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Alumni by high school in Texas

Beauty pageant contestants from Texas

Criminals from Texas

Ethnic groups in Texas

Families from Texas

LGBT people from Texas

Lists of people from Texas

People by county in Texas

People by era in Texas

People by populated place in Texas

People from Texas by occupation

People from the Texas Hill Country

People from the Texas Panhandle



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Classification: People: By nationality: American: By state: Texas

This category includes persons born in Texas and non-natives who are strongly associated with the State of Texas at any time in its history.


Alumni by high school in Texas

Beauty pageant contestants from Texas

Criminals from Texas

Ethnic groups in Texas

Families from Texas

LGBT people from Texas

Lists of people from Texas

People by county in Texas

People by era in Texas

People by populated place in Texas

People from Texas by occupation

People from the Texas Hill Country

People from the Texas Panhandle

Texas people stubs



A. D. Flowers

Aaron Glenn

Abel Head "Shanghai" Pierce

Abi Ferrin

Adam Senn

Adriana Marines

Al G. Manning

Albert Sidney Johnston

Alexander Charles Garrett

Alfred Giles (architect)

Algur H. Meadows

Allie May "A.M." Carpenter

Alyson Fox

Ana Brenda Contreras

Anatolio B. Cruz

Andre Staffelbach

Andria Mullins

Armando Torres III

Arthur K. Ladd

August Siemering

Axl Osborne

Azie Taylor Morton

Bart Exposito

Ben Kinchlow

Bernie Houghton

Betty Roberts

Billy Thompson (gunman)


Bob McDill

Bobby Jancik

Brad Kassell

Brannen Temple

Brenda Schad

Bronko Lubich

Bruce Scholtz

Burchard Miller

C. Wegefarth

C.W. Smith

Cameron Deane Stewart

Carne Muerto

Carroll H. Shilling

Cecil Smith (polo)

Celerino Castillo III

Chad Raney

Chante Jawan Mallard

Charles Chatman

Charles Edward Hawkins

Charles Miller (gambler)

Charles Ready Haskell

Charles Starr

Charles Taylor, Jr.

Charley Malone

Charlie Powell

Chaun Thompson

Chet Helms

Chris Devaney

Chris Layton

Chuck DeVore

Chunk Colbert

Clarence Sasser

Cleto Rodriguez

Clint Everts

Crowder (musician)

Cynthia Ann Parker

D. W. Rutledge

Dan Phillips

Darrell Shepard

Dave Garrison

David Francis Barrow

David Naugle

David Stockman

Debbie Williams

Deborah Fikes

Del Shofner

Dena Schlosser

Denise Trauth

Dewey Mayhew

Doc Sarpolis

Don Menasco

Don Robbins

Donnie R. Marshall

Dr. Cat

Dusty Mangum

Dwayne Jiles

Earl McCullouch

Eben Swift

Eileen Maxson

Elizabeth McIngvale

Elvis Patterson

Emily Austin Perry

Emily D. West

Eric Pianka

Ernie Koy, Jr.

Ethan Kelley

Etta Place

F. Burton Jones

Felipe Enrique Neri, Baron de Bastrop

Ferris Taylor

Fletcher R. Jones

Frank A. Welch

Frank Jackson (outlaw)

Franklin M. McDonald

G. Avery Lee

Gary Magness

George M. Shelton

George McJunkin

George W. Hindman

Glenn W. Smith

Gregg Costa

Gretchen McCord

Hal Bynum

Harold Moss

Harry H. Johnson

Heath Sherman

Hilton Kelley

Hilton Smith

Holice Turnbow

I. B. Hale

Iron Jacket


J. D. Kimmel

J. David Markham

James E. Robinson, Jr.

James Robison (televangelist)

James W. Parker

James W. Pennebaker

Jamie Leigh Jones

Jao de la Porta

Jay McGraw

Jay T. Robbins

Jeff Davis Woodson

Jeff Dwelle

Jeffrey Skilling

Jehans Nordbu

Jeremy Jones (pool player)

Jerrod Johnson

Jerry Taff

Jim Wilkinson (former U.S. government employee)

Joanne Meschery

John B. Sylvester

John E. Kilmer

John H. Shary

John Kilian

John McLennon

John Richard Bryant

John Richard Parker

John S. Lowe

John T. Garner

Johnny Genung

Johnny Trigg

Joni Lamb

Joseph Fort Newton

Joshua Leonard

Joshua Oppenheimer

José Álvarez de Toledo y Dubois

Juan Cortina

Julie Haus

Junk Gypsies

Justin Storms

Karen Elliott House

Kasi Kelly

Kathleen Sloan

Kathleen Stephens

Kendall L. Card

Kerney Thomas

Kevin Garrett

Keylon Kincade

Kirko Bangz

Kiyoaki Saibara

Kristin Malko

Kyle Bunting

Kyle Killion

Lan Roberts

Laszlo B. Kish

Lawrence G. Rawl


Lela Rose

Leon Rusk

Lewis Wade Jones

List of German Texans

List of people from Texas

Lorene Rogers

Lori Wilde

Lottie Deno

Louis Lane

Luis L. Ramirez

Maria Echaveste

Mariann Stratton

Mark Winer

Matt Lepsis

Max McGee

Max Muscle

Michael Brutsch

Michael R. Levy

Mike Hambrick

Mike Stulce

Milan Williams

Milburn Smith

Miriam Bird Greenberg

Montey Stevenson

Moses Lapham

Moses Rose

Mária Telkes

Narciso Martínez

Nash Turner

Neal Knox

Nepomuceno de la Cerda

Newt H. Hall

Norma Stitz

Oliver Law

Oliver P. Smith

Oscar Munoz (magician)

