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Hollyoaks families

Lists of Hollyoaks characters



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Category containing fictional characters from the soap opera Hollyoaks.


Hollyoaks families

Lists of Hollyoaks characters



Abby Davies

Adam Morgan (Hollyoaks)

Aiden Bigsby

Aleksander Malota

Alex Bell (Hollyoaks)

Alex Browning (Hollyoaks)

Alex Harrison

Alfie Nightingale

Ali Taylor

Alistair Longford

Ally Gorman

Ally Grogan

Ally Harrison

Amber Sharpe

Amy Barnes

Andy Holt (Hollyoaks)

Andy Morgan (Hollyoaks)

Angela Brown (Hollyoaks)

Anita Roy

Anna Green (Hollyoaks)

Annette Palmer

Archie Carpenter

Ash Kane

Ash Roy

Ashley Davidson

Bart McQueen

Bazil McCourtey

Becca Hayton

Bel Roy

Bella Manning

Ben Bradley

Ben Davies (Hollyoaks)

Beth Clement

Beth Morgan (Hollyoaks)

Bethany Cunningham

Big Bob

Blessing Chambers

Bobby McQueen


Bonnie Bevan

Brendan Brady

Brian Drake

Callum Kane

Calvin Valentine

Cameron Campbell

Cameron Clark

Candy Browne

Carl Costello

Carly Bradley

Carmel McQueen

Carol Groves

Carrie Owen

Celia Osborne

Celine McQueen

Charles Hayton

Charlie Dean

Charlotte Lau

Cheryl Brady

Chloe (Hollyoaks)

Chloe Bruce

Chris Fenwick

Cindy Cunningham

Clare Devine

Cleo McQueen

Clive Harris

Connor (Hollyoaks)

Craig Dean

Dale Jackson

Dan Hunter

Dannii Carbone

Danny Lomax

Danny Valentine

Darlene Taylor

Darren Osborne

Dave Colburn

Dawn Cunningham

Debbie Dean

Dennis Richardson (Hollyoaks)

Dennis Savage

Derek Clough

Dermot Ashton

Diane O'Connor

Diane Valentine

Dion (Hollyoaks)

Dirk Savage

Doctor Browning

Dodger Savage

Dominic Reilly

Doug Carter

Dr. Charles S'avage

Duncan Button

Dylan (Hollyoaks)

Dylan Jenkins

Dylan Shaw (Hollyoaks)

Eamon Fisher

Ed Morrison

Ellie Mills

Ellie Nightingale

Elliot Bevan

Emma Chambers (Hollyoaks)

Eoghan Nolan

Esther Bloom

Eva Strong

Fern (Hollyoaks)

Finn O'Connor (Hollyoaks)

Fletch (Hollyoaks)

Foz (Hollyoaks)

Francine Osborne

Frankie Osborne

Fraser Black

Freddie Roscoe

Freddy Watson

Gabby Sharpe

Gaz Bennett

Geoff Palmer (Hollyoaks)

George Smith (Hollyoaks)

Geri Hudson

Gilly Roach

Gina Patrick

Gordon Cunningham

Grace Black

Grace Hutchinson

Greg Andersen

Hannah Ashworth

Hayley Ramsey

Heidi Costello

Helen Cunningham

Helen Davenport

Hilton Cunningham

Holly Cunningham

India Longford

Izzy Davies

Jack Osborne

Jack Osborne (Hollyoaks)

Jacqui Hudson

Jacqui McQueen

Jade Albright

Jade Hedy

Jake Dean

Jambo Bolton

Jamie Nash

Jane Andersen

Jasmine Bates

Jason Costello

Jason Cunliffe (Hollyoaks)

Jason Roscoe

Jem Costello

Jen Gilmore

Jeremy Peterson

Jessica Harris (Hollyoaks)

Jill Osborne

Jim McGinn

Jodie Nash

Jodie Wilde

Joe Johnson (Hollyoaks)

