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Sibiu County river stubs



Albac River (Hârtibaciu)

Albota River

Alămor River

Amnaș River

Androchiel River

Apold River

Apoș River

Ardeiu River

Armeni River

Arpaș River

Arpașul Mare River

Arpășel River

Auriștea River

Avrig River

Avrigel River

Ațel River

Balta (Târnava Mică)

Beșineu River (Cibin)

Biertan River

Bistra River (Sebeș)

Bobeșu River

Boișoara River (Pleașa)

Bradu River (Olt)

Breaza River (Cibin)

Brădetul River (Tălmăcuța)

Brăneasa River (Valea Ursului)

Buceciul River

Bucuriciu River

Buzd River

Bâlea River

Bârghiș River

Bătrâna Mare River

Bătrâna Mică River

Cafarul River

Calva River

Cașolț River

Cerbu River (Larga Mare)

Cerna Vodă River

Chesler River

Ciban River


Cisnădie (river)

Ciupari River

Clăbucet River (Avrig)

Clăbucetul River

Coasta River (Sibișel)

Comendii River

Comănesei River

Conțu River

Cotorești River

Coveș River

Crainița River

Cristești River (Sebeș)

Crăciuneasa River

Cucuruzu River

Curciu River

Curmătura cu Tină River

Curpătu River

Curpătul Mare River

Curpătul Mic River

Cânaia River

Cârligele River (Sadu)

Cârțișoara River

Căptanu River

Daia River (Hârtibaciu)

Danca River

Dobra River (Sebeș)

Dobra River (Sibișel)

Dobârca River

Dogaru River

Dosu Pădurii River

Drojdia River

Drăgăneasa River (Sadu)

Dudurugu River

Dumbrăvița River (Nedeiu)

Dupuș River

Dușa Mică River

Dușa Mijlocie River

Dăneasa River (Cibin)

Ernea River

Fagu River (Cârligele)

Felța River

Floarea Mică River

Fofeldea River

Foltea River

Frasinu River (Lotrioara)

Fântâna Cerbului River

Gardu River (Sebeș)

Gherdeal River

Giacăș River

Greul River

Gropata Lungă River

Gropata Scurtă River

Gruiu Scurt River

Gârbova River (Secaș)

Gârcu Mare River

Gârcu Mic River

Gârcu River

Gârculețul River

Gârlățel River

Halmer River

Hamba River

Hodoș River (Șaroș)

Hurdubelu River


Iezerul Mare River (Cibin)

Iezerul Mic River

Ighiș River

Iujbea River

Izvorul Bulzului River (Rândibou)

Izvorul Florii River

Izvorul Găujanilor River

Izvorul Găvozului River

Izvorul Muntenilor River

Izvorul Negovanului River

Izvorul Surpat River

Izvorul Tomnatecului River

Izvorul Vacii River

Jibra River

Jinari River

Joagăru River

Juvertul River

Juverțelul River

Lacul Roșia River

Laița River

Lapșea River

Larga Mare River (Sebeș)

Larga Mică River (Sebeș)

Laslea River

Lișcov River (Porumbacu)

Lotrioara River

Lotrișoara Mare River

Luncuța River (Pârâul Negru)

Luncărața River

Lungșoara River

Mag River

Mancu River

Marginea River (Ciban)

Marpod River

Megieșul Mic River

Megieșul River

Mesteacănu River (Sadu)

Metiș River (Calva)

Mighindoala River

Mijlocia River

Moașa River (Avrig)

Moașa River (Olt)

Mocirlele River (Șugag)

Mogoșu River (Lotrioara)

Mohan River

Mormântul River

Motiș River

Movile River

Moșna River (Târnava Mare)

Muncelu River (Pogoana)

Mârșa River

Măcica River

Măciuca River

Mălâncrav River

Măncuța River

Mărăjdia River

Mătrăguna River

Nanu River

Nedeiu River

Negovanu River (Sadu)

Niculești River

Oancea River (Lotrioara)

Oașa Mică River

Obrești River

Olt River

Opat River

Orlat River

Orlățel River

Osetul River

Paltinu River (Rândibou)

Paltinu River (Sebeș)

Pelișor River

Pitulușul River

Plaiu River (Sibișel)

