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Generating functions

Homogeneous polynomials

Orthogonal polynomials

Rational functions

Symmetric functions



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The main article for this category is Polynomial.


Generating functions

Homogeneous polynomials

Orthogonal polynomials

Rational functions

Symmetric functions


Abel polynomials

Abel–Ruffini theorem

Actuarial polynomials

Additive polynomial

Alexander polynomial

Algebraic equation

Algebraic set

All one polynomial

Almost linear hash function

Alternating polynomial

Angelescu polynomials

Appell sequence

Bell polynomials

Bernoulli polynomials

Bernstein polynomial

Bernstein–Sato polynomial

Binomial type

Boas–Buck polynomials

Bollobás–Riordan polynomial

Bombieri norm

Boole polynomials

Bracket polynomial

Bring radical

Bézout matrix

Caloric polynomial

Casus irreducibilis

Cavalieri's quadrature formula

Characteristic polynomial


Coefficient diagram method

Cohn's irreducibility criterion

Complex conjugate root theorem

Complex quadratic polynomial

Constant function

Constant term

Content (algebra)

Continuant (mathematics)

Cubic function

Cyclotomic polynomial

Degree of a polynomial

Delta operator

Denisyuk polynomials

Derivation of the Routh array

Descartes' rule of signs

Dickson polynomial

Difference polynomials


Divided power structure

Division polynomials

Ehrhart polynomial

Eisenstein's criterion

Equally spaced polynomial

Equioscillation theorem

Exponential polynomial

External ray

Faber polynomials

Factor theorem

Factorization of polynomials

Factorization of polynomials over finite fields

Fekete polynomial

Fibonacci polynomials

Gauss's lemma (polynomial)

Gauss–Lucas theorem

Generalized Appell polynomials

Gould polynomials

Grace–Walsh–Szegő theorem

HOMFLY polynomial

Harmonic polynomial

Height of a polynomial

Heine–Stieltjes polynomials

Hermite polynomials

Hilbert's Nullstellensatz

Hilbert's irreducibility theorem

Hilbert's thirteenth problem

Horner's method

Hudde's rules

Humbert polynomials

Hurwitz polynomial

Integer-valued polynomial

Invariant polynomial

Irreducible polynomial

Jacobian conjecture

Jones polynomial

Kauffman polynomial

Kazhdan–Lusztig polynomial

Kharitonov region

Kharitonov's theorem

Knot polynomial

LLT polynomial

Lagrange polynomial

Lagrange's theorem (number theory)

Laguerre polynomials

Laurent polynomial

Lebesgue constant (interpolation)

Legendre polynomials

Lehmer's conjecture

Lill's method

Lindsey–Fox algorithm

Linear equation

Linear function

Linear function (calculus)

Linearised polynomial

List of polynomial topics

Littlewood polynomial

Lommel polynomial

Mahler measure

Mahler polynomial

Marden's theorem

Mason–Stothers theorem

Matrix polynomial

Maximum length sequence

Minimal polynomial (field theory)

Minimal polynomial (linear algebra)

Mittag-Leffler polynomials

Monic polynomial

Monomial basis

Monomial order

Mott polynomials

Multilinear polynomial

Multiplicative sequence

Narumi polynomials

Neumann polynomial

Neville's algorithm

Newton polynomial

Order of a polynomial

Padovan polynomials

Palindromic polynomial

Permutation polynomial

Peters polynomials

Pidduck polynomials

Pincherle polynomials

Polylogarithmic function


Polynomial Wigner–Ville distribution

Polynomial arithmetic

Polynomial expansion

Polynomial greatest common divisor

Polynomial interpolation

Polynomial long division

Polynomial matrix

Polynomial remainder theorem

Polynomial representations of cyclic redundancy checks

Polynomial ring

Polynomial sequence

Primitive polynomial (field theory)

Properties of polynomial roots

Q-difference polynomial

Quadratic equation

Quadratic formula

Quadratic function

Quartic function


Quasisymmetric function

Quintic function

Radical polynomial

Rainville polynomials

Rational root theorem

Reciprocal polynomial

Regular chain

Regular semi-algebraic system


Remez algorithm

Resolvent cubic


Ring of polynomial functions

Ring of symmetric functions

Rook polynomial

Root of unity

Routh–Hurwitz stability criterion

Routh–Hurwitz theorem

Ruffini's rule

Schwartz–Zippel lemma

Secondary polynomials

Separable polynomial

Septic equation

Series expansion

Sextic equation

Shapiro polynomials

Sheffer sequence

Sister Celine's polynomials

Square-free polynomial

Stability radius

Stable polynomial

Stanley symmetric function

Stirling polynomials

Sturm's theorem

Sylvester matrix

Symmetric algebra

Symmetric polynomial

Synthetic division

System of polynomial equations

Theory of equations

Tian yuan shu

Touchard polynomials

Triangular decomposition

Trigonometric polynomial


Tschirnhaus transformation

Tutte polynomial

Umbral calculus

Unimodular polynomial matrix

Vandermonde polynomial

Vieta's formulas

Wall polynomial

Wilkinson's polynomial

Wu's method of characteristic set


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591 news items

University of Arkansas Newswire

University of Arkansas Newswire
Tue, 03 Mar 2015 22:11:15 -0800

The Department of Mathematical Sciences will host its annual Spring Lecture Series, now in its 40th year, titled "Cohomology, Polynomials, and Representations: an Eternal Golden Braid," on Thursday, March 5, through Saturday, March 7, in the Reynolds ...
Yale Daily News (blog)
Mon, 23 Feb 2015 23:41:15 -0800

In deriving their results for both papers, the team used a novel technique, the method of interlacing polynomials. The technique takes advantage of certain manipulations one can perform on functions with specific properties. Though these polynomials ...


Mon, 02 Mar 2015 08:47:17 -0800

I've got an example of polynomials. It'd be nice to be able to do polynomials right. You try that with interval arithmetic and they slop all over. Those gold rectangles I show there are where they produce a bigger bound than they should, and all you're ...

Fast Company

Fast Company
Tue, 24 Feb 2015 02:52:30 -0800

Great teachers don't just teach; they make students believe that they can do it. They make it fun and make it matter. Ever try selling polynomials to a group of 13-year-old boys? Like great sales and marketing, the magic of great teaching is part ...
Chicago Tribune
Wed, 25 Feb 2015 07:45:00 -0800

A team of middle school Mathletes® from Highland Middle School in Libertyville, won the local MATHCOUNTS competition held on February 21st at the College of Lake County. More than 148 students from across Lake and McHenry counties participated in ...
Wed, 25 Feb 2015 03:14:41 -0800

Matrix Ai can be easily found using properties of orthogonal polynomials. If the LMM is correctly specified, then the estimates from the LMM and the CLMM are the same in the balanced case.5 In the unbalanced case, empirical evidence suggests that they ...

The Daily News Journal

The Daily News Journal
Thu, 19 Feb 2015 13:24:26 -0800

I stepped away to find my son's soccer cleats under his bed, help my daughter with a math problem (and Google “multiplying polynomials”), and take a casserole out of the oven. We learn early on to filter out the unnecessary but, in spite of years of ...
Seeking Alpha (registration)
Fri, 27 Feb 2015 19:56:15 -0800

I know it probably is going to be very dependent on where you're manufacturing the SAW but to the extent you've got polynomials that were for specific bands. I assume you can take that and apply that to designs for other customers, is that the right ...

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