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The main article for this category is Iris (plant).



Iris (plant)

Iris adriatica

Iris afghanica

Iris albertii

Iris albicans

Iris albomarginata

Iris alexeenkoi

Iris anguifuga

Iris aphylla

Iris aphylla subsp. hungarica

Iris arenaria

Iris attica

Iris aucheri

Iris benacensis

Iris bicapitata

Iris bloudowii

Iris boissieri

Iris bracteata

Iris brandzae

Iris brevicaulis

Iris bucharica

Iris bulleyana

Iris bungei

Iris cathayensis

Iris caucasica

Iris chrysographes

Iris chrysophylla

Iris clarkei

Iris confusa

Iris cristata

Iris croatica

Iris crocea

Iris cuniculiformis

Iris curvifolia

Iris cycloglossa

Iris cypriana

Iris danfordiae

Iris darwasica

Iris delavayi

Iris dolichosiphon

Iris domestica

Iris douglasiana

Iris ensata

Iris falcifolia

Iris farreri

Iris fernaldii

Iris filifolia

Iris flavescens

Iris florentina

Iris foetidissima

Iris formosana

Iris forrestii

Iris fosteriana

Iris fulva

Iris furcata

Iris germanica

Iris giganticaerulea

Iris glaucescens

Iris goniocarpa

Iris graeberiana

Iris graminea

Iris grant-duffii

Iris griffithii

Iris halophila

Iris halophila var. sogdiana

Iris hartwegii

Iris hellenica

Iris henryi

Iris heweri

Iris hexagona

Iris histrio

Iris hoogiana

Iris hookeri

Iris hookeriana

Iris humilis

Iris hyrcana

Iris illyrica

Iris imbricata

Iris innominata

Iris ivanovae

Iris japonica

Iris juncea

Iris junonia

Iris kashmiriana

Iris kemaonensis

Iris kerneriana

Iris kobayashii

Iris kolpakowskiana

Iris koreana

Iris korolkowii

Iris kuschakewiczii

Iris kuschkensis

Iris lactea

Iris lacustris

Iris laevigata

Iris latifolia

Iris latistyla

Iris lazica

Iris leptophylla

Iris lineata

Iris loczyi

Iris longipetala

Iris longiscapa

Iris ludwigii

Iris lutescens

Iris maackii

Iris macrosiphon

Iris magnifica

Iris mandshurica

Iris maracandica

Iris marsica

Iris masia

Iris mesopotamica

Iris milesii

Iris minutoaurea

Iris missouriensis

Iris munzii

Iris narbutii

Iris narcissiflora

Iris narynensis

Iris nelsonii

Iris nigricans

Iris notha

Iris nusairiensis

Iris odaesanensis

Iris orchioides

Iris orientalis

Iris orjenii

Iris palaestina

Iris pallida

Iris pallida subsp. cengialti

Iris pamphylica

Iris perrieri

Iris persica

Iris planifolia

Iris pontica

Iris potaninii

Iris prismatica

Iris proantha

Iris psammocola

Iris pseudacorus

Iris pseudocaucasica

Iris pseudonotha

Iris pseudopallida

Iris pseudopumila

Iris pumila

Iris purdyi

Iris purpureobractea

Iris qinghainica

Iris regis-uzziae

Iris reichenbachii

Iris relicta

Iris reticulata

Iris reticulata var. bakeriana

Iris rosenbachiana

Iris rossii

Iris ruthenica

Iris rutherfordii

Iris sambucina

Iris sanguinea

Iris savannarum

Iris scariosa

Iris schachtii

Iris ser. Californicae

Iris ser. Chinenses

Iris ser. Hexagonae

Iris ser. Laevigatae

Iris ser. Longipetalae

Iris ser. Ruthenicae

Iris ser. Sibiricae

Iris ser. Spuriae

Iris ser. Syriacae

Iris ser. Tenuifoliae

Iris ser. Tripetalae

Iris serotina

Iris setina

Iris setosa

Iris sibirica

Iris sikkimensis

Iris sintenisii

Iris songarica

Iris speculatrix

Iris spuria

Iris spuria subsp. carthaliniae

Iris spuria subsp. demetrii

Iris spuria subsp. maritima

Iris spuria subsp. musulmanica

Iris stenophylla

Iris stolonifera

Iris suaveolens

Iris subdichotoma

Iris subg. Iris

Iris subg. Limniris

Iris subg. Nepalensis

Iris subg. Scorpiris

Iris subg. Xiphium

Iris tectorum

Iris tenax

Iris tenuifolia

Iris tenuis

Iris tenuissima

Iris tigridia

Iris tingitana

Iris tridentata

Iris tubergeniana

Iris tuberosa

Iris typhifolia

Iris unguicularis

Iris uniflora

Iris variegata

Iris vartanii

Iris ventricosa

Iris verna

Iris versicolor

Iris vicaria

Iris virginica

Iris vorobievii

Iris warleyensis

Iris wattii

Iris willmottiana

Iris wilsonii

Iris winkleri

Iris winogradowii

Iris xanthospuria

Iris xiphium

Iris zagrica

Iris zaprjagajewii

Iris zenaidae

Iris × hollandica

Japanese iris

List of Iris species

Louisiana iris

Orris oil


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Learn how to divide and re-plant irises in your garden. From the Southwest Yard & Garden series.

