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This category contains films originally released in the year 1936.

The main article for this category is 1936 in film.
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13 Hours by Air

15 Maiden Lane

30 karatów szczęścia

A Coach for Cinderella

A Face in the Fog

A Man Betrayed (1936 film)

A Message to Garcia

A Message to Garcia (1936 film)

Absolute Quiet

Accused (1936 film)

Ace Drummond (serial)

Aces and Eights (1936 film)

Achhut Kannya

Across the Desert

Adventure in Manhattan

After the Thin Man

Alibi for Murder

All American Chump

All In (film)

All That Glitters (film)

Allá en el Rancho Grande

Along Came Love

Alpine Antics (1936 film)

Amalia (1936 film)

Amar Jyoti

Ambush Valley

And Sudden Death

Annapolis Salute

Annie Laurie (1936 film)

Anthony Adverse

Ants in the Pantry

Anything Goes (1936 film)

Arbor Day (film)

Arirang 3

As You Like It (1936 film)

Augustus the Strong (film)

Ave Maria (1936 film)

Avenging Waters

Baghi Sipahi

Ball at Savoy (1936 film)

Banjo on My Knee (film)

Barbara Radziwiłłówna (film)

Bayonet (film)

Be Human (1936 film)

Beach Combers

Beloved Enemy

Beloved Imposter

Below the Deadline

Betty Boop and Little Jimmy

Betty Boop and the Little King

Bhaktha Kuchela (1936 film)

Big Brown Eyes

Bingo Crosbyana

Birds of a Feather (1936 film)

Black Eyes (1936 film)

Blazing Justice

Blind Man's Bluff (1936 film)

Blood on Wolf Mountain

Blue Blazes

Boccaccio (1936 film)

Bohaterowie Sybiru

Bolek i Lolek (film)

Boom Boom (1936 film)

Boots and Saddles (1937 film)

Border Caballero

Bored of Education

Born That Way (film)

Born to Dance

Bottles (film)

Brand of the Outlaws

Broken Blossoms (1936 film)

Bulldog Edition

Bullets or Ballots

Bunker Bean

Busman's Holiday (film)

By the Bluest of Seas

Będzie lepiej

Cafe Mascot

Cafe Moscow

Cain and Mabel

California Mail

Call of the Prairie

Camel Through the Eye of a Needle

Camille (1936 film)

Can This Be Dixie?


Captain Bill

Captain Calamity (film)

Captain January (1936 film)

Caryl of the Mountains

Catherine the Last

Cavalcade of the West

Cavalry (1936 American film)

Cavalry (1936 Italian film)

Ceiling Zero

Champagne Charlie (1936 film)


Charlie Chan at the Circus

Charlie Chan at the Opera

Charlie Chan at the Race Track

Charlie Chan's Secret

Chatterbox (1936 film)

Cheer Up (film)

Chick (1936 film)

Chilbeontong sosageon

China Clipper (1936 film)

Chiranjeevi (1936 film)

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

Circus (1936 film)

Cirkusrevyen 1936

City of Anatol

Club de femmes

Code of the Range

Colleen (film)

College Holiday

Come Closer, Folks

Come and Get It (film)

Comin' Round the Mountain (1936 film)

Confessions of a Cheat

Conflict (1936 film)

Conquest of the Air

Corner in Madrid

Counterfeit Lady

Country Gentlemen (film)

Crack-Up (1936 film)

Craig's Wife (film)

Crime Over London

Crown v. Stevens

Currito of the Cross (1936 film)

Custer's Last Stand (serial)

César (film)

Daddy Gets Married

Dancing Pirate

Daniel Boone (1936 film)

Darkest Africa

David Livingstone (film)

Death in the Air

Debt of Honour

Deccan Queen (film)

Der Jäger von Fall (1936 film)

Der Kaiser von Kalifornien

Desert Gold (1936 film)

Desert Phantom

Desfile deportivo

Desire (1936 film)

Devdas (1936 film)

Dimples (1935 film)

