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This category contains films originally released in the year 1953.

The main article for this category is 1953 in film.
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36 Hours (1953 film)

99 River Street

A Blueprint for Murder

A Day to Remember (1953 film)

A Geisha

A Husband for Anna

A Is for Atom

A Japanese Tragedy

A Lion Is in the Streets

A Night in Venice (1953 film)

A`isha (1953 film)

Aag Ka Dariya

Aah (film)

Abbott and Costello Go to Mars

Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Act of Love (1953 film)

Adam and Eve (1953 film)

Adolescence Part II

Affair with a Stranger

Aida (1953 film)

Al Hamawat Al Fatenat

Albert R.N.

All Ashore

All I Desire

All My Babies

All the Brothers Were Valiant

Amanti del passato

Amari Gann Jhia


Ambush at Tomahawk Gap

An Inlet of Muddy Water

Anarkali (1953 film)

Anatahan (film)

Anbu (1953 film)

Angel Face (1953 film)

Anna Proletářka

Anna Susanna

Appointment in Honduras

Appointment in London

Arena (1953 film)

Armiño Negro

Arrowhead (film)

As Long as You're Near Me


Asunto terminado

Au diable la vertu

Aurat (1953 film)

Aventura en Río

Avvaiyar (film)


Back to God's Country (1953 film)

Background (1953 film)

Bad for Each Other

Barabbas (1953 film)

Battle Circus (film)

Bear Country (film)

Beat the Devil (film)

Because of You (film)

Belinsky (film)

Below the Sahara

Ben and Me

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef

Big Leaguer

Bill Bergson and the White Rose Rescue (1953 film)

Bis fünf nach zwölf – Adolf Hitler und das 3. Reich

Black 13

Black Orchid (1953 film)

Blood Orange (film)

Blowing Wild

Booty and the Beast

Born to the Saddle

Botany Bay (film)

Bratuku Teruvu

Bread of Love

Bread, Love and Dreams

Bright Road


Bubble Trouble (film)

By the Light of the Silvery Moon (film)

Calamity Jane (film)

Call Me Madam (film)

Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders

Canción de cuna (1953 film)

Canvas Back Duck

Capitaine Pantoufle

Captain Bay-Bay

Captain John Smith and Pocahontas

Captain Scarface

Captain Scarlett

Captain Thunderbolt (film)


Carnival Story

Cat-Women of the Moon

Cattle Queen of Montana

Cavalleria rusticana (1953 film)

Cease Fire (1953 film)

Cet homme est dangereux


Charade (1953 film)

China Venture

City Beneath the Sea (1953 film)

City That Never Sleeps

City of Bad Men

Clipped Wings (1953 film)

Column South

Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe


Confidentially Connie

Conquest of Cochise

Cosh Boy

Count the Hours

Crazylegs (film)

Crossroad Avenger

Cruisin' Down the River

Cry of the Hunted

Dance Hall Racket

Dangerous Crossing

Dangerous Mission

Dangerous When Wet

Das kleine und das große Glück

Deadly Nightshade (film)

Decameron Nights

Del otro lado del puente

Den evige Eva

Desert Legion

Desperate Moment

Destination Gobi

Devadasu (1953 film)

Devil's Canyon (1953 film)


Die Geschichte vom kleinen Muck

Die Gewehre der Frau Carrar

Die Jungfrau auf dem Dach

Dieci canzoni d'amore da salvare

Dil-E-Nadaan (1953 film)

Do Bigha Zamin

Don's Fountain of Youth

Donovan's Brain (film)

Dorf im Herbst

Dortoir des grandes

Down Among the Sheltering Palms (film)

Doña Francisquita (film)

Drakula İstanbul'da

Dream Wife

Dreaming Lips (1953 film)


E Napoli canta

Eager to Live

Eagle of the Pacific

East of Sumatra

Easy Years

Easy to Love (1953 film)

Eaux d'Artifice

Eda Rae

Ek Do Teen

El Bruto

El Hijo del crack

El Monstruo resucitado

El Muerto es un vivo

El Paso Stampede

El Pecado más lindo del mundo

El hombre inquieto

El lunar de la familia

Empty Eyes (1953 film)

