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The main article for this category is Anthurium.


Anthurium stubs




Anthurium albidum

Anthurium albispatha

Anthurium albovirescens

Anthurium anceps

Anthurium andraeanum

Anthurium andreanum 'Royal Flush'

Anthurium angustilaminatum

Anthurium aristatum

Anthurium atroviride

Anthurium auritum

Anthurium balslevii

Anthurium bimarginatum

Anthurium brittonianum

Anthurium bucayanum

Anthurium bullosum

Anthurium bushii

Anthurium cabuyalense

Anthurium cachabianum

Anthurium campii

Anthurium camposii

Anthurium canaliculatum

Anthurium candolleanum

Anthurium ceratiinum

Anthurium clarinervium

Anthurium clathratum

Anthurium coerulescens

Anthurium conspicuum

Anthurium conterminum

Anthurium cordiforme

Anthurium cordulatum

Anthurium crystallinum

Anthurium curtispadix

Anthurium cuspidiferum

Anthurium cutucuense

Anthurium dendrobates

Anthurium dolichophyllum

Anthurium ecuadorense

Anthurium eggersii

Anthurium esmeraldense

Anthurium exstipulatum

Anthurium falcatum

Anthurium fasciale

Anthurium fraseri

Anthurium furcatum

Anthurium fuscopunctatum

Anthurium gaffurii

Anthurium geniculatum

Anthurium glaucophyllum

Anthurium grex-avium

Anthurium gualeanum

Anthurium hastifolium

Anthurium hebetatilaminum

Anthurium hieronymi

Anthurium holm-nielsenii

Anthurium hookeri

Anthurium jaramilloi

Anthurium jimenae

Anthurium julospadix

Anthurium latemarginatum

Anthurium lennartii

Anthurium leonianum

Anthurium lineolatum

Anthurium lingua

Anthurium linguifolium

Anthurium macrolonchium

Anthurium maculosum

Anthurium magnifolium

Anthurium manabianum

Anthurium masfense

Anthurium miniatum

Anthurium myosurus

Anthurium navasii

Anthurium nemorale

Anthurium nicolasianum

Anthurium nigropunctatum

Anthurium nitens

Anthurium obovatum

Anthurium occidentale

Anthurium ochreatum

Anthurium oreodoxum

Anthurium oxyphyllum

Anthurium palenquense

Anthurium pallatangense

Anthurium pallidiflorum

Anthurium parambae

Anthurium pedunculare

Anthurium pellucidopunctatum

Anthurium pichinchae

Anthurium pirottae

Anthurium plantagineum

Anthurium plurisulcatum

Anthurium polyneuron

Anthurium polyphlebium

Anthurium polystictum

Anthurium psilostachyum

Anthurium punctatum

Anthurium quinquesulcatum

Anthurium radiatum

Anthurium resectum

Anthurium rhizophorum

Anthurium rhodorhizum

Anthurium rigidifolium

Anthurium rimbachii

Anthurium riofrioi

Anthurium rugulosum

Anthurium rupestre

Anthurium saccardoi

Anthurium sagittale

Anthurium sagittellum

Anthurium scaberulum

Anthurium scabrinerve

Anthurium sect. Digitinervium

Anthurium sect. Gymnopodium

Anthurium sect. Pachyneurium

Anthurium sect. Porphyrochitonium

Anthurium septuplinervium

Anthurium silanchense

Anthurium sodiroanum

Anthurium sparreorum

Anthurium spathulifolium

Anthurium stenoglossum

Anthurium striolatum

Anthurium subcoerulescens

Anthurium subtruncatum

Anthurium sulcatum

Anthurium superbum

Anthurium tenaense

Anthurium tenuicaule

Anthurium tenuifolium

Anthurium tenuispica

Anthurium tonianum

Anthurium treleasei

Anthurium tremulum

Anthurium vestitum

Anthurium vomeriforme

List of Anthurium species


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2084 news items

Tribun Kaltim

Tribun Kaltim
Mon, 16 Mar 2015 00:50:44 -0700

Bupati Karanganyar (Jawa Tengah) Rina Iriani bahkan sempat dijuluki sebagai 'Bupati Anthurium'. Ia memang mencanangkan daerahan sebagai Kota Anthurium. Pada banyak kesempatan, Rina mempromosikan budidaya Anthurium. Ia pun mengoleksi ...

Fayetteville Observer

Fayetteville Observer
Fri, 13 Mar 2015 21:05:13 -0700

Your plant happens to be an anthurium - Anthurium plowmanii, to be exact. It was found growing in the Amazon River basin in Brazil and named in 1987 in honor of Timothy Plowman. Since there are about 1,000 species of anthuriums, identifying one species ...

Le Figaro

Le Figaro
Wed, 11 Mar 2015 09:18:45 -0700

Les deux photos ne représentent pas forcément un seul et même problème. Celle publiée ci-dessus fait penser à un problème parasitaire: bactérie ou, plus probablement, champignon. Éliminez les feuilles malades et arrosez votre anthurium sans mouiller ...


Sat, 14 Mar 2015 16:41:45 -0700

SOLO - Fenomena boomingnya batu akik dianggap sebagai aksi cuci uang (money landry) karena nilainya yang tiba-tiba menjadi sangat mahal. Pasalnya, hal ini juga pernah terjadi pada anthurium jemani, ikan arwana, dan burung. Namun, Pengamat ...
Greenhouse Management
Wed, 25 Mar 2015 10:37:30 -0700

The breeding and propagation activities in pot and cut anthurium, bougainvillea and heliconia will transfer to DNA Green Group. Now, both parties can focus on realizing their intended synergies, according to a press release from DNA Green Group on ...

Tribun Pontiaknak

Tribun Pontiaknak
Tue, 17 Mar 2015 11:49:08 -0700

COM, SEMARANG - Camat Tembalang, Kota Semarang, Kukuh Sudarmanto, memprediksi tren batu akik akan mengalami nasib sama seperti saat booming bunga anthurium dan ikan lou han. Harga akik pun diperkirakan bakal anjlok. Keriuhan tetangganya ...

Marie Claire.co.uk (blog)

Marie Claire.co.uk (blog)
Tue, 24 Mar 2015 04:06:36 -0700

Giving Georgia O'Keefe a run for her money, Ms Twigs gets to grips with a strategically-placed anthurium in this, one of four extra videos she released when she was experimenting with her identity back in 2012. Do It Like A Dude Sorry, what? This is a ...
Times of India
Wed, 25 Mar 2015 15:30:00 -0700

"The hot temperature is good for lawns but exotic plants like the anthurium take a beating in this weather with semi-charred leaves. This summer is stressful for a gardener!" she says. Heat island effect. The temperature of a region is based on ...

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