Dishonour Bright

Disorder in the Court

Divot Diggers

Do Diwane

Dodek na froncie

Dodge City Trail (film)

Dodging the Dole

Dodsworth (film)

Don Quijote del altillo

Don't Turn 'Em Loose

Donald and Pluto

Double or Nothing (1936 film)

Dracula's Daughter

Draupadi Vastrapaharanam (1936 film)

Dream Doctor

Dreams Come True (1936 film)

Drift Fence

Dummy Ache

Dusty Ermine

Earthworm Tractors

East Meets West (1936 film)

Educated Evans

Elmer Elephant

Empty Saddles


España 1936

Every Sunday

Everybody Dance (film)

Everything Is Rhythm

Everything Is Thunder

Everything in Life

Ewiger Wald

Exclusive Story

Excuse My Glove

Fair Exchange (film)

Faithful (1936 film)

False Alarms (1936 film)

Farmer Al Falfa's Prize Package

Fatal Lady

Father Vojtech (1936 film)

Find the Lady (1936 film)

Flash Gordon (serial)

Flowers from Nice

Follow Your Heart (1936 film)

Follow the Fleet

Forget Me Not (1936 film)

Forgotten Faces

Frankie and Johnny (1936 film)

Freshman Love

Fräulein Veronika

Full Speed Ahead (film)

Fury (1936 film)

Galaxy of Stars

Gambling with Souls

Game on Board

Garuda Garvabhangam

General Spanky

Ghost Patrol

Ghost-Town Gold

Girl Friends (1936 film)

Girls' Dormitory

Give Me Liberty (1936 film)

Give Me Your Heart (film)

Give Us This Night

Go West, Young Man

Go-Get-'Em, Haines

Gold Diggers of 1937

Grama Kanya

Grampy's Indoor Outing

Grand Finale (film)

Grand Jury (1936 film)

Grand Slam Opera

Great Guy

Guilty Melody

Gun Grit

Guns and Guitars

Gypsy Melody

Hail and Farewell (film)

Hair-Trigger Casey

Half Shot Shooters

Half-Rate Honeymoon

Hamari Betiyan

Happy Days Are Here Again (film)

Happy You and Merry Me

Harvest (1936 film)

Hats Off (1936 film)

Head Office (1936 film)

Heart of the West (film)

Hearts Divided

Hearts in Bondage

Hearts of Humanity

Hell-Ship Morgan

Hello, Hello, Carnival!

Help Me to Live

Her Last Affaire

Her Master's Voice

Highland Fling (film)

Hind Mahila

His Brother's Wife

His Daughter is Called Peter (1936 film)

His Lordship (1936 film)

Hollywood Boulevard (1936 film)

Hopalong Cassidy Returns

House Broken (1936 film)

House of Secrets (1936 film)

How to Behave

How to Train a Dog

Human Cargo (film)

I Don't Know You Anymore

I Live Again

I Loved a Soldier

I'd Give My Life

I'll Give a Million (1936 film)

I'll Name the Murderer

I'm a Big Shot Now

If I Were Rich

If We All Were Angels

In the Soup (1936 film)

Intermezzo (1936 film)

Irish and Proud of It (film)

Irish for Luck

Iru Sahodarargal

Isle of Fury

It Couldn't Have Happened – But It Did

It Had to Happen

It Happened in New Orleans

It's Love Again

It's You I Want

It's in the Bag (1936 film)

Jack of All Trades (1936 film)

Janghwa Hongryeon jeon (1936 film)

Janmabhoomi (1936 film)

Jeevan Lata

Jeevan Naiya

Juan Moreira (1936 film)

Juggernaut (1936 film)


Keep Your Seats, Please

Kelly the Second


Kiko Foils the Fox

Kiko and the Honey Bears

King of Burlesque

King of Hearts (1936 film)

King of the Pecos

Klokslag Twaalf

Klondike Annie

Kokila (1937 film)

Kosmicheskiy reys

Kungen kommer

Kōchiyama Sōshun (1936 film)

L'Appel du silence

La Damigella di Bard (film)

