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Military units and formations established in the year 1917.


1-120 Field Artillery "Red Fox" Battalion

100th Aero Squadron

101st Bombardment (Photographic) Squadron

102nd Infantry Regiment (United States)

103d Aero Squadron

105th Airlift Squadron

106th Air Refueling Squadron

107th Fighter Squadron

107th Infantry Regiment (United States)

11th Infantry Brigade (United States)

11th Infantry Division (United States)

121st Field Artillery Regiment (United States)

124th Infantry Regiment (United States)

139th Aero Squadron

13th Bomb Squadron

143rd Infantry Regiment (United States)

147th Aero Squadron

148th Aero Squadron

148th Infantry Regiment (United States)

149th Infantry Regiment (United States)

14th Bombardment Squadron

157th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

160th Infantry Regiment (United States)

161st Infantry Regiment (United States)

163d Aero Squadron

165th Infantry Regiment

166th Aero Squadron

168th Aero Squadron

16th Brigade (Australia)

17th Indian Division

17th Infantry Division (United States)

17th Weapons Squadron

186th Aero Squadron

18th Indian Division

1st Battalion 21st Field Artillery Regiment (United States)

1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division (United States)

1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division (United States)

1st Infantry Division (United States)

1st Royal Tank Regiment

20th Aero Squadron

20th Bomb Squadron

213th Aero Squadron

213th Brigade (United Kingdom)

21st Airship Group

224th Mixed Brigade

225th Mixed Brigade

226th Mixed Brigade

227th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)

227th Mixed Brigade

228th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)

22d Aero Squadron

231st Brigade (United Kingdom)

233rd Brigade (United Kingdom)

23d Bomb Squadron

242nd Infantry Division (German Empire)

243rd Infantry Division (German Empire)

24th Fighter Squadron

260a Squadriglia

26th Infantry Division (United States)

27th Aero Squadron

27th Infantry Division (United States)

28th Infantry Division (United States)

299th Brigade Support Battalion (United States)

29th Infantry Division (United States)

2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division (United States)

2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division (United States)

2nd Chemical Battalion (United States)

2nd Infantry Division (United States)

304th Infantry Regiment (United States)

30th Bombardment Squadron

30th Infantry Division (United States)

314th Infantry Regiment (United States)

31st Infantry Division (United States)

31st Test and Evaluation Squadron

325th Infantry Regiment (United States)

32nd Infantry Division (United States)

33d Special Operations Squadron

33rd Infantry Division (United States)

34th Bomb Squadron

34th Infantry Division (United States)

359th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery

35th Infantry Division (United States)

366th Infantry Regiment (United States)

36th Infantry Division (United States)

37th Bomb Squadron

37th Infantry Division (United States)

38th Infantry Division (United States)

394th Combat Training Squadron

397th Bombardment Squadron

39th Infantry Division (United States)

39th Infantry Regiment (United States)

3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division

3rd Infantry Division (United States)

407th Forward Support Battalion

408th Bombardment Squadron

40th Infantry Division (United States)

41st Aero Squadron

41st Infantry Division (United States)

429th Bombardment Squadron

42nd Infantry Division (United States)

432d Attack Squadron

47th Infantry Regiment (United States)

482d Bombardment Squadron

491st Bombardment Squadron

49th Infantry Regiment (United States)

49th Test and Evaluation Squadron

4th Infantry Brigade (New Zealand)

4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division (United States)

4th Infantry Division (United States)

50th Education Squadron

54th Infantry Regiment (United States)

55th Infantry Brigade (United States)

55th Infantry Regiment (United States)

56th Infantry Regiment (United States)

57th Infantry Regiment (United States)

58th Infantry Regiment (United States)

59th Infantry Regiment (United States)

5th Canadian Division

5th Guards Infantry Division (German Empire)

5th Infantry Division (United States)

5th Marine Regiment (United States)

60th Infantry Regiment (United States)

61st Battalion (Australia)

62nd Battalion (Australia)

638th Aero Squadron

64th Infantry Regiment (United States)

67th Infantry Brigade (United States)

6th Infantry Division (United States)

6th Machine Gun Battalion (United States Marine Corps)