Pleașa River

Plopul River (Tălmăcuța)

Plăvaia River

Podele River

Podragu River (Arpaș)

Podragu River (Lotrioara)

Pogoana River

Poiana River (Lotrioara)

Pologașu River

Pop River (Sadu)

Porcovița River

Porcu River (Sădurel)

Porumbacu River

Porumbăcelu River

Praia River

Pravăț River (Nedeiu)

Prejba River (Lotrioara)

Prejba River (Sadu)

Priboiu River

Puntea River

Pustia River

Pârâul Adânc (Avrig)

Pârâul Afinelor

Pârâul Bisericii (Racovița)

Pârâul Doamnei

Pârâul Hotărăl

Pârâul Lomului

Pârâul Mielului

Pârâul Moale

Pârâul Morii (Racovița)

Pârâul Muntelui (Cibin)

Pârâul Mușetoii

Pârâul Nou

Pârâul Peștilor

Pârâul Popii (Pârâul Ursului)

Pârâul Rece (Sadu)

Pârâul Stâncos

Pârâul Stânei (Sebeș)

Pârâul Sărății

Pârâul Ursului (Pârâul Argintului)

Pârâul Vacii (Curpătu)

Pârâul Vacii (Lotrișoara)

Pârâul dintre Stâne

Pârâul lui Albu

Pârâul lui Doican

Pârâul lui Ilie Balea

Pârâul lui Lupea

Pârâul lui Toderaș

Pârâul Șindrilei

Pădureni River (Calva)

Păltiniș River (Cibin)

Păntuța River

Păuca River

Păucea River

Racovicioara River (Olt)

Racovicioara River (Racovița)

Racovița River (Avrig)

Racovița River (Sibiu)

Richișu River

Rod River

Rozdești River

Ruja River (Râul Înfundăturii)

Rusciori River

Ruși River

Rușinosu River

Rândibou River

Râpa River (Vișa)

Râul Jnepenișului

Râul Lacului

Râul Mare (Cibin)

Râul Mic (Cibin)

Râul Poienii (Rod)

Râul Sărății

Râul Tocilelor

Râul Înfundăturii

Râușorul River (Lungșoara)

Răvașu River

Sadu (Cibin)

Scoreiu River

Seaca River (Olt)

Sebeș (river)

Sebeș River (Cibin)

Sebeș River (Sibiu)

Secaș River (Sebeș)

Secaș River (Târnava)

Sfârcașu River

Sibelaș River

Sibiel River

Sibișel River (Cibin)

Slimnic River (Vișa)

Soroștin River

Sterpu River (Lotrioara)

Stricata River

Stroiești River (Mogoșu)

Strungarul River

Strâmba River (Cibin)

Stâna River (Lotrioara)

Stănina River

Surdu River

Sângătin River

Sădurel River

Săliște (Cibin)

Sărătura River (Hârtibaciu)

Săseuș River

Tarnița River (Sădurel)

Tilișca River

Tilișcuța River

Tisa River (Lotrioara)

Tocila Mare River (Râul Tocilelor)

Tocila Mică River (Râul Tocilelor)

Tomnatecu River (Sadu)

Tomnatecu River (Sebeș)

Topârcea River

Tortura River

Trestia River (Cibin)

Trinkbach River

Tunsu River

Turișoara River

Târgului River (Târnava)

Târnava Mare

Tălmăcuța River

Tărtărău River (Sebeș)

Tătârlaua River

Umbroasa River

Urlieșu River (Sebeș)

Vad (Olt)

Valchid River

Valea Aurie River

Valea Bonții River

Valea Casei River

Valea Caselor River (Olt)

Valea Caselor River (Valchid)

Valea Cerbului River (Lotrioara)

Valea Cetății River (Avrig)

Valea Cetății River (Sibiel)

Valea Comenzii River (Cibin)

Valea Comenzii River (Sădurel)

Valea Curciului River

Valea Cândii River

Valea Căldării River (Sfârcașu)

Valea Cărbunarului River

Valea Cășii River

Valea Doamnei River

Valea Dușilor River

Valea Ferigii River

Valea Fermelor River

Valea Groșilor River (Sadu)