La Garçonne (1936 film)

La belle équipe

La muchachada de a bordo

Laburnum Grove

Ladies in Love

Lady Luck (1936 film)

Land Without Music

Last of the Warrens

Law and Lead

Le Golem

Legion of Terror


Les mutinés de l'Elseneur

Let It Be Me (1936 film)

Let's Go with Pancho Villa

Let's Sing Again

Libeled Lady

Life Belongs to Us

Lightnin' Bill Carson

Lil' Ainjil

Limelight (1936 film)

Little Beau Porky

Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936 film)

Little Nobody (1935 film)

Lloyd's of London (film)

Loco lindo


Love Before Breakfast

Love Up the Pole

Love at Sea (1936 film)

Love in Exile

Love on a Bet

Love on the Run (1936 film)

Luck of the Turf

Lucky Terror

Lumpaci the Vagabond

M'Liss (1936 film)

Mad Holiday

Mademoiselle ma mère

Magnificent Brute

Make Way for a Lady

Making Friends (1936 film)

Malditas sean las mujeres

Manmohan (film)

Manzil (1936 film)

Marihuana (El monstruo verde)

Marihuana (film)

Mary of Scotland (film)

Master Hands

Mayerling (1936 film)

Meet Nero Wolfe

Melody in May

Melody of My Heart

Men Are Not Gods

Men of Yesterday

Merijntje Gijzens Jeugd

Mi Buenos Aires querido

Mickey's Circus

Mickey's Polo Team

Midnight at Madame Tussaud's

Militiaman Bruggler


Miss Frontier Mail

Miss Kamala

Missing Girls

Mixed Magic

Modern Times (film)

Moonlight Murder

More Kittens

More Pep

More Than a Secretary

Moscow Moods

Mother Pluto

Movie Maniacs

Moving Day (1936 film)

Mr. Cinderella

Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

Mummy's Boys

Murder at Glen Athol

Murder at the Cabaret

Murder on a Bridle Path

Murder with Pictures

Musica in piazza

Muss 'Em Up

My American Wife (1936 film)

My Man Godfrey

Mysterious Crossing

Navy Born

Neighborhood House (film)

Next Time We Love

Night Mail

Night Waitress

No Escape (1936 film)

No te engañes corazón

O Descobrimento do Brasil (film)

The Accusing Finger

The Adventures of Frank Merriwell (serial)

The Adventures of Pinocchio (1936 film)

The Affairs of Maupassant

The Amateur Gentleman (1936 film)

The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss

The Ancestor

The Arizona Raiders

The Bank Messenger Mystery

The Beggar Student (1936 film)

The Belles of St. Clements

The Beloved Vagabond (1936 film)

The Big Broadcast of 1937

The Big Game (1936 film)

The Big Noise (1936 film)

The Big Show (1936 film)

The Bohemian Girl (1936 film)

The Bold Caballero

The Border Patrolman

The Bride Walks Out

The Brown Wallet

The Captain's Table (1936 film)

The Cardinal (1936 film)

The Case Against Mrs. Ames

The Case of the Black Cat

The Case of the Velvet Claws

The Cat Came Back (1936 film)

The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936 film)

The Chemist (film)

The Children of Captain Grant (film)

The Clutching Hand

The Comedian's Princess

The Coo-Coo Nut Grove

The Countess of Parma

The Country Cousin

The Court Concert

The Cow's Kimona

The Crime Patrol

The Crime of Monsieur Lange

The Crimes of Stephen Hawke

The Crimson Circle (1936 film)

The Crooked Trail

The Dark Hour (1936 film)

The Desert Island

The Devil Is a Sissy

The Devil-Doll

The Dreamer (1936 film)

The Early Bird (1936 film)

The End of the Road (1936 film)

The Ex-Mrs. Bradford

The Farmer in the Dell (film)

The Final Hour (film)

The Fire Alarm

The First Offence

The Flying Doctor

The Garden Murder Case (film)

The Garden of Allah (1936 film)