6th Marine Regiment (United States)

72nd Field Artillery Brigade (United States)

74th (Yeomanry) Division

75th Division (United Kingdom)

76th Division (United States)

77th Sustainment Brigade

78th Infantry Division (United States)

79th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States)

79th Infantry Division (United States)

7th Infantry Division (United States)

7th Marine Regiment (United States)

80a Squadriglia

80th Division (United States)

81a Squadriglia

81st Field Artillery Regiment

81st Infantry Division (United States)

82nd Airborne Division

82nd Field Artillery Regiment

83rd Infantry Division (United States)

84th Division (United States)

85th Aero Squadron

85th Infantry Division (United States)

867th Reconnaissance Squadron

86th Infantry Division (United States)

87th Division (United States)

88th Infantry Division (United States)

89th Infantry Division (United States)

8th Marine Regiment (United States)

908th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron

90th Infantry Division (United States)

911th Air Refueling Squadron

91a Squadriglia

91st Division (United States)

92nd Infantry Division (United States)

93d Aero Squadron

93d Bomb Squadron

93rd Infantry Division (United States)

94th Aero Squadron

95th Aero Squadron

96th Bomb Squadron

9th Marine Regiment (United States)

Aircraft Board

American Expeditionary Forces

Australian Army during World War I

Australian Corps

Blue Army (Poland)

Burma Rifles

Caucasus Front (Russian Republic)

Corps of Intelligence Police


Group of forces in fight with counter revolution in the South Russia

Home Service Battalions

Jagdgeschwader 1 (World War I)

Jagdstaffel 27

Jagdstaffel 34

Jagdstaffel 36

Jagdstaffel 46

Jagdstaffel 76

Jagdstaffel 77

Jagdstaffel 78

Jagdstaffel 79

Jagdstaffel 80

Navy of the Ukrainian People's Republic

No. 100 Squadron RAF

No. 101 Squadron RAF

No. 102 Squadron RAF

No. 103 Squadron RAF

No. 104 Squadron RAF

No. 105 Squadron RAF

No. 107 Squadron RAF

No. 110 Squadron RAF

No. 111 Squadron RAF

No. 112 Squadron RAF

No. 113 Squadron RAF

No. 114 Squadron RAF

No. 115 Squadron RAF

No. 188 Squadron RAF

No. 189 Squadron RAF

No. 190 Squadron RAF

No. 191 Squadron RAF

No. 192 Squadron RAF

No. 193 Squadron RAF

No. 194 Squadron RAF

No. 197 Squadron RAF

No. 198 Squadron RAF

No. 199 Squadron RAF

No. 209 Squadron RAF

No. 210 Squadron RAF

No. 212 Squadron RAF

No. 228 Squadron RAF

No. 40 Wing RAF

No. 41 Wing RAF

No. 5 Squadron RAAF

No. 6 Squadron RAAF

No. 61 Squadron RAF

No. 7 Squadron RAAF

No. 71 Squadron RAF

No. 72 Squadron RAF

No. 73 Squadron RAF

No. 74 Squadron RAF

No. 79 Squadron RAF

No. 8 Squadron RAAF

No. 80 Squadron RAF

No. 81 Squadron RAF

No. 82 Squadron RAF

No. 83 Squadron RAF

No. 84 Squadron RAF

No. 85 Squadron RAF

No. 89 Squadron RAF

No. 90 Squadron RAF

No. 91 Squadron RAF

No. 92 Squadron RAF

No. 97 Squadron RAF

No. 98 Squadron RAF

No. 99 Squadron RAF

Palestine Brigade RAF


Polish I Corps in Russia

Polish II Corps in Russia

Polish Legion in Finland

Polska Siła Zbrojna

Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps

RAF Collyweston

RAF Hooton Park

RAF Wrexham

Romanian Volunteer Corps in Russia

Royal Defence Corps

Royal Flying Corps Canada

Royal Tank Regiment

Sich Riflemen

Spruce Production Division

Ukrainian People's Army

United States Air Force Thunderbirds

United States Guards

VIII Brigade RAF

XIX Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery (T.F.)

XVIII Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery (T.F.)

Yeomanry Mounted Division


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