Endless Horizons

Entotsu no mieru basho

Epitome (film)

Escape by Night (1953 film)

Escape from Fort Bravo

Everything I Have Is Yours (film)

Fair Wind to Java

Fangs of the Arctic

Farlig Ungdom

Fast Company (1953 film)

Father of Four

Fear and Desire

Fighter Attack

Flame of Calcutta

Flight to Tangier


Folly to Be Wise

Footpath (1953 film)

Forbidden (1953 film)

Forces' Sweetheart (film)

Forever Female

Fort Algiers

Fort Ti

Fort Vengeance

Four Sided Triangle

Francis Covers the Big Town

Franz Schubert (film)

From Here to Eternity

Funniest Show on Earth

Gate of Hell (film)

Geheimakten Solvay

Genevieve (film)

Genova (1953 film)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953 film)

Ghost of Saga Mansion

Ghost-Cat of Arima Palace

Gioventù alla sbarra

Girl on the Run (1953 film)

Girls in the Night

Give a Girl a Break

Glad Tidings (film)

Glen or Glenda

Good Folk's Sunday

Goof on the Roof

Green Magic

Guerrilla Girl (1953 film)

Gun Belt

Gun Belt (film)

Gun Fury


Gunsmoke (film)

Half a Hero

Hannah Lee

Here Come the Girls (1953 film)

Herren der Felder

Hibari no kanashiki hitomi

Hilja maitotyttö

His Father's Portrait

Hocuspocus (1953 film)

Hondo (film)

Hostile Whirlwinds

Houdini (film)

Houen zo!

House of Blackmail

House of Wax (1953 film)

How to Marry a Millionaire

Husband and Wife (film)

I Beheld His Glory

I Confess (film)

I Love Lucy (film)

I Love Melvin

I, the Jury (1953 film)

In the Face of Demolition

Inferno (1953 film)

Innocents in Paris

Interim (film)

Intermezzo criminal

Intimate Relations (1953 film)

Invaders from Mars (1953 film)

Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?

Island in the Sky (1953 film)

Isn't Life Wonderful! (1953 film)

It Came from Outer Space

It Happened in the Park

It Happens Every Thursday

It's Never Too Late (1953 film)

It's a Grand Life

Jalopy (film)

Jamaica Run

Jealousy (1953 film)

Jeewan Jyoti (1953 film)

Jennifer (1953 film)

Jenova (film)

Jeopardy (film)

Jhansi Ki Rani (1953 film)

Johann Mouse

Johnny on the Run

Jonny Saves Nebrador

Julietta (1953 film)

Julius Caesar (1953 film)

Jungle Drums of Africa

Jungle Ka Jawahar

Jūdai no yūwaku

Kameni horizonti

Kangal (film)

Kanna Talli

Kansas Pacific (film)

Katutu, the Blind

Kaude Shah

Kele Handa

Killer Ape (film)

King Lear (1953 film)

King of the Khyber Rifles (film)


Kiss Me Kate (film)

Knights of the Round Table (film)

L'Appel du destin

L'incantevole nemica

La Bestia magnifica (Lucha libre)

La corda d'acciaio

La diosa de Tahití

La lupa (1953 film)

La mejor del colegio

La mujer desnuda

La môme vert-de-gris

La pasión desnuda


Last of the Comanches

Latin Lovers (1953 film)

Laughing Anne

Law and Order (1953 film)

Laxdale Hall

Le Guérisseur

Les Amants de minuit

Les Clark

Les Compagnes de la nuit

Let's All Go to the Lobby

Let's Do It Again (1953 film)

Lettre ouverte

Life of a Woman


Little Boy Lost (1953 film)

Little Fugitive

Loose Loot

Loose in London

Los Fernández de Peralvillo

Louisiana Territory (film)

Love Letter (1953 film)

Love in Pawn

Love in the City (1953 film)

Lovers of Toledo

Lucrèce Borgia

Lulu (1953 film)