Joe Roscoe

Joe Spencer (Hollyoaks)

Joel Dexter

John Paul McQueen

John Paul McQueen and Craig Dean

Johnno Dean

Josh Ashworth

Jude Cunningham

Juliette Benson

Justin Burton

Karen Taylor (Hollyoaks)

Kate Patrick

Kath Butterfield

Kathleen McQueen

Kathleen-Angel McQueen

Kathy Barnes

Katy Fox

Katy O'Connor

Kevin Foster (Hollyoaks)

Kim Butterfield

Kirk Benson

Kris Fisher

Kristian Hargreaves

Kurt Benson

Kyle Bigsby

Lacey Kane

Lachlan Campbell

Laura Burns (Hollyoaks)

Lauren Valentine

Leah Barnes

Leanne Holiday

Lee Hunter

Lee Stanley

Leela Lomax

Leila Roy

Leo Valentine

Les Hunter (Hollyoaks)

Lewis Richardson (Hollyoaks)

Liam Gilmore

Liberty Savage

Lindsey Butterfield

Lisa Hunter

List of Hollyoaks characters (1995–96)

List of Hollyoaks characters (1997)

List of Hollyoaks characters (1998)

List of Hollyoaks characters (1999)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2000)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2001)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2002)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2003)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2004)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2005)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2006)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2007)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2008)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2009)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2010)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2011)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2012)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2013)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2014)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2015)

Liz Burton

Lockie Campbell

Loretta Jones

Lorraine Wilson

Louis Loveday

Louise Summers

Louise Taylor (Hollyoaks)

Lucas Hay

Lucy Benson

Luke Morgan

Lydia Hart

Lynsey Nolan

Mac Nightingale

Macca (Hollyoaks)

Maddie Morrison

Maddie Parker

Malachy Fisher

Mandy Richardson

Margaret Hayton

Mariam Andrews

Mark Brown (Hollyoaks)

Mark Gascoyne

Mark Gibbs

Mark Jury

Martha Kane

Matt Musgrove

Matthew McQueen

Max Cunningham

Max McQueen

Maxine Minniver

Maxine Minniver (Hollyoaks)

Maxwell McQueen-Hutchinson

Mel Burton

Mercedes McQueen

Michael St John Thomas

Michaela McQueen

Michelle (Hollyoaks)

Mike Barnes (Hollyoaks)


Mr. Carpenter

Mrs. Webster

Myra McQueen

Nana McQueen

Nancy Hayton

Natalie Osborne

Natasha Andersen

Nate Tenbury-Newent

Nathan Haywood

Nathan Nightingale

Neesha (Hollyoaks)

Neeta Kaur

Neil Cooper (Hollyoaks)

Neville Ashworth

Newt (Hollyoaks)

Niall Rafferty

Nick O'Connor

Nico Blake

Nicole Owen

Nige Foster

Norman Sankofa

O.B. (Hollyoaks)

Olivia Johnson

Ollie Benson

Oscar Osborne

Patrick Blake (Hollyoaks)

Pauline Hay

Peri Lomax

Pete Buchanan

Pete Webster

Phoebe McQueen

Porsche McQueen

Presley Dean

Rachel Hardy

Rachel Osborne

Rae Wilson

Ravi Roy

Ray McCormick

Reenie McQueen

Rhys Ashworth

Richard Taylor (Hollyoaks)

Richie Trent

Rick Spencer

Ricky Bowen

Ricky Campbell

Riley Costello

Rob Hawthorne (Hollyoaks)

Rob Owen (Hollyoaks)

Robbie Flynn

Robbie Roscoe

Roger Kiddle

Rory (Hollyoaks)

Rory Finnigan

Ruby Button

Russ Owen

Ruth Osborne

Sally Hunter

Sam Lomax

Sam Owen

Sampson (Hollyoaks)

Sandy Roscoe

Sarah Andersen

Sarah Barnes

Sasha Valentine

Scott Anderson (Hollyoaks)

