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Members of Parliament in the Parliament of England before the Acts of Union 1707 rather than Members of Parliament for English constituencies in either the Parliament of Great Britain (1707–1800) or the Parliament of the United Kingdom (1800 to date).

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Adam Baynes

Adam Creedy

Adam Golde

Adam Scut

Alexander Oxenford

Alexander Popham

Ambrose Lowth

Andrew Harclay, 1st Earl of Carlisle

Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 2nd Earl of Shaftesbury

Archibald Clinkard

Arnold Savage

Arnold Savage II

Arthur Atye

Baldwin St George

Bartholomew Bourchier, 3rd Baron Bourchier

Bartholomew Kemp

Bernard Brocas

Charles Churchill (British Army general)

Charles Herbert (MP died 1605)

Christopher Curwen (MP)

Christopher Pigott

Christopher Topham

David Holbache

David atte Hacche

Edmund Arnold (MP)

Edmund Brokesbourne

Edmund Grey, 1st Earl of Kent

Edmund Horne

Edmund Peirce

Edmund Prideaux

Edmund de la Pole (Captain of Calais)

Edward Dalyngrigge

Edward Hubberd

Edward Maplesden

Edward Popham

Endymion Porter

Five Members

Francis Carew (MP for Castle Rising)

Francis Pierrepont (Parliamentarian)

Francis Thorpe

Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey Mauncell

Geoffrey Starling

George Basset

George Mason I

George Smith (MP for Exeter)

Gerard Braybrooke I

Gervase Clifton (died 1471)

Gilbert Beesby

Gilbert Debenham

Gilbert Denys

Gilbert Millington

Godfrey de Foljambe

Hamon Sutton

Helming Leget

Henry Bartlett (MP)

Henry Catchpole (fl.1361-1386)

Henry Catchpole (fl.1390)

Henry Cravell

Henry English

Henry Fortescue (Lord Chief Justice)

Henry Green (politician)

Henry Herbert (Parliamentarian)

Henry Heyman

Henry Horne (MP)

Henry Lincoln (MP)

Henry Long (politician)

Henry Lynde (died 1427/8)

Henry Redford

Henry Smith (regicide)

Henry Spring

Herbert Morley

Hugh Courtenay (d.1471)

Hugh de Stanford

James Chase (apothecary)

James Fiennes, 1st Baron Saye and Sele

James Herbert (died 1709)

James Hoste

James Nash (MP)

James Peckham

James Pickering

James Strangeways

James Temple

James Tiece

Jean le Sellier

John Abrahall

John Alured

John Arnold (MP for Ipswich)

John Aston (fl. 1362–91)

John Baker (fl. 1407)

John Baker (fl.1421)

John Balderton

John Balet

John Belasise

John Benger

John Bigge (MP)

John Bowes (speaker)

John Brunne

John Burgoyne (MP for Cambridgeshire)

John Bussy

John Butler (MP for Kent)

John Carter (died 1432)

John Chalers

John Cheyne (speaker)

John Cheyne, Baron Cheyne

John Clifford, 7th Baron de Clifford

John Cobham (MP)

John Colville (died 1394)

John Combe (MP)

John Coscombe

John Cotton (fl. 1379–88)

John Coventre (died c. 1430)

John Creking

John Cutler alias Carwithan

John Dalderby (MP)

John Darell

John Darell (died 1694)

John Darras

John Delamare

John Dixwell

John Doreward

John Dove

John Downes (regicide)

John Dyne (MP for East Grinstead)

John Dyne (MP for Hythe)

John Everard (?died 1445)

John Farnfold

John Fauconer

John Fitling

John FitzSymond

John Fleming (14th-century MP)

John Fogge

John Freningham

John Giles (MP)

John Golafre

John Goldston

John Green (speaker)

John Grey (died 1413)

John Guildesborough

John Hardhead

John Harry (MP)

John Haute

John Hawkin

John Hawley

John Hebbe

John Hedon

John Hele (died 1608)

John Hewson (regicide)

John Hobildod

John Hody

John Hore (MP for Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire)

John Howard (died 1437)

John Huddleston (MP for Cumberland)

John Huwet

John Ipstones

John Kent (died 1413)

John Kingston (MP)

John Lacche

John Lake (MP)

John Lambert (general)

John Leventhorpe

John Long (politician)

John Mendham

John Nywaman

John Okehurst

John Oldcastle

John Paston (died 1466)

John Pecche

John Perle (died 1402)

John Peyntour

John Peyton (died 1635)

John Pirie (MP)

John Pollow

John Popham (military commander)

John Prescott (died 1412)

John Proude

John Rede (died 1404)