Valea Hancii River

Valea Hotarelor River

Valea Hreanului River

Valea Izvorului River (Șteaza)

Valea Lungă River (Roșia)

Valea Luntrei River

Valea Lupului River (Cibin)

Valea Lupului River (Racovița)

Valea Mare River (Cibin)

Valea Mare River (Târnava Mare)

Valea Merelor River (Mag)

Valea Mică River (Cibin)

Valea Mică River (Ciupari)

Valea Mierlei River

Valea Muierii River (Cibin)

Valea Muntelui River (Olt)

Valea Muntelui River (Sibișel)

Valea Mărului River (Olt)

Valea Neagră River (Lotrioara)

Valea Neagră River (Olt)

Valea Oilor River

Valea Pinului River

Valea Pitarului River

Valea Plaiului River (Sadu)

Valea Ploscarilor River

Valea Porcarului River

Valea Priboiului River

Valea Purcărenilor River

Valea Rea River (Lotrioara)

Valea Rece River (Valea lui Ivan)

Valea Rogojinii River

Valea Rorii River (Albac)

Valea Rorii River (Bazna)

Valea Roșilor River

Valea Rudarilor River

Valea Răchițele River

Valea Sasului River (Lotrioara)

Valea Satului River (Calva)

Valea Spinelui River

Valea Strâmbă River (Olt)

Valea Stupului River

Valea Sălcii River

Valea Săpunului River

Valea Trecătoarea River

Valea Tătarului River

Valea Ursului River (Lotrioara)

Valea Utii River

Valea Veche River

Valea Vârjoghii River

Valea Vălcii River

Valea lui Fătu River

Valea lui Iacob River

Valea lui Ionel River

Valea lui Ivan River (Sadu)

Valea lui Roman River (Sadu)

Valea Șesului River

Varul River

Veseud River

Vișa River

Voineagu River

Voinegel River (Lotrioara)

Vorumloc River

Vurpăr River

Zlagna River (Hârtibaciu)

Zăvoaie River (Cibin)

Zăvoi (river)

Șanta River

Șarba River (Vișa)

Șerbota River

Șerbănei River

Șmig River

Șoala River

Șoimu River (Dobra)

Șteaza River (Cibin)

Ștefănița River (Lungșoara)

Șugag River

Țichindeal River

Țiganu River (Sădurel)


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Romania HiLites: City of Sibiu (Hermannstad)

Sibiu (German: Hermannstad) is an important city in Transylvania. It straddles the Cibin River, a tributary of the river Olt. It is the capital of Sibiu County and is ...

Romania 2010 - Sibiu-Medias-Sighisoara-Brasov Cities

Sibiu is an important city in Transylvania, Romania that straddles the Cibin River, a tributary of the river Olt. It is the capital of Sibiu County and between 1692 ...

Sibiu (Hermannstadt) - Romania

Sibiu or Hermannstadt (Romanian: Sibiu, German: Hermannstadt) is an important city in Transylvania, Romania . It straddles the Cibin River, a tributary of the ...


Subscribe on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPihlC8JuU7H0JxIpIghpIg "Sibiu antiquated, Sibiiu; German: Hermannstadt, ...

Romania: 477-773-2 & 46-0103 depart Medias (Sibiu County) hauling the IR375 from Budapest to Brasov

Romania: 477-773-2 & 46-0103 depart Medias (Sibiu County) hauling the IR375 from Budapest to Brasov. Recorded 13th May 2012. Mediaș ; German: ...

Sibiu - European City

România "Sibiu" Ion Nivnya .wmv

Romania - Sibiu - 2015 in (4k)

Sibiu is a city in Transylvania, Romania, with a population of 147245. Located some 215 km (134 mi) north-west of Bucharest, the city straddles the Cibin River, ...

Mărginimea Sibiului in Romania

EN: Mărginimea Sibiului (Hungarian: Szeben-Hegyalja) is an area which comprises 18 Romanian localities in the south-western part of the Sibiu County, ...

Mărginimea Sibiului în imagini/Bilder aus Hermannstaedter Randgebiet

RO:Mai multe informații despre Mărginime puteți afla pe link-ul: http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C4%83rginimea_Sibiului#Istoric DE: Geographische Region ...

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