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Forward AK-230 mount on Finnish minelayer Keihässalmi.

AK-230 is a Soviet fully automatic naval twin 30 mm gun. Its primary function is anti-aircraft. It is mounted in an enclosed automatic turret and directed by radar. AK-230 is widely used,[1] mounted on big warships as well as small crafts. About 1450 guns were produced in the USSR and about 300 were produced in China as the Type 69. It was succeeded by the more powerful AK-630 from the mid-to-late 1970s.


The rear of an AK-230 on the deck of the ORP Wodnik.

Development of the weapon began during the 1950s with the first trial weapon fitted to the Osa class of fast attack missile boats and Shershen class torpedo boats. The weapon was officially accepted into service in 1969.


The weapon consists of two stabilized NN-30 30 mm water-cooled four chamber revolver cannons, which are mounted inside a riveted steel turret. The gun mechanism is gas operated.[1] The guns each weigh 155 kg and have barrels 1930 mm long, and a total length of 2670 mm. The barrels are rifled with 12 grooves. The guns each have a rate of fire of 1,000 round per minute, they are fed by independent 500 round belts of ammunition.

The rounds are electrically fired, propellent gasses are used to eject the spent shells and belt links into a space between the magazine and the hull. Ballistic maximum range for the weapon is about 6.7 km - but realistic ranges for engaging air targets are quoted as between 2.5 and 4 km.

The weapon is remote directed, typically by a fire-control system linked to either a Drum Tilt or Muff Cobb radar systems.


The AK-230 fires specially developed 30x210B 30 mm ammunition that is electrically primed. Two rounds were developed, a high explosive round with an impact fuze, and an armour piercing round. The Chinese Type 69 fires only a locally produced version of the high explosive round. Ammunition is also produced in Romania and Serbia.

Tasma i luska do AK-230.jpg
Type HE AP-T
Designation OF-83D BR-83
Round 1.13 kg 1.12 kg
Projectile 0.27 kg 0.35 kg
Explosive content 30 g of
Muzzle velocity 1,050 m/s


  • Calibre: 30 mm
  • Traverse: +180 to -180 degrees at 35 degree/s
  • Elevation: -12 to +87 degrees at 50 degree/s
  • Mounting weight: 1857 kg to 1905 kg
  • Rate of fire: 2,000 rpm (system)
  • Gun Weight: 343.9 lbs. (156 kg)
  • Gun Length oa: 84.25 in (2.140 m)
  • Bore Length: 74.69 in (1.897 m)
  • Rifling Length: 71.06 in (1.805 m)
  • Grooves: 12
  • Chamber Volume: 13.49 in3 (0.221 dm3)
  • Rate Of Fire: over 1,000 rounds per minute cyclic


  • AK-230 A type - For ships with 220 V DC power systems.
  • AK-230 B type - For ships with 380 V AC power systems.
  • AK-230M - Less magnetized version for minesweepers (380 V AC).
  • Type 69 - Chinese version, total weight 3,600 kg. Shells are ejected outside of the turret. 50 degree/second traverse.


  1. ^ a b Norman Friedman (2006). The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems. Naval Institute Press. p. 468. ISBN 978-1-55750-262-9. 

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Fri, 24 Oct 2014 16:54:19 -0700

Bên cạnh AK-630, một số tàu chiến hệ cũ của Việt Nam được trang bị hệ thống pháo phòng không cao tốc AK-230 được Liên Xô phát triển từ những năm 1950-1960. Chức năng chính của pháo là phòng không, tuy nhiên nó cũng có thể tấn công cả mục tiêu ...


Sat, 01 Nov 2014 01:00:18 -0700

Vũ khí trang bị gồm 2 pháo phòng không AK-230 30 mm 2 nòng; 1 súng máy hạng nặng 12,7 mm; 4 ống phóng ngư lôi 400 mm và 12 bom chìm chống ngầm với 2 giá phóng. Trong ảnh: tàu tuần tra lớp Stenka của Azerbaijan. Hiện nay ngoài Campuchia, các ...

Military Modelling

Military Modelling
Fri, 02 May 2014 05:22:30 -0700

Coupled with this were two of the earliest remote close-in Weapon systems, with 2x AK-230 twin 30mm gun turrets. It had 3 diesel engines, powering three screws, they could achieve speeds in excess of 40 knots. It had a steel hull and a crew of 29.
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Sun, 18 May 2014 20:41:31 -0700

这位军事历史学家指出:“设计师们在AK-230中运用了丰富的航空火炮设计经验。努德尔曼立刻就明白了,要可靠地消灭飞行器,舰载自动防空炮需要有30毫米的口径。这种口径的火炮凭借其重量能确保相应的反应速度,但同时不 ...
Fri, 18 Jul 2014 18:05:10 -0700

AK-230 là mẫu pháo hạm điều khiển tự động hoàn toàn đầu tiên được lắp đặt trên các tàu chiến của Hải quân Việt Nam, AK-230 bao gồm 2 pháo NR-30 cỡ nòng 30 mm. Pháo có khối lượng 1,9 tấn, tốc độ bắn 2.000 phát/phút, sơ tốc đầu nòng 1.050 m/s, tầm ...
Tue, 28 Jan 2014 18:16:12 -0800

武器方面,最初阿奴律陀级舰首设置一座OTO Melera 76mm 62倍径快炮(可能是缅甸海军从某些管道获得的二手货)以及反潜火箭发射器,舰体后部设置一座AK-230 30mm机炮与两组中国制双联装C-802反舰飞弹发射器(朝两舷斜 ...

Người Đưa Tin

Người Đưa Tin
Sat, 19 Jul 2014 08:48:32 -0700

3. Pháo AK-230. Nhận diện các loại pháo trên tàu chiến Việt Nam - Ảnh 3. AK-230 là mẫu pháo hạm điều khiển tự động hoàn toàn đầu tiên được lắp đặt trên các tàu chiến của Hải quân Việt Nam, AK-230 bao gồm 2 pháo NR-30 cỡ nòng 30 mm. Pháo có khối ...

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