John Rochford

John Rodney (MP)

John Russell (speaker)

John Ryle (fl. 1414)

John Salerne (died 1410)

John Salerne (died 1415)

John Say

John Scott (died 1485)

John Scrope, 8th Baron Scrope of Bolton

John Sexton I

John Seymour (died 1464)

John Shapleigh (died 1414)

John Shapleigh (fl.1414-1427)

John Shawe (died 1407)

John Shawe (died 1431)

John Sheldwich I

John Sheldwich II

John Sherare

John Shillingford

John Snell (15th-century MP)

John Somers, 1st Baron Somers

John Somerset

John Spalding (14th-century MP)

John Spring (MP for Northampton)

John Stoke (MP)

John Stourton, 1st Baron Stourton

John Sutton of Lincoln

John Sutton, 1st Baron Dudley

John Swynnerton (c. 1349 – c. 1427)

John Symme

John Tapener

John Temple (judge)

John Thorley (MP)

John Tiptoft, 1st Baron Tiptoft

John atte Mille

John de Beauchamp, 1st Baron Beauchamp (fourth creation)

John le Boteler

Knights of the Shire

Mathew Appleyard

Miles Stapleton

Moore Gwillim

Moore Powell

Nicholas Caldecote

Nicholas Clerk

Nicholas Haute

Nicholas Huddleston

Nicholas Huish

Nicholas Lechmere

Nicholas Merbury

Nicholas Morys

Nicholas Potyn

Oliver Cromwell

Oliver St John

Payn Tiptoft

Peter Blount (MP)

Peter Courtenay (died 1405)

Peter Hadley

Peter Pope (MP)

Peter Sturt

Peter de Montfort

Peter de la Mare

Philip I Courtenay

Philip Jones (MP)

Praise-God Barebone

Ralph Basset (died 1282)

Ralph Hastings (died 1495)

Ralph Mackerell

Reynold Braybrooke

Reynold Pympe

Richard Abberbury the Elder

Richard Arches

Richard Assheton of Middleton

Richard Baret

Richard Baynard

Richard Bedull

Richard Beke

Richard Bell (died c. 1417)

Richard Bernard (MP)

Richard Bosom

Richard Brunker

Richard Cardmaker

Richard Courtenay (MP)

Richard Crese

Richard Edgcumbe (died 1489)

Richard Gervays

Richard Gobet

Richard Hasilden

Richard Litelcote

Richard Lyons (Warden of the Mint)

Richard Nash (MP died 1395)

Richard Raymond (MP)

Richard Redman (speaker)

Richard Sherman (MP)

Richard Smith (MP for Devizes)

Richard Stubbe

Robert Appleby (MP)

Robert Baynard

Robert Chandler (MP for Devizes)

Robert Clifford (MP)

Robert Cobbley

Robert Cooper (MP for Canterbury)

Robert Corbet (died 1417)

Robert Corbet (died 1420)

Robert Denny (MP)

Robert Farthing

Robert German (MP)

Robert Hare (antiquary)

Robert Harworth

Robert Howden (MP)

Robert Hyde

Robert Ledes

Robert Long (politician)

Robert Marney

Robert Messingham

Robert More (MP fl.1386)

Robert More (c. 1377–1422)

Robert More (died 1407)

Robert Parning

Robert Parys

Robert Peck (MP for Lincoln)

Robert Saltby

Robert Skerne

Robert Smith (MP for Devizes)

Robert Steward (MP)

Robert Sutton (died 1414)

Robert Swinburne (c. 1327–1391)

Robert atte Lee

Roger Baker (MP)

Roger Barbour

Roger Corbet (died 1395)

Roger Corbet (died 1430)

Roger Flower

Roger Golde

Roger Hill (judge)

Roger Honyton

Roger Hunt (speaker)

Roger Rye

Roger Scoce

Roger Shillingford

Samuel Ongley (died 1747)

Seman Laxfield

Simon Burgh

Simon Grimsby (MP for Kingston upon Hull)

Simon Lunceford

Simon Mayne

Simon Skinner (MP)

Sir Courtenay Pole, 2nd Baronet

Sir George Probert

Sir Henry Brooke, 1st Baronet

Sir Henry Parker, 2nd Baronet

Sir Henry Slingsby, 1st Baronet

Sir Hugh Courtenay of Haccombe and Bampton

Sir Hugh Luttrell

Sir John Dryden, 2nd Baronet

Sir John Hartopp, 3rd Baronet

Sir John de Ashton II

Sir Nathaniel Napier, 2nd Baronet

Sir Nicholas L'Estrange, 4th Baronet

Sir Peter Buckton

Sir Peter Prideaux, 3rd Baronet

Sir Ralph Assheton, 2nd Baronet, of Lever

Sir Richard Hoghton, 3rd Baronet

Sir Simon Mountford

Sir Thomas Powell, 1st Baronet

Sir Thomas Putt, 1st Baronet

Sir Thomas Taylor, 2nd Baronet

Stephen Hales (MP)

