)

French frigate Coquille (1795)

French frigate Cornélie (1797)

French frigate Cybèle (1790)

French frigate De Grasse (D 612)

French frigate Descartes

French frigate Dryade (1783)

French frigate Duguay-Trouin (D 611)

French frigate Dupleix (D641)

French frigate Duquesne (D603)

French frigate Dédaigneuse (1799)

French frigate Engageante (1766)

French frigate Fidèle (1789)

French frigate Flore (1806)

French frigate Floréal (F730)

French frigate Forbin (D620)

French frigate Forte (1794)

French frigate Franchise (1798)

French frigate Furieuse (1797)

French frigate Félicité (1785)

French frigate Galathée (1779)

French frigate Georges Leygues (D640)

French frigate Gloire (1803)

French frigate Gomer (1841)

French frigate Guépratte (F 714)

French frigate Harmonie (1796)

French frigate Hermione (2012)

French frigate Hélène (1791)

French frigate Immortalité (1795)

French frigate Impatiente (1795)

French frigate Incorruptible (1795)

French frigate Infatigable (1800)

French frigate Infernal

French frigate Iphigénie (1777)

French frigate Iphigénie (1810)

French frigate Jean Bart (D615)

French frigate Jean de Vienne (D643)

French frigate Junon (1778)

French frigate Junon (1786)

French frigate Junon (1806)

French frigate Justice (1794)

French frigate La Fayette (F710)

French frigate La Motte-Picquet (D645)

French frigate La Reunion (1786)

French frigate Latouche-Tréville (D646)

French frigate Libre (1796)

French frigate Loire (1797)

French frigate Machault (1757)

French frigate Manche (1803)

French frigate Maréchal de Belleisle (1757)

French frigate Melpomène (1812)

French frigate Mignonne (1767)

French frigate Minerve (1794)

French frigate Montcalm (D642)

French frigate Méduse (1810)

French frigate Médée (1741)

French frigate Médée (1779)

French frigate Némésis (1847)

French frigate Néréide (1779)

French frigate Égyptienne (1799)

French frigate Étoile (1813)

French galley La Réale (1538)

French galley La Réale (1694)

French ironclad Alma

French ironclad Amiral Baudin

French ironclad Amiral Duperré

French ironclad Armide

French ironclad Atalante

French ironclad Bayard

French ironclad Belliqueuse

French ironclad Colbert

French ironclad Couronne

French ironclad Dévastation

French ironclad Formidable

French ironclad Friedland

French ironclad Gloire

French ironclad Hoche

French ironclad Invincible

French ironclad Jeanne d'Arc

French ironclad La Galissonnière

French ironclad Lave

French ironclad Magenta

French ironclad Marceau

French ironclad Marengo

French ironclad Montcalm

French ironclad Normandie

French ironclad Provence

French lugger Affronteur (1795)

French patrol vessel L'Adroit

French protected cruiser Châteaurenault

French seaplane carrier Commandant Teste

French seaplane carrier Foudre

French ship Aigle (1800)

French ship Alcide (1782)

French ship Algésiras (1804)

French ship Algésiras (1823)

French ship Algésiras (1855)

French ship America (1788)

French ship Argonaute (1798)

French ship Astrolabe (1811)

French ship Auguste (1811)

French ship Austerlitz (1808)

French ship Beautemps-Beaupré (2002)

French ship Bergère

French ship Biche (1798)

French ship Borée (1805)

French ship Bourgogne (1767)

French ship Bretagne (1766)

French ship Bretagne (1855)

French ship Bucentaure (1803)

French ship Cassard (1795)

French ship Cassard (1803)

French ship Cassard (1846)

French ship Caton (1777)

French ship Censeur (1782)

French ship Centaure (1818)

French ship Charlemagne (1852)

French ship Commerce de Bordeaux (1785)

French ship Commerce de Marseille (1785)

French ship Commerce de Paris (1806)

French ship Conquérant (1812)

French ship Couronne (1636)

French ship Couronne (1824)

French ship Diadème (1756)

French ship Diadème (1811)

French ship Donawerth (1808)

French ship Droits de l'Homme (1794)

French ship Duquesne (1813)

French ship Eylau (1808)

French ship Formidable (1795)

French ship Foudre (L9011)

French ship Foudroyant (1800)

French ship Fougueux (1785)

French ship Francis Garnier (L9031)

French ship Friedland (1810)

French ship Friedland (1840)

French ship Génois (1805)

French ship Généreux (1785)

French ship Hautpoult (1807)

French ship Hercule (1815)

French ship Heureux (1782)