How to Plant Iris Germanica: Jeff grows on Summer Iris in pots

http://www.jparkers.co.uk/c-it/perennials/iris/ How-to tutorial from Jeff Turner, how to plant Iris Germanica into pots for a great display in May to July. Iris are a ...

How to care for Iris Plants

By Coshocton County Master Gardeners At Hasseman Marketing we Deliver Marketing Joy! How do we do that? We provide our clients (both large and small) ...

How to Plant Iris: Step-by-Step Gardening

http://springhillnursery.com/ Spring Hill Nurseries' Step-by-Step Gardening series presents a video on how to plant iris.

Lovely Iris Flowers Garden in Ichikawa Tokyo Japan "Iris (plant)"

Lovely Iris Flowers Garden in Ichikawa Tokyo Japan "Iris (plant)"

Gardening Tips : How to Grow Irises

To grow irises, plant three bulbs in a triangle three inches deep in a sunny or partially shady area of a garden. Grow irises with tips from a professional gardener ...

Gardening Tips - How to Divide Iris Plants

Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to divide bearded iris plants! Late summer or early fall are the best times for dividing irises. Dig up and ...

How to Plant Dutch Iris Bulbs

Learn how to plant Dutch Iris bulbs with Yolanda Vanveen. You can learn more sustainable gardening tips and tricks at our site How to Garden Videos ...

How To Plant Iris Seeds


German or Bearded Iris Maintenance and Care

www.landdesigns.com/blog German or Bearded Iris Maintenance and Care. Learn how to cut back your Iris after bloom and dead leaf plants to encourage ...

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85 news items


Fri, 22 Jan 2016 01:06:11 -0800

This fragrance – woody, peppery and powdery (thanks to orris, an ingredient derived from the root of the iris plant) smells as good on either sex. Look out, too, for Jo Malone's forthcoming Rare Teas luxury fragrance collection – Midnight Black Tea has ...

Natural History Magazine

Natural History Magazine
Fri, 13 Nov 2015 17:56:44 -0800

Editor's note: We are grateful to reader Marvin Paioff of Durango, CO, for pointing our attention to this relevant and entertaining song. I had been studying iris flowers [“Curious Yellow,” Natural History, 5/15] because I got hooked by an incidental ...

News & Observer

News & Observer
Fri, 09 Oct 2015 23:08:41 -0700

... Hollowell, 63, of Apex, says the most meaningful plant she has is a white iris. Her only niece, Erin Davison, died in 2007 at the age of 16, and an iris plant was given to her parents. After a couple of years, the plant was shared with Hollowell ...

Napa Valley Register

Napa Valley Register
Sat, 11 Apr 2015 18:57:28 -0700

“The only way an iris changes color is if a flower is pollinated, develops a seed pod, and the resulting seeds fall to the ground and germinate, thus growing into a new iris plant. This new iris plant will always bloom differently than the parents due ...


Mon, 28 May 2007 04:23:30 -0700

The bearded irises used to seem to me too regal and stately to love, in fact, rather pompous. (There are other estimable kinds of irises, but the tall bearded are the most familiar and the most flamboyant—the ones Van Gogh painted.) But when I worked ...
Waco Tribune-Herald
Thu, 24 Sep 2015 22:03:45 -0700

The Waco Iris Society will have its annual iris plant sale from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at GreenLife Nursery, 1312 N. New Road. The sale will feature irises, at below retail pricing, that were grown by club members. For more information, call 854-2558.

McPherson Sentinel

McPherson Sentinel
Sun, 02 Aug 2015 11:56:15 -0700

Hindenburg Color Interior. Before the modern jumbo jet and its first class suites, the biggest and grandest thing in luxury air travel was the German Zeppelin Airship. Of all the massive Zeppelin's constructed, the most famous was the Hindenburg, which ...

McPherson Sentinel

McPherson Sentinel
Sun, 02 Aug 2015 09:52:30 -0700

Man Bored at Desk. If you're reading this right now, there's a good chance you're actually supposed to be doing something else. (Isn't that what the internet is for?) But the thing about getting things done? It's hard — especially when whatever you're ...

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