Stephen Stapper

Thomas Archer (MP)

Thomas Bancroft (MP)

Thomas Baron (MP)

Thomas Bataill

Thomas Brockhill

Thomas Browne (died 1460)

Thomas Byng (MP)

Thomas Camp

Thomas Chalers

Thomas Charlton (speaker)

Thomas Chaucer

Thomas Chaworth

Thomas Chippenham (fl.1388-1402)

Thomas Clanvowe

Thomas Clinton (MP)

Thomas Cobham (MP)

Thomas Coggeshall

Thomas Cook (MP for Exeter)

Thomas Coventre (MP for Devizes)

Thomas Derham

Thomas Dickenson

Thomas Ellis (15th-century MP)

Thomas Eston

Thomas Fane (died 1692)

Thomas Fogge

Thomas Forster (MP for Lincoln)

Thomas Foxley

Thomas Gardener

Thomas Gay (MP)

Thomas Grantham (Parliamentarian)

Thomas Grey, Lord Grey of Groby

Thomas Guybon

Thomas Harlackenden

Thomas Harrison (soldier)

Thomas Hasilden (died c. 1387)

Thomas Hasilden (died c. 1404)

Thomas Holt (MP)

Thomas Hungerford (Speaker)

Thomas Hussey (politician)

Thomas Ickham

Thomas Kirkby (MP for Kingston upon Hull)

Thomas Lamer

Thomas Lane (14th-century MP)

Thomas Lascelles

Thomas Lee (fl.1420s)

Thomas Lopham

Thomas Malory

Thomas Manningham (MP)

Thomas Neale

Thomas Norris (died 1607)

Thomas Parr (d.1461)

Thomas Patching

Thomas Priour

Thomas Raymond (MP)

Thomas Rempston

Thomas Rempston (son)

Thomas Rider (MP for Maidstone)

Thomas Scot

Thomas Skelton (MP died 1416)

Thomas Smith (MP for Great Bedwyn)

Thomas Stanley (MP for Maidstone)

Thomas Stanley, 1st Baron Stanley

Thomas Steyning

Thomas Teryng

Thomas Thorpe (speaker)

Thomas Town

Thomas de Rokeby

Thomas de Strickland

Walter Beauchamp

Walter Blount (soldier)

Walter Blount, 1st Baron Mountjoy

Walter Devereux (died c. 1383)

Walter Hungerford of Farleigh

Walter Hungerford, 1st Baron Hungerford

Walter Lee (English politician)

Walter de la Pole

William Alington (speaker)

William Asenhill

William Bagot (politician)

William Bailiff

William Bast (MP)

William Bettenham

William Blyton (fl. 1399–1402)

William Breinton

William Bubwith

William Burcester

William Burlestone

William Burley

William Catesby

William Cheyne (15th-century MP)

William Child (MP)

William Chuse

William Coggeshall

William Combe (15th-century MP)

William Combe (died 1610)

William Coventre I

William Coventre II

William Coventre III

William Dalderby

William Danvers

William Dimmock

William Ellis (14th-century MP)

William Emery (MP)

William Esturmy

William FitzHugh, 4th Baron FitzHugh

William Flamville

William Fortescue (died 1629)

William Fowler (MP for Wycombe)

William Freville

William Frye (MP)

William Fulbourn

William Goffe

William Goodred

William Haute (MP)

William Hendelove

William Heyberer

William Holyngbroke

William Horlebat

William Ickham

William Jonet

William Justice (MP)

William Lane (died c. 1438)

William Leadenham

William Morehay

William Morgan (died 1583)

William Mountfort (MP)

William Neel

William Nutbeam

William Oldhall

William Papworth

William Parr, 1st Baron Parr of Kendal

William Pecche

William Plomer (MP for Great Bedwyn)

William Plumpton

William Porter (died 1436)

William Pound

William Rickhill

William Rose (MP for Canterbury)

William Salter (MP)

William Say

William Seamer

William Spicer (14th-century MP)

William Spring of Lavenham

William Stafford (MP)

William Standon

William Stapper

William Stourton (speaker)

William Swinburne (died 1422)

William Tailboys

William Taverner (MP for Lyme Regis)

William Taverner (fl. 1397–1407)

William Tho...

William Towerson

William de Notton

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