Luz en el páramo

Légère et court vêtue

Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation

Magic Trick (film)

Mahatma Gandhi: 20th Century Prophet

Mailman Mueller

Main Street to Broadway

Malta Story

Man in the Attic

Man in the Dark

Man of Africa

Man on a Tightrope

Man, Beast and Virtue

Manidhanum Mirugamum


Mantrap (1953 film)

Marilyn (1953 film)

Marina's Destiny

Marry Me Again

Martin Luther (1953 film)

Marumagal (1953 film)

Maw`ed Ma` al-Hayat

Meet Me at the Fair

Meet Mr. Lucifer

Melba (film)

Melody (1953 film)

Mesa of Lost Women

Mexican Manhunt

Mind Your Manners (film)

Miss Sadie Thompson

Mission Over Korea

Mister Scoutmaster


Mon frangin du Sénégal

Money from Home

Monsieur Hulot's Holiday

Muerte civil

Murder Without Tears

Murder at 3am

Murder at Scotland Yard

Music in Our Schools

Naa Illu


Naam (1953 film)


Napoleon Road

Neapolitan Turk

Nero and the Burning of Rome

Never Let Me Go (1953 film)

Never Wave at a WAC

Niagara (1953 film)

No Escape (1953 film)

No te ofendas, Beatriz

Noose for a Lady

Northern Patrol (film)


O Cangaceiro

O Dreamland

Off Limits (1953 film)

Ojōsan shachō

Old Czech Legends

Old Overland Trail

Older Brother, Younger Sister

One Girl's Confession

One of Those

Operation Blue Jay

Operation Diplomat (film)

Operation Malaya (film)

Our Girl Friday

Overture to The Merry Wives of Windsor

Pakkinti Ammayi

Paradesi (1953 film)

Pardon My Backfire

Parineeta (1953 film)

Park Plaza 605

Patita (1953 film)

Pembudu Kodukku

Perfidy (film)

Perils of the Jungle (1953 film)

Personal Affair

Peter Pan (1953 film)

Phantom from Space

Pickup on South Street

The 49th Man

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T

The Actress

The Affairs of Dobie Gillis

The Alaskan Eskimo

The All American

The Band Wagon

The Bandits of Corsica

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

The Beggar's Opera (film)

The Big Heat

The Bigamist (1953 film)

The Black Market (film)

The Black Vampire

The Blakes Slept Here

The Blue Gardenia

The Blue Parrot

The Boy and the Fog

The Broken Horseshoe (film)

The Caddy

The Captain's Paradise

The Charge at Feather River

The Clown (1953 film)

The Clue of the Missing Ape

The Conquest of Everest

The Cousin from Nowhere (1953 film)

The Crimson Curtain

The Cruel Sea (1953 film)

The Dark Stairway (1953 film)

The Desert Rats (film)

The Desert Song (1953 film)

The Diamond Queen (1953 film)

The Divorcée

The Dog and the Diamonds

The Drayton Case

The Earrings of Madame de...

The Eddie Cantor Story

The Fake (1953 film)

The Farmer Takes a Wife (1953 film)

The Final Test

The Flaming Urge

The Flanagan Boy

The Flower of Hawaii (1953 film)

The Gambler and the Lady

The Girl Cat

The Girl Next Door (1953 film)

The Girl Who Had Everything

The Girl on the Pier

The Girls of Pleasure Island

The Glass Wall

The Glass Web

The Glory Brigade

The Golden Blade

The Good Beginning

The Great Adventure (1953 film)

The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd

The Great Diamond Robbery

The Great Game (1953 film)

The Great Sioux Uprising

The Great Warrior Skanderbeg

The Heart of the Matter (film)

The Hitch-Hiker

The House of the Arrow (1953 film)

The I Don't Care Girl

The Intruder (1953 film)

The Joe Louis Story

The Juggler (film)

The Kid from Left Field

The Lady Without Camelias

The Landowner's Daughter

The Large Rope

The Last Posse

The Lawless Breed

The Limping Man (1953 film)

The Little Kidnappers (1953 film)