French ship Illustre (1781)

French ship Illustre (1811)

French ship Impérial (1811)

French ship Impétueux (1787)

French ship Indivisible (1799)

French ship Indomptable (1789)

French ship Iéna (1814)

French ship Jacques Cartier (L9033)

French ship Jean Bart (1791)

French ship Jemmapes (1794)

French ship Jules Verne (A620)

French ship Junon (1748)

French ship Jupiter (1831)

French ship La Bienvenue (1788)

French ship La Couronne (1768)

French ship Languedoc (1766)

French ship Lion (1803)

French ship Louis-XIV (1854)

French ship Léopard (1787)

French ship Magnanime (1803)

French ship Magnifique (1814)

French ship Majestueux (1781)

French ship Marengo (1810)

French ship Mercure (1783)

French ship Mistral (L9013)

French ship Mont-Blanc (1791)

French ship Napoléon (1850)

French ship Neptune (1803)

French ship Neptune (1818)

French ship Éole (1789)

French sloop Commandant Dominé

French sloop Elan

French sloop La Capricieuse

French submarine Africaine (Q196)

French submarine Améthyste (S605)

French submarine Argonaute (S636)

French submarine Astrée (Q200)

French submarine Bernouilli (Q83)

French submarine Brumaire (Q60)

French submarine Bévéziers (Q179)

French submarine Casabianca (Q183)

French submarine Casabianca (S603)

French submarine Créole (Q193)

French submarine Cugnot (Q76)

French submarine Curie (Q87)

French submarine Céres (Q190)

French submarine Doris (Q 135)

French submarine Dupuy de Lôme (Q105)

French submarine Espadon (S637)

French submarine Eurydice (S644)

French submarine Farfadet (Q7)

French submarine Favorite (Q195)

French submarine Foucault (Q70)

French submarine Fresnel (Q65)

French submarine Gymnote (Q1)

French submarine Gymnote (S655)

French submarine Inflexible (S615)

French submarine Iris (Q188)

French submarine Joule (Q84)

French submarine Junon (Q186)

French submarine La Sibylle (1932)

French submarine Minerve (Q185)

French submarine Minerve (S647)

French submarine Monge (Q67)

French submarine Émeraude (S604)

French tanker Durance (A629)

Gloire-class ironclad

Greek cruiser Navarchos Miaoulis

Greek submarine Delfin

Greek submarine Katsonis (Y-1)

Gustave Zédé (Q2)

HMS Alceste (1806)

HMS Ambuscade (1746)

HMS Atalante (1797)

HMS Babet (1794)

HMS Baleine

HMS Belle Poule (1806)

HMS Bellona (1806)

HMS Bonne Citoyenne (1796)

HMS Canopus (1798)

HMS Cerbere (1800)

HMS Concorde (1783)

HMS Coureur

HMS Danae (1798)

HMS Decade (1798)

HMS Didon (1805)

HMS Donegal (1798)

HMS Eclair (1801)

HMS Enterprise (1705)

HMS Epervier (1803)

HMS Espoir (1797)

HMS Foudroyant (1758)

HMS Furieuse (1809)

HMS Gaiete (1797)

HMS Hercule (1798)

HMS Java (1811)

HMS Laurel (1795)

HMS Madagascar (1811)

HMS Magnanime (1748)

HMS Malta (1800)

HMS Marie Antoinette (1793)

HMS Modeste (1759)

HMS Modeste (1793)

HMS Mosambique (1804)

HMS Niemen (1809)

HNLMS Harlingen (M854)

Harmony of the Seas

Henri (ship)

Heroína (ship)

Indispensable (1791)

Japanese cruiser Azuma

Japanese cruiser Chishima

Japanese cruiser Itsukushima

Japanese cruiser Matsushima

Japanese ironclad Kōtetsu

L'Almée (ship)


La Dauphine

La Galissonnière-class ironclad

Lapérouse-class cruiser

Latvian minehunter Imanta (M-04)

Le Jean Bart (2002)

Luciole (barge)

MS Aallotar

MS Georges Philippar

MS Harmony of the Seas

MS Insignia

MS Island Escape

MS Island Princess (2003)

MS Jupiter

MS Legend of the Seas

MS Majesty of the Seas

MS Melody

MS Nautica

MS Nord Pas-de-Calais

MSC Divina

MSC Fantasia

MSC Musica

MSC Opera

MSC Orchestra

MSC Poesia

MSC Preziosa

MSC Sinfonia

MSC Splendida

MV A1C William H. Pitsenbarger (T-AK-4638)

MV Bianca C

MV Express Santorini

MV Jupiter (1961)