Patrick Kearney

Paul Rice

Peggy Moreland

Peta Nocona

Pete Jaquess

Phil McGraw

Philip Boehm

Philip Nolan

Philip Warner

Pierre Johannessen

R. J. Washington

R. W. Schambach

Rafer Johnson

Randy McCown

Rawson Stovall

Ray Bomba

Reh Jones

Reies Tijerina

Richard King (Texas)

Richard Michael Simkanin

Richard West (outlaw)

Rick Tumlinson

Robert H. Milroy

Robert L. Stephens

Robert Lacy

Robert M. La Prade

Robert Marting

Robert Svoboda

Robert Taylor (computer scientist)

Ron Harms

Ronnie Shanklin

Roosevelt Leaks

Ross Winn

Rudy Jaramillo

Ruth Simmons

Samuel Murray Robinson

Sandford Sellers

Sarah Glasscock

Sarah Horton Cockrell

Sean Glennon

Sean Roden

Sean Townsend

Seito Saibara

Seth McKinney

Sherwood Cryer

Shilah Phillips

Stanley Richard

Stephen Samuel Perry

Tanya McQueen

Ted Jeffries

Ted Koy

Terrence McGee

Tex Thornton

Texas Aces

Texas Tank Bernard

The Angel of Death (wrestler)

Thomas Grettenberg

Thomas Rosales, Jr.

Timmie Jean Lindsey

Tom Janik

Tom Sorley

Tom Strickland

Trey Gunn

Trey Metoyer

Trooper Taylor

Tyrone Brown

Verner Moore White

Vince Hall

Vincent Marshall

Vitamin Smith

W. D. Jones

W. Joe Hoppe

W. Ray Harrington, Jr.

Warren McVea

Werner Hoeger

William "Rip" Robertson

William Angie Smith

William Clyde Thompson

William E. Allen

William Johnson McDonald

William L. Jungers

William Lee Bergstrom

William Leslie Cazneau

William Smeathers

William Waldo (California politician)

Zack Tang


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The greatness that is Texas is its people. These same great people can be found in many states in the United States not influenced by the far left establishm...

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Film image of Harry Dean Stanton. And Nastassja Kinski.

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38 news items


Fri, 18 Apr 2014 09:52:24 -0700

Prior to moving to Houston and becoming a real estate agent, Holden managed a country club in Scotland, where she said oil and gas people from Texas attended, so she had become accustomed to Texans. Running the country club provided her the ...
The INDsider
Fri, 18 Apr 2014 06:42:55 -0700

(These guys must never drive on I-10 with people from Texas). Aswell: Only in Louisiana. APR 18 Blogger Tom Aswell reassures everyone worried about the staffers for Rodney Alexander -- the ones who didn't go to work for McAllister or Candid Camera, ...
Burleson Star
Mon, 14 Apr 2014 08:11:15 -0700

"It's not just people from Texas saying great things" about our home state, Orr said. He noted statistics from several magazines and publications that showed the state has recovered from the recession. Among information shared included the fact that ...
Dallas Morning News
Fri, 11 Apr 2014 16:53:31 -0700

[Jim] Lehrer always says that people from Texas are smarter, but I'm not sure that's true.” Despite accusations to the contrary, the CBS Texans were not all the products of elegant educations. Cronkite went to the University of Texas, and Rather ...
The Breeze
Wed, 26 Mar 2014 20:14:53 -0700

And a whole bunch of people from Texas A&M were like, 'Hey, you guys are really good. We love having you here.' And someone even told, I think Chad [Reep], or a fan who was here told us that when the team went back, they could leave the pep band here ...
Noisey (blog)
Sat, 05 Apr 2014 14:23:17 -0700

Especially when you look at the war starting in 2003 or 2004, a lot of people from Texas went to the war and took their Screw tapes and their Swishahouse mixes with them … maybe even more so with Swishahouse because at that point so much more of it ...
Thu, 03 Apr 2014 09:43:38 -0700

RATCLIFFE, Texas – A Texas couple claims they have captured the elusive “Chupacabra,” a mythical creature that supposedly attacks livestock. Residents in Ratcliffe said they are certain they have found the Chupacabra and this time it's alive. Ratcliffe ...
Tue, 01 Apr 2014 08:00:11 -0700

Severe thunderstorms into Wednesday night will threaten 19 million people from Texas and the southern and central Plains to the lower Ohio Valley. The threat on Wednesday includes the potential for a couple of strong tornadoes. The severe weather on ...

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