The Living City

The Living Desert

The Lone Hand (1953 film)

The Long Memory

The Lost Planet

The Magnetic Monster

The Man Behind the Gun

The Man Between

The Man from Cairo

The Man from the Alamo

The Marshal's Daughter

The Master of Ballantrae (film)

The Maze (1953 film)

The Merchant of Venice (1953 film)

The Mississippi Gambler (1953 film)

The Moon Is Blue

The Moonlighter

The Naked Spur

The Neanderthal Man

The Nebraskan

The Net (1953 film)

The Oracle (film)

The Pagans (film)

The Phantom Stockman

Él (film)

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The Limping Man (1953) - Full Official Movie - Great Quality Film :)

The Limping Man - Full Official Movie - Great Quality Film :) The Limping Man is a 1953 British crime film directed by Cy Endfield (as Charles de Lautour) and starring Lloyd Bridges, Moira...

The Hitch-Hiker (1953) [Film Noir]

"The Hitch-Hiker" is a film noir directed by Ida Lupino about two fishing buddies who pick up a mysterious hitchhiker during a trip to Mexico. The movie was written by Robert L. Joseph, Lupino,...

A Classic 1953 Film. BAD FOR EACH OTHER Starring Lizabeth Scott & Charlton Heston.

A doctor returns from the Korean War to his Pennsylvania mining hometown, and meets with aggression instantly from local towns people.Charlton Hestons second outing with Lizabeth Scott was...

The Neanderthal Man (1953) Full Movie | Full Science Fiction Films

Professor Groves, an expert in prehistoric life, proves his theories with an extract that'll regress a cat to a saber-tooth tiger and man to a Neanderthal.

Joan Fontaine's The Bigamist (1953 film) (full movie)

http://publicdomainmovies.info/ - The Bigamist is a 1953 movie written by Collier Young from a story by Larry Marcus and Lou Schor and directed by Ida Lupino. Young was married to Joan Fontaine...

GENEVIEVE (1953) Racing through the streets of London (The End)

Classic British comedy from 1953. After an argument, Ambrose and Alan decide to race back to London in their vintage cars, initially agreeing to exchange money Alan decides to bet upon his...

"Parineeta" | Superhit Full Movie | Ashok Kumar | Meena Kumari | 1953

Synopsis: In Calcutta, at the turn of the century, Shekhar (A. Kumar), the son of rich businessman Nabin Rai (Prasad), loves and secretly marries his poor neighbour Lalita (Kumari), the niece...

-Korean War- Documentary Film 1950-1953

Product Description Korean War in Color documents war-torn Korea the way the soldiers saw it-in full, shocking color. This digitally mastered DVD presents a true picture of war-full of terror,...

GLI INVASORI SPAZIALI - William Cameron - 1953 ( Film Completo ) by Slania

Titolo originale; Invaders from Mars Paese: Stati Uniti Anno : 1953 Durata: 78 min / 82 min (versione allungata distribuita in UK) Genere: fantascienza Regia: William Cameron Menzies Interpreti...

Powder River 1953 Rory Calhoun , Cameron Mitchell Full Length Western Movie

Director: Louis King -- Stars: Rory Calhoun, Corinne Calvet, Cameron Mitchell.

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New York Post
Thu, 06 Feb 2014 12:41:59 -0800

The film, which is mostly presented in the nearly-square aspect ratio of pre-1953 films, is a visual feast, with elaborately curated interiors and exteriors crammed with meticulous details. Also typical of Anderson, there are endless digressions in a ...
Sat, 03 Aug 2013 06:12:55 -0700

His career started with small roles as far back as the mid-1940s, but he began getting larger roles as the 1950s began, appearing in the key 1953 films Julius Caesar and The Robe. He broke into television with the ABC Western Broken Arrow and Law of ...
Thu, 10 Feb 2011 04:29:11 -0800

George Stevens' 1953 films Shane, based on the Jack Schaefer novel, introduced filmgoers to the story of the titular cowboy, a scarred man who rode in from nowhere in particular, did his best to help those around him in his own way, and rode back out, ...

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