The Gay Adventure

The Gay Desperado

The General Died at Dawn

The Girl Irene

The Golden Arrow (1936 film)

The Gorgeous Hussy

The Great Appeal

The Great Ziegfeld

The Green Pastures (film)

The Gun Ranger

The Happy Family (1936 film)

The Heirloom Mystery

The House of a Thousand Candles

The Impossible Woman (1936 film)

The Improper Duchess

The Interrupted Honeymoon

The Invisible Ray (1936 film)

The Jungle Princess

The King Steps Out

The Lady Consents

The Lady from Trévelez (film)

The Last Journey

The Last Outlaw (1936 film)

The Last of the Mohicans (1936 film)

The Law Rides

The Lawless Nineties

The Legacy of Pretoria

The Limping Man (1936 film)

The Londonderry Air (film)

The Lonely Road

The Lonely Trail

The Longest Night (1936 film)

The Lower Depths (1936 film)

The Luck of the Irish (1936 film)

The Luckiest Girl in the World

The Lucky Corner

The Man Behind the Mask

The Man Who Changed His Mind

The Man Who Could Work Miracles

The Man Who Smiles

The Man in the Mirror (film)

The Mandarin Mystery

The Milky Way (1936 film)

The Millionaire Kid

The Moon's Our Home

The Mysterious Avenger

Un mauvais garçon

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César (avec Raimu) - Marcel Pagnol 1936 - FILM COMPLET FRANÇAIS

Vingt ans plus tard, Césariot, élevé à grands frais par le généreux Panisse, sort premier de l'école Polytechnique. Après l'enterrement de Panisse, il apprend que celui-ci n'est pas...

Olympia Part 1 Fest der Völker 1938 with English Subs

Olympia is a 1938 film by Leni Riefenstahl documenting the 1936 Summer Olympics, held in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany. The film was released in two parts: Olympia 1. Teil — Fest...

Gary Cooper - The Plainsman 1936 Jean Arthur Full Length Western Movie

Director: Cecil B. DeMille **** Stars: Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur, James Ellison.

The Plainsman (1936) - Gary Cooper; Jean Arthur

The Plainsman (1936) - Gary Cooper; Jean Arthur Director: Cecil B. DeMille **** Stars: Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur, James Ellison Gary Cooper The Plainsman 1936 Jean Arthur Full Length...

Reefer Madness ORIGINAL TRAILER - 1936 (Not the full film)

LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY (1936) - Full Movie - Captioned

A fatherless American boy discovers that he is heir to a British dukedom. Adapted from a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Originally released as a theatrical production. (B/W) Public domain...

The H. V. Porter Films: An Introduction (1932 to 1936 IHSA Basketball Tournaments)

Illinois High School Association This is an introduction to films of the 1932 through 1936 Illinois High School Association basketball tournaments, shot by H. V. Porter, the "Father of...

Things to Come - 1936 - H.G.Wells - Classic Movie

Things to Come (1936) is a British science fiction film produced by Alexander Korda and directed by William Cameron Menzies. The screenplay was written by H. G. Wells and is a loose adaptation...

1936 Exploitation Film directed by Dwain Esper about marijuana

The best in Grindhouse, horror and exploitation films!

Things to Come (1936 full length sci fi film)

Things to Come sets out a future history from 1940 to 2036. It is set in the fictional British city of 'Everytown'. Successful businessman John Cabal (Raymond Massey) cannot enjoy Christmas...

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2 news items

The Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard
Thu, 26 Sep 2013 18:19:09 -0700

So there he was, masterminding a brilliant sequence, or coddling a nondancer—such as Katharine Hepburn, who approached him for private tap lessons in 1934, and for whom he would eventually choreograph single dances in two 1936 films on his days off ...

Charleston City Paper

Charleston City Paper
Wed, 22 May 2013 01:03:45 -0700

Ladies They Talk About (1936). Films made in the pre-Motion Picture Production Code era were known to present people in provocative or violent situations, and didn't mind showing us women in skimpy attire. Naturally, a film like this Barbara Stanwyck ...

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