Magenta-class ironclad

Marion Dufresne (1995)

Nautilus (1800 submarine)

ORP Gryf (1936)

PNS Hamza (S139)

PNS Hangor (S131)

PNS Hashmat (S135)

PNS Hurmat (S136)

PNS Khalid (S137)

PNS Munsif (M166)

Russian cruiser Admiral Makarov

Russian cruiser Bayan (1900)

SAS Assegaai

SMS Friedrich Carl (1867)

SS Alacrity (1893)

SS Athos

SS Champlain

SS Commissaire Ramel

SS Djemnah

SS Espagne (Provence, 1909)

SS Flandre (1951)

SS Friedenau (1920)

SS Gallia

SS Italia (1904)

SS Kanguroo

SS La Bourgogne

SS La Bretagne

SS Normandie

SS Île de France

Spanish sloop Jorge Juan

SuperStar Gemini

USS Bonhomme Richard (1765)

USS Deane (1778)

USS Intrepid (1798)

Yugoslav destroyer Beograd

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Russia's Future Carrier is based on France's Mistral Class Amphibious Assault Ship

Mistral Class Amphibious Assault Ship: Russia's Future Helicopter Carrier is based on the French built Mistral Class Ship. Russia's Future Carrier is based o...

French-Built Mistral Ships For Russia Could End Up In Canadian Hands

French-Built Mistral Ships For Russia Could End Up In Canadian Hands.

1982 HMS Sheffield hit by French-built Exocet missile (delivered to Argentina by Norwegian Nazis)

Islas Malvinas: the gateway to Antarctica - Nazi Base at New Swabia, Queen Maud Land | During the late 1970s the Norwegian-Moravian (Bernadotte) Nazis in Mon...

STX France

BUILDER OF SINGULAR CONSTRUCTIONS For 150 years, ships built by STX yard in Saint-Nazaire have sailed the seven seas, writing the most exciting parts of the ...

Mistral Class Amphibious Assault Ship | Military-Today.com

http://www.military-today.com/navy/mistral_class.htm he first of the Mistral amphibious assault ship (LHD) was commissioned in 2006. Three of these ships are...

Monarch of the Seas Cruise Ship

http://www.ucruiser.com filmed Monarch of the Seas while it was leaving Port Canaveral. Monarch of the Seas is one of Royal Caribbeans cruise ships. The crui...


TOP 15 BIGEST WARSHIPS IN THE WORLD 2014 GERALD FORD CLASS AICRAFT CARRIER (USA) 2015 Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier (UK) 2018 Nimitz class carrier (...

Philippine Coast Guard to Receive More Patrol Ships

The Philippine Coast Guard is expected to receive ten (10) units of at least forty (40) metres Japanese made coast guard ship. Aside from 40 metres ship, the...

Corne de Brume / Ship horn - Custom Kockums SuperTyfon

Presentation in English below. Sound at 6.00. Kockums SuperTyfon MKT 150/110, Malmö, Sweden. J'ai terminé mon projet de corne de brume roulante et le résulta...

Baynunah class corvette - UAE Navy - CMN Combattante BR71

The UAE Navy's Baynunah Class corvettes were developed by French company CMN. The leadship was built in France by CMN shipyard while the 5 remaining ships of...

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4 news items


Thu, 13 Nov 2014 03:26:40 -0800

Russian war ships built in france ..... USA has Brand New Space craft Orion and we have 10 of them ... I live in Florida at Space coast and have watched many explosions from Russian rocket engines made in kazakhstan and Ukraine so we are releasing 3 ...

Yahoo News Canada (blog)

Yahoo News Canada (blog)
Sun, 03 Aug 2014 09:56:58 -0700

NATO should buy the war ships built in France for Putin. Putin's renewed shelling of eastern Ukraine from Russia appears aimed at achieving control of a large swath of the country and to make transition to democracy difficult. Sanctions are unlikely to ...

The Dominion Post

The Dominion Post
Fri, 29 Nov 2013 19:30:16 -0800

The Prairial is under the command of Captain Frederic Daumas and is the fifth of a series of six ships built in France between 1990 and 1992, by Chantiers de l'Atlantique, which also built the Queen Mary II. The Prairial's missions include patrol ...

Timaru Herald

Timaru Herald
Tue, 12 Nov 2013 08:06:47 -0800

Under the command of Captain Frederic Daumas, Prairial is the fifth of a series of six ships built in France between 1990 and 1992, by Chantiers de l'Atlantique, which also built the Queen Mary II. The frigate's home port is Papeete in French Polynesia ...

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