Scott Drinkwell

Seamus Brady

Sean Kennedy (Hollyoaks)

Seth Costello

Shane (Hollyoaks)

Sienna Blake

Silas Blissett

Simon Walker (Hollyoaks)

Simone Loveday

Sinead O'Connor (Hollyoaks)

Sol Patrick

Sonia Albright

Sonny Valentine

Sophie Burton

Spencer Gray

Spike (Hollyoaks)

Stacey Foxx

Ste Hay

Steph Cunningham

Stephen Mackintosh

Sue Morgan

Summer Shaw

Suzanne Ashworth

Tegan Lomax

Terry (Hollyoaks)

Terry Williams (Hollyoaks)

Texas Longford

Theo Sankofa

Theresa McQueen

Tilly Evans

Tina Reilly

Toby Mills

Tom Cunningham

Tony Hutchinson

Trevor Royle

Tristan Burgess

Tré Davenport

Val Jenkins

Valerie Holden

Victoria Hutchinson

Vincent Elegba

Vinnie Williams

Walker (Hollyoaks)

Walt (Hollyoaks)

Warren Fox

Wayne (Hollyoaks)

Will Davies

Will Hackett

Will Savage

Yasmin Burgess

Yvonne Summers

Zack Loveday

Zak Ramsey

Zara Morgan

Ziggy Roscoe

Zoe Carpenter


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143 news items

Digital Spy UK
Thu, 09 Jul 2015 11:10:06 -0700

Hollyoaks characters could meet a watery end this autumn in the soap's 20th anniversary stunt. Show bosses have revealed the first details of the drama to come, teasing that the storyline will be an action-packed adventure experience that goes ...

Digital Spy UK

Digital Spy UK
Sun, 31 May 2015 16:02:39 -0700

Popular Hollyoaks characters will be pushed to breaking point when baby Rose Lomax goes missing in an upcoming storyline. Tegan Lomax (Jessica Ellis) will be left devastated when she learns that her young daughter has been snatched, sparking a ...

Digital Spy UK

Digital Spy UK
Wed, 26 Nov 2014 16:12:23 -0800

In our picture gallery below, we take a look at the Hollyoaks characters as they appear in the game. Hollyoaks The Game Next Hollyoaks The Game: Darren Osborne Copyright: Lime Pictures 1 of 12. Previous. Next. Digital Spy Soap Scoop video - hit play ...


Tue, 23 Sep 2014 08:00:00 -0700

The Channel 4 soap have announced that Dennis Savage's dad and Lindsey Butterfield's younger sister are set to join the cast. Actress Daisy Wood-Davis – who some may remember played Poppp Meadow's sister Tansy in EastEnders – has been cast as ...
Digital Spy UK
Mon, 04 Aug 2014 12:05:43 -0700

Sam and Danny Lomax have been revealed as the two Hollyoaks characters who are at the centre of the soap's shock summer car crash. Monday's E4 first look episode (August 4) saw a terrible accident befall the pair just as they were frantically making ...
Digital Spy UK
Sat, 20 Oct 2012 16:24:12 -0700

Hollyoaks airs another tragic storyline twist in November as wedding day joy turns to horror for a number of the soap's characters. Fans can expect three different couples to go ahead with plans to tie the knot in the coming weeks, but terrible danger ...

Unreality TV

Unreality TV
Thu, 02 Apr 2015 04:15:00 -0700

And there may be more Hollyoaks characters in for a bit of a surprise too, as Daniella Westbrook has been confirmed as returning to the show to reprise her role as female boss, Trudy. Fans will remember that Trudy was an ex-cellmate of Jacqui McQueen ...
Digital Spy UK
Wed, 31 Dec 2014 12:00:38 -0800

Rick Spencer, played by Victor Gardener, meets an untimely end in the first official episode of 2015 - which had a first look airing on E4 on New Year's Eve. The show's hour-long New Year Eve special had seen Rick find himself in jeopardy when he ...

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