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Baarin (Mongolian ᠪᠠᠭᠠᠷᠢᠨ Baγarin, Chinese 巴林 Bālín) is a dialect of Mongolian spoken mainly in Inner Mongolia.

Location and classification[edit]

Baarin is spoken in the Baarin Right Banner, Baarin Left Banner, Ar Khorchin Banner and Ongniud Banner of Ulanhad and in the Jirin Banner of Tongliao in Inner Mongolia.[1] It has been grouped together with Khorchin and Kharchin[2] or as an intermediate variant between these two on the one hand and Chakhar, Khalkha and Ordos on the other hand.[3] On the other hand, it is part of Southern Mongolian as far as its Standard language is concerned and has therefore been grouped into such a variety as well.[4]


Baarin has the short vowel phonemes /ɑ, ə, i, ɔ, ʊ, o, u, ɛ, œ, ʏ, y/ and the corresponding long vowels.[5] The consonant phonemes are /m, n, ŋ, p, pʰ, t, tʰ, tʃ, tʃʰ, x, k, s, ʃ, l, j, r, w/.[6] That is, as in Khalkha and Khorchin, the basic phonation contrast in plosives and affricates is based on aspiration, not on voicedness. This even includes /k/. In contrast to Khalkha and akin to Khorchin, palatalized consonants have already lost their phoneme status and conveyed it to the new vowel phonemes /ɛ, œ, ʏ, y/.


The accusative takes the form /i/, e.g. /xəli/ 'language-Acc'.[7] The genitive, on the other hand, tends to contain one /n/, but it is still based on /i/.[8] Due to this, homophony with the accusative can occur in a few cases, e.g. ternə (accusative and genitive of the distal demonstrative), but not əni (proximal accusative) vs. ənni (proximal genitive).[9] There is no allative and no cognate of the old sociative case, but an additional case in -tar < dotura 'inside' with fairly narrow meaning has been assumed.[10]


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